Thursday, December 06, 2007

Network Full Of Jerks

Can a man be any more pathetic these days? I have seen many idiots and jerks using social utilities like Friendster and MySpace to advertise their need for sex/sex for hire. It only struck me as one word. Desperate.

This pathetic fever is quite an outbreak among Asian men lately. Or maybe I've noticed more Asian men reacting like a sex maniac because I am one Asian woman living in Asia. Irregardless, I find it very discomforting.

What the hell has gone wrong? And all these while I thought I've grown up in a community who consider sex as a taboo topic to be discussed out loud, let alone screaming out 'sex for hire'. Especially those that come from men.

I have had shares of messages/friend requests from numerous perverts (on MySpace and Friendster, that is). More on MySpace than on Friendster. But not yet on Facebook (I'm hoping for never). There was this one dude who has an outrageous profile, using captions yang sangat menggelikan like..'menjadikan hari-hari anda indah', 'sesiape yang berminat boleh tinggalkan mesej' and 'anu besar'. Urrgh...!!! I'd rather eat the testicles of a bull raw than getting acquainted with such a retard.

Is it freaking difficult to find girls out in the open these days? Or is it just you who scored zero for communication levels with women and whose middle name spelt 'LOSER'? Guys, guys, guys..., never ever do this please. I know my fellow male friends would never indulge in such a moronic act. I'm refering this to those males I do not know and who are suffering from this illness. Have some dignity. As much as men don't like cheap women, women don't like men who are always on mega sale either.

So fellas, get out and lose that programmer's tan you have on you. Quit sitting at home in front of the PC in your attempt to get into some girls panties. You wanna meet girls, go out and get to know them. Stop using Friendster/MySpace as an outlet of cheap advertising for your filthy operations. Yang heran tu, ade jugak women who actually accept him as friend. Ah, they are just truly rempit. And this is what they refer to as being 'open minded' la konon-kononnye. Cool and westernized....NOT. This is just plain thick, and lowly and uncivilized.

I would never want you as anything. Not even as my toilet bowl. Thanks, but no thanks.


chics said...


pathetic isn't it?
i bet all of them is not as berani as they appear to be.

not to mention the size of their anu.
ntah-ntah mcm pensel sebab tula berani dekat internet aje

Zamri Ismail said...

Come Ty, I belanja you telur lembu! :-p

shahir reza ali said...

sh ish ish, sia2 je programmer mcm aku kena kutuk. saya tak bersalah kak long oi :P hehe

btw programmers tan? apa tu? so u mean to tell me if i became a doctor or an engineer i would have been fair? sigh... wish they told me that when i was choosing my major. haha

Ty said...

Right on chics..

Telur lembu memang best!!! nyum nyum!!!

Dear cik programmer Shahir Reza,
'Programmer's tan' is in fact not having a tan at all. sbb asyik duduk dlm rumah and make programmers white. With you, i don't think that is the case. Your definition of no tan is already tan and you with tan, you're gonna be way, way super tan! Now, what am I saying?

Anonymous said...

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