Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Oh Well...

Over the past few days I have been a 'Heroes' addict. Azrul bought the whole of Season 1 DVD and I have spent umpteen hours watching it. I would watch one episode after another until I feel like my head was going to explode. At one time, I was almost sure that I have developed my own superpower too.

I had all the characters running in my head for this whole week, even up till now. I slept with Mohinder, dined with Claire, showered with D.L., laughed with Hiro, hugged Parkman, dreamt of Peter, partied with Niki, had sex with Sylar (ooh..that bad guy with geeky look in bed!) and flirted with Ando (even if he has no superpower, I find Ando, like Mohinder, very handsome). And of course my forever love, Isaac Mendez. Too bad he died too soon.

I have to thank Tim Kring for creating a twistedly exciting series. Now I can't wait for the coming of the next season which will be premiering by the end of September (which will be in the US). That will be another god-knows-how-long the new season will be aired on our Astro. And thank you too, to Mr Kring for making me forget about all my assignments, presentations and exams. Now I am stashed under piles of works, and I foresee that I will be doomed for this whole month of September. Now that's a superpower!

P/s : It has been almost a month without Borat Sagdiyev. I miss my Borat with his fluorescent water panties. Very nice..Great success.


Razlah said...

Hehe...How I wish I was your neighbour. I would be laughing to I do not what at that time, but, can imagine what you were going through, sampai tergolek kut? kah kah kah. Anyway, in aviation, what you've just gone through was just a situation called 'Low Bio-rythim'. In Aviation, if a pilot do not realize it, an unsafe situation will arise.

Tyiara said...

yeah...this one time i watched too many heroes episodes i purposely threw someone's laptop and thought i could repair it like Micah did.

we'll start talking in codes like waffuru and furaing man.

Tasuke said...

buat la helps

Ty said...

Yeah.., we're indeed heroes.

I'll most probably made checklist and ended up misplacing the list altogether. Hehe..