Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Private Investigator

Not too long ago I was lulled to sleep by little Tacetta singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.. and recently the nursery rhyme has been upgraded to the song L-O-V-E (by Nat King Cole). I adore it when she sang that line, '..V is very very, extraordinary..' - the way she says the word 'extraordinary' really makes me go pulpy.

The exam week is finally over! There is no other moment as serene as how I am feeling right now. I feel like I could sleep for one whole week non-stop. But before I do that, let me tire you a little bit more with today's anecdotes.

The family went to Bagan Lalang for some seafood earlier in the evening. We took the chance to walk by the beach and watch the sunset. Little Tacetta was too skeptical of the beach sand and was walking too cautious when the looney mom poured a handful of sand on her tiny feet. I laughed and felt sorry at the same time for little Tacetta because she stood there, glued to the spot, wailing at the mommy to remove the sand from her feet. Honestly, I have never seen such a fussy little girl in my whole life..

She refused to get her feet wet.
She wouldn't walk on the beach barefooted.
She always remind everyone that she is the baby.
She eats food cooked from a crockpot.
She loves to disagree.
She asked way too many whats, hows and whys.
And she adores the mirror.

But I love her.

P/s: I just wrote a short module on time value of money and personal cash flow this morning for my dad. Can you believe it? Just when I thought I have gotten over all financial subjects...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Raiding the Emergency Room

It's amazing how the yearning for writing notes during exam week could raid my supposedly panic-stricken state of mind. I am sitting for the last paper for this semester tomorrow at noon, but already I am seeing paradise.

By the way, I screwed today's paper. And screwed the one before that too. I hope I won't be screwing tomorrow's, but I have a feeling that once I screwed, I will always screw. Tsk, tsk..!

Ok. So let's say you cheat.

In an exam. 

Would you admit the fact that you cheated, to your friends? Or would you just keep quiet and pretended to everyone that you are a person of high morale, and with undoubtedly good brains too?

Which one is more detestable? To cheat and owning up to it? To cheat and putting up a front? Or just the plain fact that you cheated in the first place?

Here's my conclusion...

Cheating is inexorable. Sometimes, it is even predestined. Sarah is so going to disagree on this. But people cheat because they have to. They cheat because they are desperate.

To cheat and proudly admitting is audacity. It may be idiotic at times, or even, for most of the time. Nevertheless, it is still something very courageous and gutsy to be able to concede to your deceitful behaviour.

But to cheat and pretend that you are a saint is downright hypocrisy. Especially when you overdo the saintly part. Unquestionably 'keji', I call it.

Well, then...

Another seating for tomorrow.
Will party for profit during the weekend.
And NO more raiding of the emergency room (at least for another month).

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Two Tys

I know! I should be studying...! But the temptation...

Let's take a moment for these two Tys. Tyrese Gibson or Tyson Beckford? Tyrese or Tyson?

Girls..(Sarah and Mareena), I know we've been fighting over Tyrese all these while. And I've decided now to let go of Tyrese and opt for Tyson. Hahaha! So you two can continue brawling over Tyrese. Tyson's waaaayyyyyyy, hotter! L.O.L!

And everyone else, who do you choose?

Tyrese Gibson


Tyson Beckford



Hahahahaha...! Owh... This is a totally pointless entry...

And Then One Night, The Bed Broke...

Hello. Financial Management exam is over today. Allow me to exhale. Thank you.

One down. Two more to go.

I have so much to say but too little time. I came across some old emails and found something so meaningful, I indubitably think that I should put it up here for everyone to read...

So here's my own adapted version of the e-mail, sent by a friend, some 4 years back.

Every person will need to find three people in their life...: the person you love most, the person who loves you most and the one you spend the rest of your life with. But alas! In reality, these three people are usually not the same person.

The one you love most doesn't love you. The one who love you most is never the one you love most. And the one you spend your life with, is never the one you love most or the one who love you most. He/She is just the person who happens to be at the right place at the right time.

The three people. Have you found them all?

Oh, well. Back to editing report now.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Okay. Time to bore you people with another emotional entry.

I have just sewn up some massive amount of assignments today. I stayed in the whole day today and I swear, there has never been a day in my life that has been this much peaceful. I was completely alone, indulging in my own state of solitary. Ah..., sheer bliss.

