Friday, December 21, 2007

Faking It

Today I got my eyelashes extended. Okay, I am one of those less fortunate people who was born with not much hair. Not up to the point of being hairless, but minimal hair. If I am a cat, I would be no Persian, but a Sphynx.

It hit me then how a lot of things in this world are fake. And if we think we are all original, and pure, and genuine, let's think again. We all fake it. Almost all the time or at least every other time. People purchase fake stuffs; fake DVDs, fake clothings, fake jewellery. People buy national car and try hard to make it look like an Evo. Ladies put fake fillings onto their bodyparts to look more buxom (bless me for I don't have to do this one). Cosmetic surgery evolves to help people go against the naturals. Everywhere we go, there's always something fake about things/people around us. If not their physiques, fake will be in their belongings and sometimes people also fake their nature, trying to be somebody they are not. There are some who even fake their blogs by copying other people's writings and claiming it's theirs (really they do, ask Chics, it happened to her). And of course, not to forget, the fake orgasm!

Admit it. We are all fakes. More often than not, we fake our feelings and emotions and our honest opinion in order not to hurt someone else. Right?

So are we a hundred percent real? Am I a hundred percent real? Possibly not. One thing for sure, I have my fake, extended eyelashes. But I figure, it's alright to be fakers. It's alright to be anything as long as you're not ashame to be it. So fake it for as much as you wish, but at the same time, be proud to admit that you are that - one big fake.


chics said...

eeeeeeeeee.macam best, does it feels like wearing the normal fake eyelash?

like you too I was born with less bulu, blessing for some place but not eyelashes

shahir reza said...

if i was a cat... erm..... actually i think i'd be a polar bear not a cat :P

tyiara said...

oh i fake my feelings oh-so-well. especially my laughs. :D

shahir reza said...

fake feelings? tell me something i don't know :\

tyiara said...

ermm...polar bear is WHITE, right?

sarah said...

fake lashes?! Nak tengok!!!!

Ty said...

oh they don't give you any fake feeling as long as you don't feel them with your fingers. feel very much like your own tapi ade gak la setbacks nye..

shahir and pearl,
jangan gaduh atas blog aku boleh tak?

i'll show u. come to klcc on thursday bolehs?

Syukri Beck said...

is that are ur excuses to fake your eyelashes? ;) hmm i think the true reason is simple.. lady like to be pretty & gorgeous. and for me is beauty lies in the eye of beholder

Bart said...

Sorry to crash ur blog .. but I was just wondering .. I know a lot of gurls use fake eyelashes / mascaras or whutever, what I don't understand is why?

Do people really check out whether someone has curly eyelashes?

Ty said...

In case you guys are too dumb to understand because your first language isn't English, the essence of my post here is not about fake eyelashes. It is about faking things. Every other thing. Just answer me, did you ever pretend that you are someone else and not your honest true self? I bet the answer would be 'all the time'.

Mr Bart,
And you think your gorgeous VS girls are nothing but pure and genuine? Think again. Really. This time, think very hard. Cause I hate people who are suckers for fake stuffs and yet claim themselves to be all real..

Anyway, thank you for reading the blog. Do come by and read some more.

Asrif said...

Don't mind Mr. Bart (as he likes to call himself albeit the other varying names we call him). Maybe I do to but this fella fits into that Shallow Hal list of yours like a glove.

Aanyway, I couldn't really be arsed by fakers as long as it keeps them happy. You know, happy people make the world a better place.

This week's target: Bartman. said...

Yeah, Mister Bart fakes being a Malaysian ashamed by the quality of his countrymen's English.

He also fakes humility re his looks.

CresceNet said...

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