Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dirty Laundry

I don't think the sun has any plans to do his job today. Maybe He's just lazy. The pool is a temptation in this kind of weather but I am still not done with my laundry. The washing machine is a semi automatic. Heheh..., I don't think this dinosaur is being used by anyone anymore. Sangat susah ye, sentiase nak kene 'be there' for the washing machine to start cycle, to drain water and to transfer the clothes to the other compartment for spinning. So I gotta wait.

You must think that I am not a rational person for doing laundry on a day where the sun has decided to take leave. Well, I am an optimist. The sky may be cloudy, but it doesn't mean a rainy day is guaranteed. Right?

Well, unlike the sun, today I have plans. I plan to vacuum the shack and scrub the bathroom. I truly hate wet bathroom. It requires hard work to keep clean.

I am also having a thought. That a person will hang on to 'a love' for various reason. Even if they realize that 'the love' is wrongly matched to them. Some hang on to love because of money. Some does it because of comfort and they're just too tired or can't be bothered to look for new love but at the same time can't live without it. Only a few actually hang on to love because they truly 'love', which is very, very questionable and creates so much reasonable doubts to me. Can you really love someone without reason/s? Is that for real?

People do things for many reasons. The above two, were merely done for survival. Hanging on. Be it for men or for women. But there are some who cling to love because of their partner's physique. I've heard phrases like, 'Oh I can't leave him/her, he/she's so handsome/pretty...'. Now that, is purely laughable. It's time to grow up, kid. Wake up and smell life, please.

Well, that's the thought part done. Outside, it's already showering. So much for being an optimist. There goes my fat busting exercise. And dirty laundry remains. I'm hanging on..

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Tyiara said...

'Oh I can't leave him/her, he/she's so handsome/pretty...'

macam tahu je siapa itu. HA HA.