Friday, December 21, 2007

Faking It

Today I got my eyelashes extended. Okay, I am one of those less fortunate people who was born with not much hair. Not up to the point of being hairless, but minimal hair. If I am a cat, I would be no Persian, but a Sphynx.

It hit me then how a lot of things in this world are fake. And if we think we are all original, and pure, and genuine, let's think again. We all fake it. Almost all the time or at least every other time. People purchase fake stuffs; fake DVDs, fake clothings, fake jewellery. People buy national car and try hard to make it look like an Evo. Ladies put fake fillings onto their bodyparts to look more buxom (bless me for I don't have to do this one). Cosmetic surgery evolves to help people go against the naturals. Everywhere we go, there's always something fake about things/people around us. If not their physiques, fake will be in their belongings and sometimes people also fake their nature, trying to be somebody they are not. There are some who even fake their blogs by copying other people's writings and claiming it's theirs (really they do, ask Chics, it happened to her). And of course, not to forget, the fake orgasm!

Admit it. We are all fakes. More often than not, we fake our feelings and emotions and our honest opinion in order not to hurt someone else. Right?

So are we a hundred percent real? Am I a hundred percent real? Possibly not. One thing for sure, I have my fake, extended eyelashes. But I figure, it's alright to be fakers. It's alright to be anything as long as you're not ashame to be it. So fake it for as much as you wish, but at the same time, be proud to admit that you are that - one big fake.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

This and That

While the girls (Mareena and Farida) are out there on the other side of the world, having a fabulous super crazy time in Rome and the ladies of the house (Mak, Saty, Pearl, Qaseh) are also out with Papa to Hana's wedding, I am here sitting at home, gobbling up a bowl of instant noodles.

Four nights ago, a sorrowful incident occured (May Allah bless his good soul). The family, except Pearl and I had to leave for Kota Bharu for a few days. I was left home just like today because I have been busy, doing my mysterious,shady business. My business, my secret, ok..? Heheh..

I took care of Poppa Guppy while mom was away. There were, not so many weeks ago Poppa Guppy, Momma Guppy and Guppy Guppy. But both Guppy Guppy and Momma Guppy had become the victims of cannibalism by Poppa Guppy who were the fattest of all. I transported Poppa Guppy from Puchong to Kajang in his bowl, but being the genius, I did not pour some of the water out to make transporting him easier. I carried Poppa Guppy in that bowl full of water and ended up shrieking everytime the car went over road humps or potholes causing the water to slosh around. Habis kereta berbau air ikan, tahu..?

Yesterday I had linner (the meal between lunch and dinner) at Ampang Yong Tau Foo with Sarah. It was a rescue mission for her and later after that we had our regular coffee chats. Any time spent with her is time worth spending. Next week will be another busy week, but I sure hope we have the time to lepak. Maybe this time I'll cook linner and bring it over to your place eh, nok?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Out of Gas

I was trying to make myself some breakfast when suddenly, poof! The gas went out. And there sat my mini pancakes on the stove, uncooked. I went out almost immediately to get the gas, without showering and without even brushing my teeth. Okay relax, don't freak out, cause I did grab a Hacks to suck on. Not so bad la kan?

I have been using that one gas cylinder since two years ago. I never did expect for it to last this long. The longest I thought was maybe for a year. This only indicates one thing. I am a lazy cook. But I actually think I am already super 'rajin'. Heheh..Maybe not.

Now it has been like 20 minutes and that chubby little Indian gas boy is nowhere to be seen. Mane ni...? I'm starving and I'm determined to have that pancakes with corned beef and some sliced cheddar.

Oh, okay, here he is now. Gotta go make pancakes now. Ta!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Network Full Of Jerks

Can a man be any more pathetic these days? I have seen many idiots and jerks using social utilities like Friendster and MySpace to advertise their need for sex/sex for hire. It only struck me as one word. Desperate.

This pathetic fever is quite an outbreak among Asian men lately. Or maybe I've noticed more Asian men reacting like a sex maniac because I am one Asian woman living in Asia. Irregardless, I find it very discomforting.

What the hell has gone wrong? And all these while I thought I've grown up in a community who consider sex as a taboo topic to be discussed out loud, let alone screaming out 'sex for hire'. Especially those that come from men.

I have had shares of messages/friend requests from numerous perverts (on MySpace and Friendster, that is). More on MySpace than on Friendster. But not yet on Facebook (I'm hoping for never). There was this one dude who has an outrageous profile, using captions yang sangat menggelikan like..'menjadikan hari-hari anda indah', 'sesiape yang berminat boleh tinggalkan mesej' and 'anu besar'. Urrgh...!!! I'd rather eat the testicles of a bull raw than getting acquainted with such a retard.

Is it freaking difficult to find girls out in the open these days? Or is it just you who scored zero for communication levels with women and whose middle name spelt 'LOSER'? Guys, guys, guys..., never ever do this please. I know my fellow male friends would never indulge in such a moronic act. I'm refering this to those males I do not know and who are suffering from this illness. Have some dignity. As much as men don't like cheap women, women don't like men who are always on mega sale either.

So fellas, get out and lose that programmer's tan you have on you. Quit sitting at home in front of the PC in your attempt to get into some girls panties. You wanna meet girls, go out and get to know them. Stop using Friendster/MySpace as an outlet of cheap advertising for your filthy operations. Yang heran tu, ade jugak women who actually accept him as friend. Ah, they are just truly rempit. And this is what they refer to as being 'open minded' la konon-kononnye. Cool and westernized....NOT. This is just plain thick, and lowly and uncivilized.

I would never want you as anything. Not even as my toilet bowl. Thanks, but no thanks.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dirty Laundry

I don't think the sun has any plans to do his job today. Maybe He's just lazy. The pool is a temptation in this kind of weather but I am still not done with my laundry. The washing machine is a semi automatic. Heheh..., I don't think this dinosaur is being used by anyone anymore. Sangat susah ye, sentiase nak kene 'be there' for the washing machine to start cycle, to drain water and to transfer the clothes to the other compartment for spinning. So I gotta wait.

You must think that I am not a rational person for doing laundry on a day where the sun has decided to take leave. Well, I am an optimist. The sky may be cloudy, but it doesn't mean a rainy day is guaranteed. Right?

Well, unlike the sun, today I have plans. I plan to vacuum the shack and scrub the bathroom. I truly hate wet bathroom. It requires hard work to keep clean.

I am also having a thought. That a person will hang on to 'a love' for various reason. Even if they realize that 'the love' is wrongly matched to them. Some hang on to love because of money. Some does it because of comfort and they're just too tired or can't be bothered to look for new love but at the same time can't live without it. Only a few actually hang on to love because they truly 'love', which is very, very questionable and creates so much reasonable doubts to me. Can you really love someone without reason/s? Is that for real?

People do things for many reasons. The above two, were merely done for survival. Hanging on. Be it for men or for women. But there are some who cling to love because of their partner's physique. I've heard phrases like, 'Oh I can't leave him/her, he/she's so handsome/pretty...'. Now that, is purely laughable. It's time to grow up, kid. Wake up and smell life, please.

