Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Better Hot Than Cold

Yesterday saw me shopping like mad. Was in Castle Rock visiting shops; Geoffrey Beene, Coach, Ralph Lauren, Nine West, Gap, Borders, Eddie Bauer and the list goes. Didn't manage to take any photos cos were too busy shopping. Moreover, we already have a list assigned to us by the original Miss Shopaholic who were left at home breastfeeding. Heheh.. (Saty, beli barang dlm senarai kau adelah yg paling memeningkan..)

We were at Castle Rock from morning until the sun almost set which was around 5 pm. Dumped our shopping bags at Pearl's, had a simple dinner. Mak masak, so I felt right at home. Pearl makan tambah 3 kali.'ll turn from anorexic to obese in no time, babe!

After dinner, we simply went out and jalan-jalan at Pekan Golden*, had a stroll by Clear Creek* and went up Mount Zion*, saje-saje sebab boring dok rumah.

This morning on the other hand is a slow one for me. Outside is snowing and I just did laundry with Pearl at the Community Center next to her block*.

Later we're planning to go to Boulder and Denver. Think I should go get ready now. Them people are waiting for me.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Golden - Day 3, Updated Version

It's already the 3rd day we're here in Golden. The 1st day we arrived, we didn't do anything accept stretching ourselves out and recovering from the lengthy travel. Furthermore, it was already at night.

The 2nd day we didn't do much either, we just went to the Asian Market to accompany mom get some groceries. I don't normally do this back at home, but it's different here and I'm determined to see every nook and cranny of Golden and if possible, Denver.

We cooked dinner and had a bunch of Pearl's friend over to join us.

Today, day 3, we went to Colorado Mills to do some merchandise scouting. Didn't purchase anything though, cos we're planning to go to Castle Rock which, according to Pearl is a better shopping district than the Mills.

So, after a long walk around the mall, we just had coffee at Seattle's Best.

Then Pearl and I bought some English Toffee Apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Yum, but lots of calory!

And oh, we also went to Belmar, jalan-jalan*,

popped in at Walmart and bought some bagels* and cream cheese for my dinner.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Entry From The Other Side

After a journey of more than 24 hours of flight time, transits and road travelling, (KUL-TPE 4 hours, TPE-LAX 12 hours and LAX-DEN 3 hours) we, my parents and I are finally here in Golden with Pearl.

We arrived last night, at around 8 pm and now it's only 4 am. I went to sleep at 11 pm, not so many hours ago, but I could only sleep for a few hours and am now wide awake and feeling hungry too. I guess my body is registering 6 pm Malaysia time and it's calling for DINNER! Arrghh..semakin gemuk la macam ini.

The weather here is like what I've dreamt of. Sangat jakun lah aku kan sebab first time tengok snow yang sangat cantek. The temperature registered -18 degrees Celcius. Vurrrrrry cold for a typical Malaysian like me.

Pearl's apartment is a pretty little thing. It's a 3 storey building, small and cosy and sort of lovely. Umm...eventhough Pearl has somewhat convert most of the absolute niceness into her standard 'sarang'.

I'm writing this with hope that I'll become sleepy and will finally be able to sleep. Tapi macam tak je. Furthermore, mom is also awake now and outside I'm hearing Papa turning on the TV. Poor Pearl got to be awake too to entertain us.

Hmm..I'm feeling real hungry now, will go look for some pizza from last night in the kitchen. Perhaps I'll make some hot choc too and sit by the window pane and watch the snow. Wahahaha...sangat over...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tiffany & Co. - Real vs Fake

I was in Hong Kong during New Year of 2007. Had my share of leisure walks and sightseeing around town especially HK's ever famous 'night market'. You can find all sorts of things here, like many other Asian countries, especially imitation goods (just name the brand, you can find them all here..) and of course, food. So while munching some snacks, me and a couple of colleagues browsed around.

