Monday, October 22, 2007

What I Don't Know About Rempit..

I've got nothing to do today other than wait for episode 5 to be online, and scrubbing the shower, and cook dinner, and clean up my mess...but I'm just gonna put those things on hold for a few hours.

I had a thought about rempit. Yes, I always have weird thoughts. And here I am today, thinking that rempit is not just a lifestyle, it is also an attitude and up to a certain point, I think rempit is an ideology taking place among individuals, sometimes without them even realizing its presence in them.

I figured some mundane characteristics that usually come with the word rempit...There is more to rempit than what we generally think.

Myth #1 - Rempit comes with a motorbike.

Not necessarily. Rempits do improve. Some of them bercita-cita tinggi, okey? And when they improve, they can get themselves cars. And when they have cars, they will continue rempiting with the car. Rempit can now be seen driving Kancil, Wira, Satria and yang lebih advance dan maju lagi might drive Honda ke Subaru ke and etc. They can still be identified though, through their driving style: cilok sane sini, bunyi enjin kereta yang macam motorbot, kereta yang terover modified ala race car dengan spoiler yang boleh beat the height of ekor kapalterbang dan sebagainye. So don't limit our thinking terhadap rempit that they only come in motorbikes sahaje. Those rempits in motorbikes are merely beginners to the much bigger rempits.

Myth #2 - Rempits are exclusively Malay.

Most rempits are Malays. True enough. But rempit does exist in other races and colours too. Rempit is a way of living. Do nothing productive in your life, you are a rempit. Party every other night and take crap and seldom get sober, you're a rempit too. Selfish = rempit, rude = rempit, shallow = rempit. Rempit think other people don't know how to have fun, just because others don't roll like how the rempits roll. Rempit thinks that being a loser is cool. So go look out for these symptoms and you'll find your rempit.

Myth #3 - Rempits are poor/come from poor families.

Juge tidak semestinye. Rempit is also a way of thinking. Pemikiran rempit doesn't have to come from poor or less fortunate people. Rempit juge tidak semestinye kampung. Orang kaye juge boleh menjadi rempit jike mengamalkan tindakan-tindakan dan tingkahlaku rempit like breaking the law, menjadi selfish tak hingat dan berlagak cool, bagus, bijak, handsome, cantik, macho tak kire tempat.

Myth #4 - Rempits dress up pretty bad.

Iwould say that there are rempits who dress up pretty well. These are the rempits in disguise. They dress up real nice, trying to fool others that they are no rempits. But in fact, they are the hardcore rempits. They try so hard to look good and to look classy and poise, trying hard to use English words in conversations biarpun la broken. In the end they just end up looking very, very, kelakar. And oh...! Rempit juge selalu ade attitude yang tidak boleh kalah and they will be pretty obvious about that.

Those are some of the myths solve. I've seen many people who have the basic rempit attitude and yet they are clad with sexy attires, expensive rides and having wealthy family. However, they are no better than the typical rempits with shallow heads, bad attitudes and pencil dicks! (Excuse me..). The end.

P/s : Why does diet solutions have to taste so bad? Aaargghh...! Sangat 'fear factor' bile meminumnye...! - Tyiana is on diet after hitting 53 kg on her weight scale.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

After Eid

So Eid came and went about 4, 5 days ago, with yesterday being my birthday. It was no fun having birthday when Eid is still in the limelight.

Lately I've been so lazy to blog. There's so many reasons to that. Classes are over for this semester and I won't be having any until late December. Here's what I've been up to lately...

1. Eid for one reason, turned me into one busy kitchen helper which further morphed into a couch potato.

2. I have been stuffing myself like a pig from day one (of Eid) until this day. Today I had dinner with the sisters at Shin-Ichi Japanese buffet restaurant. Those baby crabs and grilled eel were simply delish.

3. Tomorrow there is Kak Mas' (Sarah's sister) open house for me to attend. Another 'makan' event that would prove gluttony as one of my super power.

4. I am now a Facebook addict. It is so much fun. The only thing is that many are still in the dark about Facebook. I wish more of my friends on Friendster are on Facebook. Still, I won't be leaving Friendster like totally...In a way, I can still see a lot of goodness in Friendster. So I'll keep it.

5. I am now watching Heroes Season 2 online. It is already the fourth episode into the second season. Wednesday nights serve as my weekly dosage of Heroes as NBC aired the show every Monday nights in the United States. "I'm very excite!" ~ Borat.

Ok, gotta go. My Heroes is waiting...