Well, that's the thought part done. Outside, it's already showering. So much for being an optimist. There goes my fat busting exercise. And dirty laundry remains. I'm hanging on..

Sunday, November 25, 2007


This is the worst so far.

I was supposed to deliver some stuffs to a friend in KL during lunch time today. Also I have many errands to run like buying groceries and sending home mom's luggage bag.

Close to noon, I was all set and ready to go. I grabbed my car keys and the house keys and head towards the door. I wanted to unlatch the padlock but hey..., wait a minute...where the hell is the padlock key? I have the door key, the grill key, the access card and the mail box key still attached to the keychain. But where the hell is the padlock key?

It was only then that I remember...

Yesterday, I left Ascott at noon with Pearl and we were on our way to Gurney Heights to send Pearl off. However, we couldn't do so because of the Hindraf rally going on in KL, thank you very much. So, I brought Pearl back to Kajang instead.

Since Pearl will be working today, she insisted that she goes home a little later at night and that Mr. Dark Choc (Shahir Reza, heheh..) will send her back to Gurney. Only, Mr. Dark Choc came by quite late that I couldn't keep my eyes open to see my sister to the door. So I detached the padlock key from the keychain, gave it to her and said : 'Take this when you're going out and leave it in the mailbox downstairs. Esok pagi aku amik'.

This morning i should've gotten up early and go down with my boyfriend when he was leaving for work to get the key. But as usual, bile dah tido macam tak nak bangun, so I totally forgot about it. Thus my boyfriend left with his keys and I am left here at home without my key.

To make things worst, he won't be coming back. At least not until tomorrow. So Pearl, you've gotta come back here after work and rescue me. Now I've gotta go make myself some coffee.

P/s: My only hope is that this rescuer of mine will be able to rescue me for she is as big of a klutz as I am one. ;)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Live Life

Mareena is leaving for Paris tonight. So yesterday we did our occasional chilling in Bangsar. It is not like she's leaving for France forever, but it will be like another two months before we could meet up again. I'm so excited for her, though it will be nothing new for her to be back in France. She had lived there for 6 years, so this trip will just be like a 'balik kampung' trip for her.

I concluded last night that there is so much more to life than just having fun. I've figured this many years back but day after day I found more evidence for this 'life' issue. The meaning of life is sooo, deep. I can't really say what life truly means but I sure know what it isn't. Life isn't about being pretty or being able to buy luxurious thing. Life isn't about finding a husband/wife. Life isn't just about living for your family and forgetting to spend time with your friends. Getting wasted/getting high almost every other night is also not what life is all about. So then, what the hell is life? Honestly, I can't even tell. All I know is that I have to learn to dig it until I die.

I am loving and keeping quality friends. We may not see each other every day but we do love each other and support each other always. I believe that that is how friendship should be. Giving each other space to grow and at the same time, nurture one another. That's a healthy friendship.

Pearl is coming back next week and we're gonna look for Qaseh's birthday present. Let me see..., what should I get for a one year-old?

Monday, October 22, 2007

What I Don't Know About Rempit..

I've got nothing to do today other than wait for episode 5 to be online, and scrubbing the shower, and cook dinner, and clean up my mess...but I'm just gonna put those things on hold for a few hours.

I had a thought about rempit. Yes, I always have weird thoughts. And here I am today, thinking that rempit is not just a lifestyle, it is also an attitude and up to a certain point, I think rempit is an ideology taking place among individuals, sometimes without them even realizing its presence in them.

I figured some mundane characteristics that usually come with the word rempit...There is more to rempit than what we generally think.

Myth #1 - Rempit comes with a motorbike.

Not necessarily. Rempits do improve. Some of them bercita-cita tinggi, okey? And when they improve, they can get themselves cars. And when they have cars, they will continue rempiting with the car. Rempit can now be seen driving Kancil, Wira, Satria and yang lebih advance dan maju lagi might drive Honda ke Subaru ke and etc. They can still be identified though, through their driving style: cilok sane sini, bunyi enjin kereta yang macam motorbot, kereta yang terover modified ala race car dengan spoiler yang boleh beat the height of ekor kapalterbang dan sebagainye. So don't limit our thinking terhadap rempit that they only come in motorbikes sahaje. Those rempits in motorbikes are merely beginners to the much bigger rempits.

Myth #2 - Rempits are exclusively Malay.

Most rempits are Malays. True enough. But rempit does exist in other races and colours too. Rempit is a way of living. Do nothing productive in your life, you are a rempit. Party every other night and take crap and seldom get sober, you're a rempit too. Selfish = rempit, rude = rempit, shallow = rempit. Rempit think other people don't know how to have fun, just because others don't roll like how the rempits roll. Rempit thinks that being a loser is cool. So go look out for these symptoms and you'll find your rempit.

Myth #3 - Rempits are poor/come from poor families.

Juge tidak semestinye. Rempit is also a way of thinking. Pemikiran rempit doesn't have to come from poor or less fortunate people. Rempit juge tidak semestinye kampung. Orang kaye juge boleh menjadi rempit jike mengamalkan tindakan-tindakan dan tingkahlaku rempit like breaking the law, menjadi selfish tak hingat dan berlagak cool, bagus, bijak, handsome, cantik, macho tak kire tempat.

Myth #4 - Rempits dress up pretty bad.

Iwould say that there are rempits who dress up pretty well. These are the rempits in disguise. They dress up real nice, trying to fool others that they are no rempits. But in fact, they are the hardcore rempits. They try so hard to look good and to look classy and poise, trying hard to use English words in conversations biarpun la broken. In the end they just end up looking very, very, kelakar. And oh...! Rempit juge selalu ade attitude yang tidak boleh kalah and they will be pretty obvious about that.

Those are some of the myths solve. I've seen many people who have the basic rempit attitude and yet they are clad with sexy attires, expensive rides and having wealthy family. However, they are no better than the typical rempits with shallow heads, bad attitudes and pencil dicks! (Excuse me..). The end.

P/s : Why does diet solutions have to taste so bad? Aaargghh...! Sangat 'fear factor' bile meminumnye...! - Tyiana is on diet after hitting 53 kg on her weight scale.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

After Eid

So Eid came and went about 4, 5 days ago, with yesterday being my birthday. It was no fun having birthday when Eid is still in the limelight.

Lately I've been so lazy to blog. There's so many reasons to that. Classes are over for this semester and I won't be having any until late December. Here's what I've been up to lately...

1. Eid for one reason, turned me into one busy kitchen helper which further morphed into a couch potato.

2. I have been stuffing myself like a pig from day one (of Eid) until this day. Today I had dinner with the sisters at Shin-Ichi Japanese buffet restaurant. Those baby crabs and grilled eel were simply delish.

3. Tomorrow there is Kak Mas' (Sarah's sister) open house for me to attend. Another 'makan' event that would prove gluttony as one of my super power.

4. I am now a Facebook addict. It is so much fun. The only thing is that many are still in the dark about Facebook. I wish more of my friends on Friendster are on Facebook. Still, I won't be leaving Friendster like totally...In a way, I can still see a lot of goodness in Friendster. So I'll keep it.