At one small corner, a typical pedlar selling all these silvery jewellery had all 'mat sallehs' tourists flocking around her. My curious mind brought me nearer and I saw a glimpse of a jewellery box with a familiar hue. And hey presto! It's Tiffany & Co. Looking and studying the goods of this Tiffany's impostor, I realised that at a glance, it is as good as the real ones. One who has never known the real Tiffany can never tell that these are fake. So after picking 2 pieces of items and after some bargaining, I managed to get it at HKD 60 (roughly RM 30). Bought it for my little experiment back here in KL.

Here are some pictures of the fake pieces I bought from HK...

Img_0165 If you look closely, this bracelet has its bases similar to a real Tiffany's bracelet. One of the starfish has this etching, 'Tiffany & Co.' behind it. This piece however, is overly done with a tiny disc carrying the name Tiffany & Co.. Fyi, no Tiffany & Co. item ever carry this tiny disc. Another detail would be the cheap, easy hook. Now, a real Tiffany would cost a bomb, do you think the designer is stupid enough to put a cheap hook so that purchasers can drop and lose them easily? Img_0167 This ring is another faker. This piece is a clevererImg_0172 imitation, I shall say. This time, you tell me what's wrong with it. On the left is the supposedly velvet pouch. They got the colour almost right, it is only a shade darker than the real one. Tiffany & Co's packagings do not come in any other colour except in this hue, so take note of that. However, the design is all wrong.

On the other hand, below are pictures of an original Tiffany & Co. item...

The real pouch would look like this... With a button clasp and not stringsImg_0161. And it is square in shape, in case you find it hard to notice.. See the colour? Img_0159 The shade is brighter for the real packaging, unlike the fake. Have a close look at the clasp. It's complicated in order to prevent it from dropping off easily. And the etching Img_0163goes onto the clasp itself. This original piece of Tiffany & Co. was bought from its boutique in KLCC.Tiffany has its many boutiques at only 7 Asian countries i.e. Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea.

So now, voila! You have completed a course in identifying the real and the fake Tiffany. The next time you see peeps with a Tiffy piece, you can tell if it's real. Don't let them fakers fool you!

Credits : The real Tiffany & Co. bracelet used in the above document is a courtesy from the ever original Ms. Satyiana Rosli.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Must We Do That?

Will someone answer my questions?

Must we speak in English if we are rich and/or popular?
Do we look poor or foolish if we don't speak English?
Do we look uncivilized if we speak in Malay because our English is broken?
And if our English is a piece of joke, do we still speak or write the language to improve?
Or do we do it just to show people that we belong to a certain class of people?
If we speak and write bad English, do we feel angry if people try to correct us?
Or do we actually think we wrote perfectly, full of style and grace that it is impossible that we are wrong?
And if we can't construct proper sentence in English, must we mix some English words in our conversation to look classy, modern, educated or whatsoever?
Must we speak our language with western accent so as to show that we are more mat salleh than Malay?
Must we change our beautiful traditional name to something more glamorous so it resembles some western characteristics?
Must we?
Do we?
Should we?
And I'll be going crazy..

P/s : I like belacan as it is. I wouldn't like belacan if it comes in cheese pack.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Too Lazy to Get Back on My Feet

I have just recovered from a terrible fever. I still have the coughs and my throat still have the taste of medicines. Food doesn't taste as good as usual. I'm having tons of gas in my stomach which I do not know how to expel it from the system.

My attitude towards work has not improved, in fact it gets worse after the fever. Knowing that next month I'm going to Dubai and Hong Kong doesn't help either.

The only thing that makes me feel nice and happy is the fact that my annual leaves for January has been approved. I'm gonna have 5 days off in the middle of January and then another 5 days by the end of January which will lead to another 5 days in early February. Now that is what I call fun. So all in all, I'll be having 10 days of annual leave in January, plus say another 5 more days off work. That will leave me with maybe around 10 working days. Yahoo...!!!

My last day at work will hopefully be in February, on the 24th. So if I have 5 days annual leave in February plus another 5 days off tops, then I'll have another 10 days or so to work in the month of February too. Again, this is hurray...!!

I'm now waiting for my headache to recover fully. Then I might post in another blog. I have few ideas coming.

P/s : Can't wait for Kaseh's arrival into the world tomorrow.