Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hungry Day

It's the first day of Ramadan and I am fasting.

At 5 a.m. earlier today, ade orang gile yang mengejut aku and telling me that she's gonna come and sleep with me sebab dalam bilik die ade cicak. And there I was, stress pagi-pagi bute sebab kene dengar issue cicak which is definitely not my favourite.

I did not take any 'sahur' because the idea of waking up in the midst of my deep sleep adelah sangat unappealing. So I went back to bed and woke up later at 10 a.m. to see my living area had turned into a Hippie yard sale.

I also figured that I have some new pets. Dust bunnies. Heheh..! I know I should get rid of them tapi nantilah dah dekat-dekat raye nanti. Dust bunnies cute ape...

Last night we went for some kinda waxing party organized by a friend at her place in Tiara Kemensah. Makan free at her place, the first time I ate her cooking la kot, if I'm not mistaken. Kan, nok?

I recently bought a new convection oven and am planning to do wonders la konon-konon. So yesterday I baked some cupcakes using that new oven. Unfortunately, cupcakes aku accident and hasilnye adelah sangat huduh. Being me, aku menyalahkan oven baru for being new.

Now I am in Puchong, blogging away. Partly running away from having to entertain little Qaseh jadi buat-buatlah busy. I am still thinking nak makan ape later for breaking fast. I read Chics' blog and mouth began to water. Pearl pun sudah memekak-mekak kat tepi lobang telinga aku, asking me to go to some pasar Ramadan nearby.

Oklah. I'll go.


Sarah said...

Now that you mentioned it betul la nok it's the first time you tasted my cooking. Malu aku.. that's not food that I usually serve my guests. Tak plan pun. Was suppose to be for the usual monkeys! But since ko lapar.. bedal je la.. The next party will be held sometime near Syawal so just wait for the invitation k!
p/s cupcakes was lovely.. girls asking for more..hehe

chics said...

i dont like to bagun sahur too. I usually eat alot to cover the sahur potion[alasan buruk lantak]

Ty said...

it's ok there's always next time. anyway, i didn't think cupcake accident could be a hit. hehe..

i ate sahur this morning sebab terpakse because i had to wake up at 5 to send my sister to the commuter station. so alang2 dah bangun, mkn la kan..