5. I am now watching Heroes Season 2 online. It is already the fourth episode into the second season. Wednesday nights serve as my weekly dosage of Heroes as NBC aired the show every Monday nights in the United States. "I'm very excite!" ~ Borat.

Ok, gotta go. My Heroes is waiting...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pointless Me

I viewed Pearl's new blogspot page not a few minutes ago. She just moved her whole Friendster blogging page to blogspot.

The one good thing about blogspot is that readers could leave comments by being anonymous. That way, whoever yang tak puas hati with any written entry boleh lepas geram on the comment section and remain as an anonymous chicken.

Anyway, this is not the point of my entry today. And today, I am totally pointless. I have so many things to think of. It's the last week of school for me and every assignment, every presentation, every report and every exam seem to be occuring this week.

I am suppose to be writing that report about my previous CEO today, but I am oh-so-lazy. I just can't wait for this week to be totally over.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mohinder Everywhere

Yesterday when I went out to my yard to get some cooking utensils untuk masak for berbuka puase, a Mohinder (cicak) scare the hell out of me. It seems like Mohinders are everywhere today. Even if I don't always see them, I can feel their presence. I could sense that there's a Mohinder living under my couch sebab hari tu aku jumpe seketul tahi yang fresh and glistening on the floor near the couch. There's always that Mohinder who lives in my yard and there are like hundred more Mohinders outside who are waiting to invade my unit once I let my guard down. Esok nak beli more of those sticky lizard traps.

Today I started reading the online graphic novel version of Heroes. That will further quench my addiction towards this series. I am not sure when this addiction would end like the rest, e.g. Grey's Anatomy, Prison Break. But not CSI, mind you. I will never get over that!

Anyways, the graphic novel is cool and it gives different view of the story. Some scenes are not even on TV. I learned about the graphic novel when I was crazy hitting the Heroes trivia questions on Facebook.

I need to call my former company's CEO (not MAS) and schedule an interview. Tapi aku sangat malas hari ni. Sebenarnye macam hari-hari pun malas..

This morning I woke up at 5 am to have sahur. Sounds very unlikely but I had to because I need to send Pearl to the commuter station. It's her first day of work and dah alang-alang, bangun makan la sekali.

For now, I've got to continue my mission. The graphic novel.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hungry Day

It's the first day of Ramadan and I am fasting.

At 5 a.m. earlier today, ade orang gile yang mengejut aku and telling me that she's gonna come and sleep with me sebab dalam bilik die ade cicak. And there I was, stress pagi-pagi bute sebab kene dengar issue cicak which is definitely not my favourite.

I did not take any 'sahur' because the idea of waking up in the midst of my deep sleep adelah sangat unappealing. So I went back to bed and woke up later at 10 a.m. to see my living area had turned into a Hippie yard sale.

I also figured that I have some new pets. Dust bunnies. Heheh..! I know I should get rid of them tapi nantilah dah dekat-dekat raye nanti. Dust bunnies cute ape...

Last night we went for some kinda waxing party organized by a friend at her place in Tiara Kemensah. Makan free at her place, the first time I ate her cooking la kot, if I'm not mistaken. Kan, nok?

I recently bought a new convection oven and am planning to do wonders la konon-konon. So yesterday I baked some cupcakes using that new oven. Unfortunately, cupcakes aku accident and hasilnye adelah sangat huduh. Being me, aku menyalahkan oven baru for being new.

Now I am in Puchong, blogging away. Partly running away from having to entertain little Qaseh jadi buat-buatlah busy. I am still thinking nak makan ape later for breaking fast. I read Chics' blog and mouth began to water. Pearl pun sudah memekak-mekak kat tepi lobang telinga aku, asking me to go to some pasar Ramadan nearby.

Oklah. I'll go.

Friday, September 07, 2007

My Superpower

I have finally discover what my superpower is. Nonsense? Read on..

I came home to my apartment after my marketing class earlier today. And because today being Friday, as usual I would be preparing myself to 'balik kampung'. Truly, my 'balik kampung' isn't a big deal, because 'kampung', where my parents are, is just in Puchong.

I was packing the essentials and in no time, I was done.

I grabbed the packed bag and suddenly remembered to call Pearl to ask if she needs me to bring home any of her stuffs for her. My sister is one forgetful nut. She forgets like, all the time. That's your superpower too, right, shya? Apart from making 'sarang'...?

After calling the nutcase, I entered my room again to get my watch which I forgot to put on.

I walked to my apartment door, slipped on a pair of slippers and realized that since I'll be in Puchong for the weekend, I should be taking some materials to study. (That is the skema me..) Hence, I went back in to get some of my buku sekolah.

Out again for the second time, I was in front of the lift when I had this feeling that I forgot to switch off the lights in my room. Tutup ke tak? Tutup? Ke tak tutup? So I walked back to my unit just to be sure. It turned out that I did turn the lights off. Haih...!!.

I reached ground floor on my third attempt. I looked at the keys in my hand and saw that I was not holding my car key. What the... Cursing, I took the lift back up to the apartment only to find out that my car key was not in the key container. Rupe-rupenye the key was in my bag all along! Sigh..I'm such a mess..

I went down, feeling pissed and lawak at the same time. Mainly because my neighbour must think that I'm some kind of a retard yang suke mundar-mandir keluar masuk rumah berjuta-juta kali dengan membawak beg. Very-funny-retardation I have here, according to Borat. I finally got into the car and was finally out on the streets. I reached Puchong safely without having any memory glitch in between. Heheh..! Sangat satisfied, alright..?

But now, I am about to go to sleep and I need to brush my teeth. And guess what? Terlupe bawak berus gigi la pulak...Bodoh..

Well, that, is my newly discovered superpower. It has been there all along, I just didn't realize it. On certain days, this is generally what would happen if my superpower is at work. Cool, eheh?

Now tell me what's yours.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Oh Well...

Over the past few days I have been a 'Heroes' addict. Azrul bought the whole of Season 1 DVD and I have spent umpteen hours watching it. I would watch one episode after another until I feel like my head was going to explode. At one time, I was almost sure that I have developed my own superpower too.

I had all the characters running in my head for this whole week, even up till now. I slept with Mohinder, dined with Claire, showered with D.L., laughed with Hiro, hugged Parkman, dreamt of Peter, partied with Niki, had sex with Sylar (ooh..that bad guy with geeky look in bed!) and flirted with Ando (even if he has no superpower, I find Ando, like Mohinder, very handsome). And of course my forever love, Isaac Mendez. Too bad he died too soon.

I have to thank Tim Kring for creating a twistedly exciting series. Now I can't wait for the coming of the next season which will be premiering by the end of September (which will be in the US). That will be another god-knows-how-long the new season will be aired on our Astro. And thank you too, to Mr Kring for making me forget about all my assignments, presentations and exams. Now I am stashed under piles of works, and I foresee that I will be doomed for this whole month of September. Now that's a superpower!

P/s : It has been almost a month without Borat Sagdiyev. I miss my Borat with his fluorescent water panties. Very nice..Great success.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I Call It Weird..

This was inspired by Sarah.