I am wrestling with time right now. My hands are full with endless school task plus the upcoming exams. And don't even make me start about my pesky life issues. School is too strenuous these days and it will be more so this coming fortnight. It is only necessary for me to leave everything else behind and concentrate on the academics. No matter how other things are so bothering me right now.

Well, let's get to the boring part.

I am a horrible, horrible person. And this is why I said so...

I am a user. I use people. I take people's life and money and ran away with it.

I don't know how to love and often I hurt the people who deserve love.

I am selfish and I always put myself first on top of others. It is always about me and never about you.

I am ungrateful and unappreciative. You can give me this and that, and I am still the spoiled hellcat who won't see the sacrifices others have made.

I am lazy and indecisive.

I don't do sacrifice. I don't give. I only receive.

I am rude. I say mean things to people.

Like my niece, I have anger management issues.

I always look for faults in others and never at my own.

I don't handle criticism and rejection very well.

I am not compassionate.

I am all that. Really.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It's Not Right, But It's Okay..

If I happened to be happy, I must have done something evil.

My different opinion makes me a defiant person. And because of that, I shouldn't be heard.

I am considered as rude, though I hardly say insulting remarks.

I speak English with Malay accent because I don't see why I should fake an accent when I am not a native speaker.

And according to Tengku Akbar, my English is not up to standard.

Oops, I talked too much. It's time to shut up.

P/s: I love my Malaysian accent 'lah'...!

Friday, October 03, 2008


It rained when I woke up this morning. And I woke up to a combo of splitting headache and a hungry tummy. Right now I am in dire need of tender, loving care. I need one very high dosage of those three.

Last night I had a dream. I dreamt of Sarah, Mareena, Tyiara, Sarah's sister (Mas) and a strong, young man.

I was dead sick in the dream. And the strong, young chap carried me in his arms while the rest of the ladies were tending to semi-conscious me.

Right. My grey matter isn't working too efficient this morning. Fingers are moving at sloth speed. And I look like hell.

Gosh, I am so hungry I think I might as well eat a horse. Let's go see what is there to eat. Hope Sunday will be as sunny as it should be.

Bourbon Balls, Scotch Balls

Pearl made some bourbon balls and I have been popping them balls into my mouth non-stop. I am suffering from heavy-eyelids syndrome right now because I had very little sleep last night and as tasty as the bourbon balls are, they are not helping me to stay awake at all.

Indecisiveness is a real nuisance. The fear of making the wrong decision will make it even harder for that judgment call to be made. Often we would weigh and continue weighing our choices time and time again. And the more we allow ourselves to ponder upon it, the more we are bewildered by the possibility of each outcome.

This is nothing new. But how would you feel if your decision shows how selfish you are? Will you feel bad for the rest of your life? Would you regret? Or would you think it is just passable for you to think that only yourself matters in making any decisions? After all, you are dealing with your own happiness.

All I can say right now is that if you hurt others, there will be time when others will hurt you back. People generally pay for what they do, and still more, for what they have allowed themselves to become. And they pay for it simply. That is by the lives they lead.

Maybe Pearl should make some scotch balls after this...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Stupefied Thirst-day

I should be writing something witty right now but Pearl is stuffing me with loads and loads of video clips from her Macbook. And Saty is busy feeding the little tyke while bitching here and there about this and that. All these are making it harder for me to concentrate.

Another procrastinating session is taking place at this moment, when I am suppose to be doing something academic and I am not.

I hate liking something or someone who are overly popular. Like if every common people is crazy about a person, I will almost certain make it a point that I wouldn't like that personage. I detest being typical. Yes, I know...I sound like a stuck-up bitch. And maybe I am that. But I am also pretty sure that there are some others, if not many, who are just like me.

I am craving for freedom from mayhem.
I thirst for simplicity to dispatch the fly in my ointment.
I hanker after quality times with my wonderful humans.
I am pining for someone to scratch this itchy sentiment.
And I so hate unnecessary conversation.

Oh, this is definitely going nowhere. I'd better leave. Plus, the house is expecting some company for lunch. Got to go get ready.