Saturday, July 07, 2007

Recently On Tylogy

A few happenings lately..

1. Pearl came back last two days, having slightly more weight than a month ago.

2. I've enrolled myself in an MBA programme and already I'm feeling nervous. How can I not be? The Dean of the faculty told us post grads that we've got to maintain a good minimum of 3.0 CGPA throughout to remain in the programme. Those words, I can still remember till now. I mean, what if? Aarrgh..!! I studied science before and what if I'm no good in this field? But I want to be good in this. If I can't be the best, at least I would like to be good. Heelllppp...!!

3. My boyfriend bought me a new mobile phone and I'm still not happy. I want to sing that J-Lo song, 'My Love Don't Cost A Thing'. Heheh..Actually my love does cost a little, but it's definitely not as costly as an N76 or a trip to the United States.

4. I am crazy about Prison Break. I want to do a marathon on it like I did CSI.

5. I'm done with 'I Am Muslim' some time ago and I think of it well and lacking opinions at the same time. I think Dina Zaman has more to say. Many statements were left hanging and unsupported. That was a little frustrating. Probably, as a Malaysian writer, she was playing it safe. Malaysian writers do not have much freedom, see..

6. I did a 7-day-fluid diet last fortnight and the result is satisfying. I lost 4 kilos which is such a great achievement. It's unhealthy, I know but the diet shouldn't be prolonged to more than a week. Now that Pearl is back and my boyfriend is home, I'm sure I'll gain those 4 kilos back in no time! Damn!

7. I went to Malacca like 5 days ago. Saje-saje jalan-jalan because I'm tired of KL. I ate some chicken rendang which I think has this herb called 'cekur' in its ingredients and I ended up with diarrhoea and a tummy full of gas.

8. I noticed that Saty is skinnier than ever after having Qaseh, which is so unfair. And what will become of big, fat, gigantic Tyiana if she eventually give birth one day?

9. Qaseh is already crawling and eagerly trying to stand.

10. I want to read Freakonomics but I can't because I'm too worried about studies.

11. I am thinking of either going to a gym or a slimming centre.

12. I need a freaking holiday but I'm broke.

And now, I've got to clean up messes I've made at home because Pearl will be coming anytime soon. My laundry is waiting to be spun, so I gotta run!


chics said...

Going back to study will make we feel good about ourself because macam we are doing something butttttttttttt the workloads membuatkan we want to kill ourself.


SYCLONE said...

For point 11, I'd like to suggest you climb the stairs first.

Try 10 floors climb for a start. Your heart will beat like nobody's business. And the legs will ache. That means it's workin'.

Find a building you can climb. Try six weeks. Everyday.

I take no responsibility for the above suggestion. Hehe..

ZAQI said... 've done any task!but i'm proud about ur study GPA 3,00 this is good.
but i think love can give more than phone mobile!
example : kasih sayang, hehehhe

Razlah said...

wow.... life is tough huh?

intan siza said...

mana ade ko gemok..tipu la.. nak kurus tang mana lagi babe?

Ty said...

at the moment i am not burdened with workloads just yet. but urrghh...what did i get myself into?

i don't know if i can do that ever. cos right now my legs are still aching from last two days' jog.


captain razlah,
tough is the word.

gemuk la. body fat aku 27% tau. aku baru measure semlm.

Anonymous said...

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