Mase aku dengan MAS dulu, I always noticed one thing about the people, especially the cabin crew and the technical crew. They refer to people yang bukan cabin crew or technical crew or yang bukan keje dengan MAS as 'outsider'. I found that very strange.

This conversation I had with Sarah not so long ago support the oddity of using that term 'outsider'.

Sarah : If a doctor who works in a hospital and his wife is neither a nurse nor a doctor and do not work in the hospital, do the people in the hospital refer to the wife as an 'outsider'? Ade ke diorang kate, oh doktor bla bin bla bini die 'outsider'..?

Me : Haah ek, takde plak.

Sarah : Habis tu apasal yang airline-airline crew ni suke sangat refer to people who are not in that business as 'outsiders'?

Me : Tah la aku pun tak tau nape. Diorang rase kite yang bukan airline crew ni tak special kot. Tak pun they see us as aliens agaknye. Which is very bangang and very shallow, I know. Tapi ape boleh buat.

Sarah : What makes them think that they are so special and have the rights to refer to orang lain as 'outsiders'? It seems to me yang diorang ni think that they are a superior race or something like that.

Me : Takde orang pernah cakap kat diorang agaknye..

Sarah : Entahla.

I honestly see this as something so astonishing. Why and what's with the word 'outsider'? Now, that's the mentality of people in the airline. They think they are 'one' and other people aren't up to their standards.

For example : a steward/stewardess would always think that they are prettier/more handsome, more glamour and more classy dari manusia manusia lain yang tak keje dengan airline. They think if they were to have any competition dengan orang yang bukan crew, depa ni confident depa boleh menang, biarpun la lawan die tu sebenarnye lagi cun dan lagi berotak dari die. Little do these stewards/stewardesses know yang sebenarnye diorang tu taklah sehebat atau sekelas mane pun..

Another conversation I had a long time ago when I was under the wing of MAS. The stewardess I was working with was having an affair with one of the pilots.

Stewardess : Boyfriend I dah lame tak call I. Kalau sibuk dengan bini pun takkan la lupe I terus.

Me : Biarla, tu kan bini die, family die. U jangan la nak berharap sangat.

Stewardess : I heran, ape kurangnye I, bini die bukan cantik sangat. Macam kite ni mesti la cantik, kan? Kalau tak takkan kite jadi stewardess?

Me : Cantik ke stewardess? (Lepas tu aku terus malas nak layan minah shallow ni. Sebab kalau aku layan nanti tak pasal-pasal aku akan start memaki).

Yang pilot-pilot pulak think that they are the hottest thing yang boleh masuk dalam mane-mane kain pompuan especially stewardess la. Lebih heran lagi tentang pilot ialah kebanyakkannye takde ISO standards. Boleh bedal je when it comes to stewardess. Sanggup tinggal anak bini and cerai berai or break up dengan partners yang 'outsider'. Biarpun la bini ke girlfriend die dulu doktor ke, lawyer ke, accountant ke, Miss Universe pun, boleh tinggal semate-mate sebab nak syok kat stewardess yang kononnye 'insider' la. Haih...heran sungguh.

To the cabin crew, jangan la rase keagungan sangat. What makes you think anyone will leave their partner just because you are an airline crew? You're just another human being and working as a cabin crew doesn't make you any special. Cume kat Malaysia je yang cabin crew macam diagung-agungkan, for what reasons, aku pun tak tau. Maybe this part aku blame masyarakat and training school MAS yang poyo suke membuat statement ' are a cabin crew now, so walk with pride..' Duh!

And fellow pilots, please know that men are valued for the quality they have. When I said quality, bukan bermaksud keupayaan membuat katil patah, ok? Or berape ramai pompuan you can have. Quality here is whether or not you have the ability to make good judgement when it comes to choosing your partner and knowing your responsibilities. Takat nak tunjuk hebat kat stewardess takyah la. Don't be stupid, pompuan mane yang tak berlari towards you kalau kau kipas duit, ye tak? The thing is, do you really want a woman to like you because of your money?

So think, and then think again. Have some dignity. Stop classifying people into 'insiders' and 'outsiders'. Make that move. Unlearned the worthless things that you have learned. Be a better person, not a glamourous, big-headed, idiotic person.

P/s : There are of course a number of airline crew who aren't like what I've described. So to those yang bukan macam cerite di atas, jangan la terase offended plak ye? The percentage of the good people, I would say, wouldn't even make 20% of the whole airline crew population. However, I believe the word 'outsider' is used by almost 95% of them irregardless.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Little More..

Add another bagful of stress into my life and I'll be officially crazy.

I hardly have time nowadays. Classes will be held on alternate days. And on days when I do not have to attend class, there'll be group discussions. Preparing for presentation. Assignments and bla, bla, bla..

I ain't complaining. Don't get me wrong. I'm just too busy to be writing anything, yet the urge to blog is always there. And because I am too buried to be crafty, the least I could talk about is how busy and how taxing the past weeks had been.

To make things worse, there'll be no mid semester break this semester. Bloody...! I'll definitely go bonkers if I don't channel this agony somewhere.

I did Laundry with with Farrah, Mareena, Pearl, Way and Yaz last week. It was witty but the fun didn't last throughout the week. I need constant rejuvenation!

S.O.S. This is not healty. Will do something enjoyable this week. Will go out and waste time everyday. Will not worry about studies. Will not sit smug in front of the PC on daily basis. Will not and will not.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Not too long ago there was this one Malay song I heard over the radio that sounded something like this..'..Cantik menarik tertarik kau memang da bomb..'

Yes, that was a song by Ruffedge, if I am not mistaken. Upon listening to it, I squirmed. And I laughed. I thought it was hilarious. Kenape la nak buat lirik macam tu? To me, that song was a joke. The silliest I've ever heard.

Yet, not so many weeks ago, while I was driving to the airport, I came across a song aired on Fly FM that goes like this..'..Papa jangan papa jahat, jangan papa nakal sangat, bla, bla, bla (i don't know the f**king lyrics to this)..papa jangan papa jahat, mama tahu papa ligat...'

At that instance, I could feel goosebumps at the back of my neck. Like, yikes! Ape ni? Meremang bulu roma! Especially when that girl said the phrase 'mama tahu papa ligat'. Eww..what were they thinking mase tulis lirik lagu ni? Like, hoh!? Sangat geli-geliman la, ok? Eventhough I didn't hear the whole song, the tune got stucked in my head and I was swearing endlessly all the way to KLIA.

This song is worst than that Ruffedge song. To all the fans of these two song, that is kalau ade, I'm sorry if u don't like what I'm saying, but the lyrics of these songs (especially that of 'Papa Jahat') is the biggest stupidity of Malaysian music industry of all time. My sisters now use this song as a threat to one another. Something like, kau nak masak untuk aku tak hari ni? Kalau kau tak masak, aku nyanyi lagu 'Papa Jahat'.

That's how ridiculous I think this song is.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Of Ants and Lizards

Let's see..When was the last time I saw rain? Has it been really hot lately? Without the slightest rain?

