Sunday, November 11, 2007

Live Life

Mareena is leaving for Paris tonight. So yesterday we did our occasional chilling in Bangsar. It is not like she's leaving for France forever, but it will be like another two months before we could meet up again. I'm so excited for her, though it will be nothing new for her to be back in France. She had lived there for 6 years, so this trip will just be like a 'balik kampung' trip for her.

I concluded last night that there is so much more to life than just having fun. I've figured this many years back but day after day I found more evidence for this 'life' issue. The meaning of life is sooo, deep. I can't really say what life truly means but I sure know what it isn't. Life isn't about being pretty or being able to buy luxurious thing. Life isn't about finding a husband/wife. Life isn't just about living for your family and forgetting to spend time with your friends. Getting wasted/getting high almost every other night is also not what life is all about. So then, what the hell is life? Honestly, I can't even tell. All I know is that I have to learn to dig it until I die.

I am loving and keeping quality friends. We may not see each other every day but we do love each other and support each other always. I believe that that is how friendship should be. Giving each other space to grow and at the same time, nurture one another. That's a healthy friendship.

Pearl is coming back next week and we're gonna look for Qaseh's birthday present. Let me see..., what should I get for a one year-old?


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Sarah said... well put nok. True friendship is nothing material. Falls back to your sincerity. And for that I also truely don't know what present to get for a one year old! Where does saty shop for Qaseh? maybe we can get a gift certificater for her. Oh i really don't know!!

Tyiara said...

well..., the mother said i should go get those fairy tales books for Qaseh, so i'm getting that i guess. i don't wanna risk my money getting something that'd be put in a basket in the storage area a month after... you see, i have to stay far from civilization to get my money.

Mareena said...

Hi Tyiana, I have touched down in Paris this morning and am now in the hotel room. I am sincerely touched by the notes and the quality time we spent in Bangsar. Keep in touch and study smart. You wil have my endless support in everything you do. Take care!