The thing is, I can't remember. And at this moment, while I'm typing away, I'm actually observing my glass of water (plain water, I tell you) being raided by a troop of tiny ants. The weather must be terribly hot and these little buggers are damn thirsty.

Talking about ants, I was bitten by a crazy troop of red ants two days ago at a nearby mamak restaurant. I was about to put my ass down on a chair when my feet felt like they were being stabbed with thousands of needles. And when I looked down to my feet, I was like, bloody hell! Semut berduyun-duyun kat kaki aku and a lot more of them surrounding about a square foot area around my feet. The sight of them, eekkk..!!

So there I was, in pain, jumping around while slapping those ants away from my feet. Some of them even managed to get up to my knee and started pinching. Like ouch, ouch, ouch! I was worried that some might even get into my pants. By that time, the whole restaurant was staring at me, orang gile yang melompat-lompat but hell, I couldn't care less. I was being attacked here, okay?! I slipped off my slippers and continued my frantic attempt to get rid of those pesky pest. While fighting for my life, I caught a glimpse of a mamak carrying a glass of orange near me. I swear he meant to gave it to me, either to cool me down or to pour it onto my feet. But when I was finally ant-free, the orange juice was nowhere to be seen. Like ches, celake sungguh!

And also I am starting to see lizards in my apartment. I'm telling you that lizards are certainly not welcomed in my crib. I hate lizards. I'm bloody scared of them slimy, cold, stupid creatures. It is not peculiar to hear me scream in the middle of the night, in the morning or even during the day at home. The reason for such behaviour will be 'cicak'. The sight of them makes me squirmed. Their dash of movement makes me scream. And their habit of making an appearance where I least expect them to be, makes me go hysterical. That's how fearful I am with that vile species.

I have managed to make this place lizard-free for more than a year and now I'm seeing baby lizards in my room. Like two or three of them. Ini sudah tak boleh jadi. I've set up lizard-traps now and I'm waiting for some gutsy people to come by my place to check on those traps. I can't check on those traps. It will be too blood-curdling. Pearl can do that. She's more game with lizards than I do. I'm no game at all. Azrul would be more plucky. He would just grab those quaggy bastards like he did yesterday and flush it down the toilet bowl.

Ok. That's about enough of my scary stories. I got to go torch some ants. Ta!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Recently On Tylogy

A few happenings lately..

1. Pearl came back last two days, having slightly more weight than a month ago.

2. I've enrolled myself in an MBA programme and already I'm feeling nervous. How can I not be? The Dean of the faculty told us post grads that we've got to maintain a good minimum of 3.0 CGPA throughout to remain in the programme. Those words, I can still remember till now. I mean, what if? Aarrgh..!! I studied science before and what if I'm no good in this field? But I want to be good in this. If I can't be the best, at least I would like to be good. Heelllppp...!!

3. My boyfriend bought me a new mobile phone and I'm still not happy. I want to sing that J-Lo song, 'My Love Don't Cost A Thing'. Heheh..Actually my love does cost a little, but it's definitely not as costly as an N76 or a trip to the United States.

4. I am crazy about Prison Break. I want to do a marathon on it like I did CSI.

5. I'm done with 'I Am Muslim' some time ago and I think of it well and lacking opinions at the same time. I think Dina Zaman has more to say. Many statements were left hanging and unsupported. That was a little frustrating. Probably, as a Malaysian writer, she was playing it safe. Malaysian writers do not have much freedom, see..

6. I did a 7-day-fluid diet last fortnight and the result is satisfying. I lost 4 kilos which is such a great achievement. It's unhealthy, I know but the diet shouldn't be prolonged to more than a week. Now that Pearl is back and my boyfriend is home, I'm sure I'll gain those 4 kilos back in no time! Damn!

7. I went to Malacca like 5 days ago. Saje-saje jalan-jalan because I'm tired of KL. I ate some chicken rendang which I think has this herb called 'cekur' in its ingredients and I ended up with diarrhoea and a tummy full of gas.

8. I noticed that Saty is skinnier than ever after having Qaseh, which is so unfair. And what will become of big, fat, gigantic Tyiana if she eventually give birth one day?

9. Qaseh is already crawling and eagerly trying to stand.

10. I want to read Freakonomics but I can't because I'm too worried about studies.

11. I am thinking of either going to a gym or a slimming centre.

12. I need a freaking holiday but I'm broke.

And now, I've got to clean up messes I've made at home because Pearl will be coming anytime soon. My laundry is waiting to be spun, so I gotta run!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another Crying Day

All these while I've been telling myself not to believe in love. For to me, love isn't real. It doesn't exist. It is totally fake. I don't see love as love. I see it as a sense of familiarity. But could that feeling be real after all?

After a series of bad experiences, I've told myself if I ever have a boyfriend again, I will not love too hard. However, that is the one thing you'll forget once you're in a relationship. At times you just can't help it.

I'm a little scared now, cause I'm starting to realize that the wall I've been building all these while is showing cracks. Huge cracks. I think it's about time to do some serious patching. Wall should never go down. If it does, I'm going to get hurt like many other times before. And I, certainly do not want to go there again. I'm just so scared, so terrified and so..., twisted.

Today the weather was cloudy. Everything's so gray. I'm in bed most of the time, crying, sleeping, get up to drink some water and went back to bed. Yeah, I have that much time to waste. Call me a psycho or whatever, I'm just telling the truth, that on certain days, I do feel terrible. I'll be remembering my childhood, playing with my sisters like days won't end. And it'll make me cry knowing the fact that now, everyone has their own separate lives. All of a sudden I feel so lonely, and so lost.

I'm leaving home now. Am going to see mom and then maybe play with the innocent Qaseh for a while. And I'm going to whisper to her, 'Don't you ever wish to grow up quickly little girl. The world is so damn scary, you know..Trust me.'

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Losing Head

I met her again after two years. She is as slim as she has always been, with more than enough assets. And I'm way, way fatter than she is, obviously. She's the same crazy, cool girl I've always known. Glad you didn't change, babe!

Met her in Mid Valley, talked and talked to catch up on two years lost. The absent-minded me, however, after all that heavy conversation, couldn't find where I parked my car. We spent about half an hour, milling around the parking bays before I finally found my my little Lisa (Kelisa). Sorry babe, I am not usually such an idiot. Hehe..But thanks for driving around for like, more than 7 times..?

She lent me a book titled 'I Am Muslim' which I am sure will be a good read. I read the synopsis and it is about the ironies, foibles and follies of ordinary Muslims in Malaysia. I shall now put my 'MBA For Dummies' aside for a day or two. Gotta focus on this one. And thank you Farisha for the evening. It was all aces!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Those Good Old Days?

I remember those good old days when those technology called mobile phones and internet do not exist. The only way for us to get in touch with someone was either by calling them on their house phones, writing them snail mails or by showing up in front of their house, if you know where they live.

I recall waiting for my parents to come home from work in agony at home when I was in primary school. Those days, office numbers were strictly meant for business and everyone understood that when you're at work, you shouldn't be attending to personal calls unless it's really a matter of life and death. Though that rule still vaguely exists in the current office policy, I am almost certain that it is being ignored by most people. And thanks to mobile phones, taking personal calls when you're suppose to be at work and working just got easier.

I too, remember during my teenage years, those few times when I was going out, like, konon-konon on a date or merely meeting up with friends. We will normally set the place and time for us to meet up maybe a day or two before the outing. And on that day itself, we might or might not show up or sometimes showed up late. The most irritating part is actually waiting for that person to make his/her appearance. It's great if they showed up, and if they don't, they just don't. I've had my share of being stood up and I had also been guilty for not showing up; but most of the time, I just showed up late. Heheh..

Technology obviously arrives with their pros and cons. We all know what good it does, enough has been said by aplenty. I, on the contrary would like to dispose my thoughts on the bad vibes they give.

Lost of Privacy
Apart from having our children, husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends, mom, dad, pak ngah and mak long calling us in the office, our employers now call us to discuss about work stuffs on our off days and vacation days like as if we didn't labored ourselves enough. Marketers call us up to sell us things over the phone irregardless of the time and irregardless of what we're doing at the moment. And we are obligated to answer all that phone calls or get remarks like..'tak tau jawab phone ke die ni?' or 'tak tau pakai handphone tak yah pakai la..'. You know, those kind of statements, which I'm sure some of you may have experienced, and again, some may even have been guilty of having committed such abomination. Kan?

Lost of Manners
Because we are now, bit by bit losing our privacy, we have become more self-centered and more barbaric. If we can't have privacy on our own time at our own place, we shall now bring that privacy we need out into public. Thus, we talk on our mobile phones while walking (not a pretty sight, I have to say) and we fiddle with our phones (be it smsing or just playing games) when we're out having lunch in the company of others (which I think is utterly rude). We chat on our phones, in the presence of others for hours, leaving the other party terpinga-pinga sorang-sorang tak tau nak buat ape, while probably telling themselves...'macam ni lebih baik aku keluar sorang-sorang.' Right?

Lost of Security
Believe it or not, but we are losing our sense of security and trust towards others because of them fucking mobile phones.
Now we are more agog to be checking on people everywhere they go at all times. Don't forget too, that we have become more vulnerable to having our boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands/wives calling us time and time again to check if we really are at the place we claimed to be and with the people we're supposed to be with. And on the new 'friend finder' thingy the service providers came up with, more spies and Mr/Miss Nosy Parkers spawned. Then, we reasoned to ourselves; that all those checking ups were in the name of love and care for our loved ones, whether or not they are safe and sound. To me, those reasons is full of absurdity! Maybe not a hundred percent, but still crappy for most of it.

No doubt that that technology is wonderfully amazing and benevolent. I, for an instance, is a user, a victim and a villain all rolled into one. Mobile phones has put a stop to 'time wastage'. And yes, a lot of time has been wasted on waiting, back in those days. But we indeed learned a thing or two. Not only we learned to keep our promise (at least most of the time), but we also learned to respect the privacy of others.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Of My Gastronomy

Those few short times when I was away from home for work and holiday, I've always miss one big thing about Malaysia. The food.

I'm not picky nor fussy when it comes to food. My favourite is normally simple and cheap. Yeah, I'm a cheapskate, but I like the food that I like because they're tasty. I don't care if it's cheap.

Expensive food doesn't always taste good but I feel like I am always forced to say that they're delectable because they come with a price that burn a hole in your pocketses. So better say the food is wow than stoop and cry over them pocketses, right?

The Food I Love..

Other than the usual mom's cooking and the daily Malaysian cuisine which is rice, sambal belacan and what not, I will occasionally crave for banana leaf rice served at Kanna Curry House.

Or I would also drool over a bowl of Szechuan beef noodle from a Chinese restaurant in SS2. I haven't had this for quite some time now. I think it's about time to grab some company and gobble down a bowl or two. Johar, if you're reading this, are you game?

There is also Ampang Yong Tau Foo yang sangat 'stim' bile dimakan. And the best thing is because Ampang Yong Tau Foo is now in Puchong, so it is more accessible to me. Yay...!

Mmm..okay I'll give some credit to the classic nachos from Chilli's since it is also my favourite.

Of course there's always the chilli crab from Fatty Crab and octopus ball from Tako Tao. Plus the cream puffs from Beard Papa's..and crispy fried chicken from Shihlin and grill escargot with cheese from anywhere. And at the moment, I feel like downing some chai latte from Dome's. Haven't had that for weeks now. I once tried the one from Coffee Bean tapi tak sedap. Too milky rather than spicy. Very wrong. Uh-uh!

The Food I Miss..

I still miss the crispy fried chicken from the streets in Shihlin, Taipei. Eventhough I can now get them from One Utama Old Wing, tapi tak same macam makan sambil berjalan-jalan kat pasar malam.

The night market food in Taipei was simply fantabulous. I can't help but miss the smelly tofu and the fried mushroom. Oooh...!

I fancy the original briyani from Student Briyani. Some people might think Karachi is dirty, but I love the briyani. And the masala tea with fresh cow's milk.

A green tea latte in the morning would also be nice.

What I would like to say now is that I didn't get enough churros. I had one at Santa Monica and I want more. I should have eaten more. And now I have to browse the net to look for its recipe and see if it is not too hard for me to make some. Damn you, you...,churros!

And oh! The sweet indulgence of baklava..I want that too!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Flavour Of The Decade

I think Bobby Chinn is sooo..fucking, HOT!

I love that tall, lanky figure and that rough, muffled voice.

I took delight in watching him smile on that show of his; World Cafe Asia and at the way his lips pucker as he speaks.

There's something about those droopy eyes, crow's feet at the corner and all. And look at that widow's peak hairline..Awesome, don't you think?

He is the kinda guy who could wear a frown and still look fabulous. I mean, look at him... Just. Look. At. Him.

This dude is the bomb! MY kinda BOMB! Yeah!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Final Stop-Los Angeles..

That evening when we arrived in Tom Bradley's, we took the Enterprise shuttle to the car rental's place. We rented our car and then headed for Marriot which was very close to the airport. After freshening up a little, we grab a map of L.A. from the concierge and drove up north to Hollywood Boulevard. Streets are easy in this country, it is difficult to be like, really, really lost.

The Boulevard was a tad bit yucky to me. Quite dirty and gruesome, with all the homeless people and vehicle fumes. That had me felt rather at home.

We had dinner at Mc Donald's. God knows how many burgers I have ate and how many tacos I have swallowed. Sigh..

Universal Studios was something no one should miss. The place was huge and we took 2 days to really see everything. The studio tour was super. They showed us the mansion and the motel in the movie 'Psycho', the special effects tunnel they used for subway crash scenes, how they make flood in a Mexican village scene and of course, the calm, sweet Wisteria Lane. See the picture up there? That is the house of Gabrielle Solis.
There were a few rides, which we took. I did the Jurassic Park, but was too chicken-hearted to go onto the Mummy. So I was left to mind the bags and stuffs. I regretted it now, for not taking that ride. I mean, how bad can it be? This was not like a Six Flag theme park, right..? So we ate and ride and ate some more and ride some more, all throughout the day.
Later that evening we went to Chinatown near downtown L.A. for dinner at the Foo Chow restaurant, where they shot the movie Rush Hour. The food was expensive, not that tasty, but was definitely better than those burgers and tacos.
We woke up early again the next day for Universal Studios. We watched all the shows and demos today. I especially liked the show at Waterworld (as in the movie, Waterworld). Spectacular show, that was.Since we decided not to do any shopping in L.A., we went to Santa Monica beach which was like, 20 minutes away from Hollywood. I expected the beach to be dirty, like Morib in Selangor. But to my surprise, it was tremendously clean! And because we didn't expect it to be that clean, we didn't bring any swimming gear. Even if we do have, the water was like freezing cold. The houses near the beachfront was something I really admire, words can't describe how I fancy them. They are indeed something for me to daydream about for many, many days ahead.
We can't get enough of the beach, so we drove down to Long Beach on one of the days we were there. But Long Beach upsets me. Unlike Santa Monica, Long Beach was dirty. So there's nothing much to say apart from the gay parade happening on the streets of Long Beach on that day.
Beverly Hills. The place of the rich and famous. No doubt about that. The street malls were such a beaut and you know it once you set foot there, that this is not like any other part of the town. Very pretty. Very, breathtaking.
Overall, L.A. was fine. Maybe not so much of a happy place like Vegas but it was still, wicked. I may not think of revisiting this place very soon, but the next time I happen to be here, I'd like to check out those clubs on Sunset Strip. They seems to be very dandy.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Vegas

If there is one place on earth that could make me happy, it would be Vegas. I could go through hundreds of painful breakups and thousands of bad, bad days and still be happy upon setting foot here, in this desert city.
We arrived around noon and checked-in at Stratosphere. And once there, we didn't wait. The hotel wasn't less magnificent, though it is located on the far north end of the Strip. We headed for Fremont Street for the evening light show. The street was flashing with neon lights and was indeed very pretty. The overhead light show was amazing and left us with neck pain. I know I should have followed Pearl's advice and lied down on the street.
Flyers of many strip clubs were scattered along the pavements. That second night, we took the opportunity to check out Little Darlings and lucky enough, each one of us had a lap dance performed onto us for a mere dollar! Cameras aren't allowed in the strip clubs, of course, and too bad for that.
Our daytime period was filled with 'jalan-jalan', browsing all the hotels with abundantly different themes. My favourite? Sigh..., I can't decide. I like Luxor's building structure, the landscaping and the fountain of Bellagio and the interiors of Planet Hollywood Aladdin.
Vegas has plentiful of shows and parades. Both paid and free. We went to Rio to try out the slot machines, and hey, beginners' luck! We won some. Not much, but worth the 2 dollars spent on our bets. We didn't come here to gamble in the first place. Maybe next time alright, Pearl? Then we may go pick up some bitches too. Hehehs..And we love the masquerade show here, in Rio.
We also watched that sketch, Sirens of T.I..And tons of people flocked Treasure Island for this. It was a 30 minutes sketch of songs, dances, stunts and pyro actions. And that was, cooool! These showbiz people, they make things all so realistic and so alive that you don't feel like they're acting things out.
Madame Tussaud's was a compulsory thing to do. And above, we were with Julia Roberts. The museum wasn't as big as I expected. And some of the wax figures were good replicas and some were not. But we enjoyed it anyways.
When you are in Vegas, you cannot not see the shows. There are a handful of shows which you can choose from, some are good for family and some requires you to be 18. We, of course, chose the topless show. The show 'Bite' had cost us 45 dollars (approximately RM 180) but believe me, it was worth it.

I so want to be there again.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Garden Of The Gods

After shopping at Castlerock yesterday, we ate Cold Stone ice cream. Honestly, this is the best ice-cream I've ever had and everyone else agreed too. This is no regular ice-cream, dawg...both Haagen Dazs and Baskin Robbins (which I once liked) are nothing compared to Cold Stone. The presentation is no doubt, simple, but they aren't just scoop-garnish-and-serve ice-cream. There are more than 15 concoctions of ice-cream at Cold Stone. I ordered the Breathless Boston Cream Pie which consists of French vanilla ice-cream, yellow cake, fudge and whipped topping. All these ingredients were folded in by the server right in front of me on a frozen granite stone. I found that very impressive and the final product was just, wow!

Quoting Fid aka Baby's comment on Krispy Kreme doughnuts, I shall now say that if you haven't had Cold Stone, you have not had ice-cream. And true enough, according to a slogan I saw on a Cold Stone tee, friends won't let friends eat grocery store ice-creams.

This morning, a crazy babe came in from laundry looking like above. She had too many baskets to carry with only two hands. Poor thing...!

Later in the afternoon, we packed our lunch and headed for Colorado Springs. We had our lunch at Garden of the Gods. And as usual, we had Jambang with us.

The garden was a fine place to be, it has numerous, unique rock formations just like Red Rocks, only more. We had lots of fun trying to figure out which name goes for which formation. The one in the above picture for example, is called the Balanced Rock.

After meal, which was nasik and some lauk, heheh.., we did the jumping in the air game again. Tomorrow, the four of us will leave for Vegas. Which means I'll be away from Pearl's desktop. Thus, I may not be able to post in any entry from tomorrow onwards. So, until time permits..

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Shopaholic Sister

The graduation day. It was sunny,but ain't that hot.
When you have a shopaholic by your side, your days will never be less than busy.

The graduate.
Pearl graduated yesterday.

We rented a Chrysler.
The night before, I coloured my hair back to black. There was this one incident not many months ago that my hair was raped by a certain party and since then I have been wearing a 'karat-hair' look. It explains why I didn't upload any images prior to a couple of nights ago. I would like to elaborate more on the 'hair-raping' incident but maybe later when I'm back in KL.

Simply doughnuts.
When I'm away from home, my aim is to consume food that I can't probably get in Malaysia. Yes, doughnuts memang ade kat Malaysia, but not Krispy Kreme doughnuts. These doughnuts, they're really simple. Nothing fancy about the decorations, but they tasted like heaven. Well, at least that's what I think.

The American, Fresh Strawberry Shortcake.
I remembered Sarah telling me about eating Strawberry Shortcake in London. Here, I tasted the American version at the Cheesecake Factory. Nice presentation, tapi rase macam biase je..Rase macam kek.

Jumping in mid-air shot.Saty lambat lompat.Jambang did a David Blaine.
Zamri (brother in law) insisted that we go sightseeing, so we detached ourselves from those boring malls and headed for Red Rocks. Formerly known as 'Garden of the Angels' and then 'Garden of the Titans', this place is a mountain park which is well-known for its very large, red sandstone boulders. Pearl's friend, Jambang tagged along with us.

At the Cheesecake Factory...again.
Last night, after Pearl's graduation ceremony, we had barbecued dinner held by the students. It was a night for Pearl, and we decided not to steal the limelight away from her. Hehe..

Night of the barbecue and the barbecued.
Today we'll be going to Castlerock. It's 8 am now and I was up since sunrise which occured somewhere around 5:30 am. The days are longer here during spring and sunset happens at 8:30 pm. But my fellow kins are still in bed. I should go and wake them up now. Ta!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Deja Vu

9:00 a.m. 68 F/20 C. Thursday morning in Golden.

I woke up in this strange land again. Still dazed from the 26 hours journey.

I slept deep last night, and I snored, excuse me, according to Pearl. This time I didn't wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning.

Saty, Zamri and I are all waiting for Pearl to bring in the car now. Today's destination is Flatiron which I didn't go to the last time I was here. Next, maybe we shall proceed to Belmar or perhaps the Mills again. I'm gonna be visiting the same places again, only this time with different company.

Am looking forward to Vegas and Hollywood next week.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Bimbo? Or Merely Woman?

Today was online shopping day for Saty and I. Well, not really for Saty, but more like for me. Saty, being the queen of shopaholics has done all her online shopping much, much earlier.

No, we are no wallflowers. We are buying things so that the stuffs we order now will reach Pearl's place in time for our arrival next couple of weeks. I am not a believer in online shopping. But Saty has reasoned out to me that I should, so as to save time spent on browsing and walking around malls during our trip later. So that amount of saved up time can be put to better use, such as sightseeing and err..more shopping..?

After clicking away for the last 48 hours, I finally made my decision and placed my order. I have chosen a Sydney Love small tote, one casual clutch bag, both costs nothing more than USD 30 each. Ya, saye agak kedekut. Also a pair of BCBG pumps and a pair of flats from Aigner.

Hope they'll manage to get to Infinity Circle in a fortnight, and I shall see the effectiveness and practicality of online shopping. If everything looks wrong, I can always return them back to where they belong. No harn done there.

With that done, I only have a few things left to look for later during the trip. I shall then focus on searching for the ideal 7 Jeans and a wallet which I really need. And get some tops. Lots of tops. And maybe a skirt or two. And oh, there's COACH. And Victoria Secret. And perhaps also, I shall get a dress. Or anything worth buying.

After all that, I promise I will be thrifty. In fact, I think I always have been.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Judging Me

I am the grumpy one. Hear me whine.

Today I'd like to complain on judgemental people. People who love judging others eventhough they are no judges. People who judge others without even knowing the person he/she is judging. People who judge without hearing cases and do not care if the defendants are guilty or innocent of their charges. Wannabe judges who show injustice most of the time because they're ignorant and because of their lack of listening skills.

Here are some judgemental statements..

1. You have no life if you are on Friendster on weekends.

- Clearly, this is not necessarily true. What if that person does nothing but have fun all week and only take his/her break over the weekends by being on the net? And what if they're working on weekends and being so much alive on weekdays? Tak boleh? Still takde life ke orang tu macam tu?

2. If you are or was a stewardess, you must be stupid.

- Though 80% of this statement is true, there's still those 20% who would suffer from the injustice of this statement. I have no further comment on this. But it is still judgemental thinking. Because as stupid as they might be, there are still some things they're good at, like umm...arranging 15 styrene cups on a tray in split second..?

3. If you are in some glamorous job, you will do anything, even diperbodoh-bodohkan, just to keep the job.

- Hello? Ingat orang lapar sangat ke glamour? Pegi matila...!! I need money, not some glamorous 'diva' title. And I need to use my brain, which is more important than watching over how I look like 24/7. Hell, I refuse to just sit there under your nose and do whatever you tell me I must do. Kalau kau pandai gile lain la kan..Go hire some androids, bitch!

4. If you're not working, it means you have nothing to do every day and you have no reason to say, "No, I have something up today and I can't do that work for you."

- Hey, not working doesn't mean that at all, okay? And what do you mean by having 'nothing to do'? There's no such thing as doing nothing because you're still bound to be doing something in the end. In fact, if 'doing nothing' is ever an activity, it will be the hardest thing to do. I can never do nothing, the closest I get to doing nothing is reading a book, or watching CSIs, or simply having coffee with friend/s, gossiping away. Point is, I still do something. And if I decide to spend my time with my family, my friends or even my own self, that quality time I spent is more worthwhile than doing some semi-cooked job for a moron with half a brain, who thinks she's above everything!

Have a safe journey to hell, you nasty people!

The end.

Friday, April 06, 2007

New Age Kids

Not so many hours ago, I was at a nearby clinic with my dad who was having a slight fever. While he was inside the doctor's consultation room, I took my seat outside at the waiting lounge watching people, those who are sick and those who are not.

And it was then that I saw, two children, one was about 6 years old and the other around 4, were playing tag and running around. They were screaming, shouting and laughing like the clinic and the people in it are no stranger to them.

They ran around the reception area, and the next thing I know, I saw their small heads popping up next to the receptionist, not from outside the counter, but from inside! And from there those imps took their new found excitement gleefully, jumping off the counter, running in and out of the reception area and even getting into the dispensary section freely.

The receptionist and the nurse could just look at one another and pray that someone would say something to stop those little devils.

I was thinking, 'Anak-anak doktor ke ni? Ape pasal macam syaiton..?' Tetapi rupe-rupenye bukan. The parents, were just sitting happily next to me, chatting to one another, like those children weren't theirs.

Things has really change nowadays. Parents don't do nothing even if their children behave like hooligans in front of their eyes. I guess this is how the new generations are taught. They do not learn through parents yelling or shouting at them. Neither do they learn through ass smacking nor ear pulling.

Is this right? Is this what their parents want? For their children to have no respect for others? And lack of proper decorum? Kalau aku macam tu dulu mase kecik-kecik dah lame kene penampar, jerit dan diheret balik rumah. Me and my sisters had always been forewarned before any outings, that we should behave well or we would suffer the consequences. And if at any point we forgot or even almost forgot to behave ourselves, one good stare from my mom (yang matanye sampai macam nak terkeluar, which to us was very, very, scary..) and that was enough to bring us back to earth.

Oh, those kids simply made me feel like turning myself into an ogre and scream at the...parents! And not the children. Tahu mengongkek dan mengeluarkan anak saje, tapi tak tahu marah anak. Those children, I only felt like shaking them until their teeth rattle, which in this case can never happen. So, I just gave them a hard evil, 'mak tiri' kind of stare.

Parents, please have mercy on those ailing people in the clinic, and also for innocent bystanders, like me. Just leave your healthy children at home if you're going to the clinic. And also, please try not to bring them to the supermarket when you're doing grocery shopping because they are nuisances to other people especially when they start fighting over who should push the cart and who gets to sit inside. In fact, don't even bring them to the mosque, if they don't know how to behave.

So make sure your children show proper behaviour before you actually decide to bring them out in the open. Or if they are not well-mannered but you had no choice but to bring them out still, just be prepared to scold them and be stern. Wokeh?!

P/s : Once I went to a mall with my mom, and there was this kid sitting under one of the clothes rack with a hanger. And he will whack people's leg who happened to walk pass him. I was one of the victim too, but after he hit me, I bent down, see eye to eye with him, gave him a smile, took the hanger off him and threw it onto another rack. And he then ran to his dad. Aku sangat geram pada mase itu. Was I cruel? I only think that that was appropriate at that time.