Saturday, August 11, 2007

I Call It Weird..

This was inspired by Sarah.

Mase aku dengan MAS dulu, I always noticed one thing about the people, especially the cabin crew and the technical crew. They refer to people yang bukan cabin crew or technical crew or yang bukan keje dengan MAS as 'outsider'. I found that very strange.

This conversation I had with Sarah not so long ago support the oddity of using that term 'outsider'.

Sarah : If a doctor who works in a hospital and his wife is neither a nurse nor a doctor and do not work in the hospital, do the people in the hospital refer to the wife as an 'outsider'? Ade ke diorang kate, oh doktor bla bin bla bini die 'outsider'..?

Me : Haah ek, takde plak.

Sarah : Habis tu apasal yang airline-airline crew ni suke sangat refer to people who are not in that business as 'outsiders'?

Me : Tah la aku pun tak tau nape. Diorang rase kite yang bukan airline crew ni tak special kot. Tak pun they see us as aliens agaknye. Which is very bangang and very shallow, I know. Tapi ape boleh buat.

Sarah : What makes them think that they are so special and have the rights to refer to orang lain as 'outsiders'? It seems to me yang diorang ni think that they are a superior race or something like that.

Me : Takde orang pernah cakap kat diorang agaknye..

Sarah : Entahla.

I honestly see this as something so astonishing. Why and what's with the word 'outsider'? Now, that's the mentality of people in the airline. They think they are 'one' and other people aren't up to their standards.

For example : a steward/stewardess would always think that they are prettier/more handsome, more glamour and more classy dari manusia manusia lain yang tak keje dengan airline. They think if they were to have any competition dengan orang yang bukan crew, depa ni confident depa boleh menang, biarpun la lawan die tu sebenarnye lagi cun dan lagi berotak dari die. Little do these stewards/stewardesses know yang sebenarnye diorang tu taklah sehebat atau sekelas mane pun..

Another conversation I had a long time ago when I was under the wing of MAS. The stewardess I was working with was having an affair with one of the pilots.

Stewardess : Boyfriend I dah lame tak call I. Kalau sibuk dengan bini pun takkan la lupe I terus.

Me : Biarla, tu kan bini die, family die. U jangan la nak berharap sangat.

Stewardess : I heran, ape kurangnye I, bini die bukan cantik sangat. Macam kite ni mesti la cantik, kan? Kalau tak takkan kite jadi stewardess?

Me : Cantik ke stewardess? (Lepas tu aku terus malas nak layan minah shallow ni. Sebab kalau aku layan nanti tak pasal-pasal aku akan start memaki).

Yang pilot-pilot pulak think that they are the hottest thing yang boleh masuk dalam mane-mane kain pompuan especially stewardess la. Lebih heran lagi tentang pilot ialah kebanyakkannye takde ISO standards. Boleh bedal je when it comes to stewardess. Sanggup tinggal anak bini and cerai berai or break up dengan partners yang 'outsider'. Biarpun la bini ke girlfriend die dulu doktor ke, lawyer ke, accountant ke, Miss Universe pun, boleh tinggal semate-mate sebab nak syok kat stewardess yang kononnye 'insider' la. Haih...heran sungguh.

To the cabin crew, jangan la rase keagungan sangat. What makes you think anyone will leave their partner just because you are an airline crew? You're just another human being and working as a cabin crew doesn't make you any special. Cume kat Malaysia je yang cabin crew macam diagung-agungkan, for what reasons, aku pun tak tau. Maybe this part aku blame masyarakat and training school MAS yang poyo suke membuat statement ' are a cabin crew now, so walk with pride..' Duh!

And fellow pilots, please know that men are valued for the quality they have. When I said quality, bukan bermaksud keupayaan membuat katil patah, ok? Or berape ramai pompuan you can have. Quality here is whether or not you have the ability to make good judgement when it comes to choosing your partner and knowing your responsibilities. Takat nak tunjuk hebat kat stewardess takyah la. Don't be stupid, pompuan mane yang tak berlari towards you kalau kau kipas duit, ye tak? The thing is, do you really want a woman to like you because of your money?

So think, and then think again. Have some dignity. Stop classifying people into 'insiders' and 'outsiders'. Make that move. Unlearned the worthless things that you have learned. Be a better person, not a glamourous, big-headed, idiotic person.

P/s : There are of course a number of airline crew who aren't like what I've described. So to those yang bukan macam cerite di atas, jangan la terase offended plak ye? The percentage of the good people, I would say, wouldn't even make 20% of the whole airline crew population. However, I believe the word 'outsider' is used by almost 95% of them irregardless.


chics said...

Hahahahaa.I love this post.

Dulu I selalu makan this one place yang dekat dekat MAS academy, next to shang villa KJ, which are full or stewardess yang sangatlah poyo dan berperasangka satu tempat makan memerhatikan mereka. Like haha! One conversation i teringat masa naik MAS from Bangkok to KL is when a stewardess say out loud "don't worry, satu hari nanti, i pasti akan mampu pakai jam omega." WTF? perluke nak buat statement mcm tu?

And the pilot. Don't let me start on that. Buat menambah dosa aku je kang

Ty said...

Eheheh..aku tau tempat tu, namenye shoru ke hape tah mcm tu. Diorg ni memang sick! Aku pun telah berdosa, sepanjang post aku kali ni. aku akan dikeji oleh kesatuan bimbo dan himbo semalaya tapi aku tak kire, janji aku puas.puas! wahahaha...!!

SYCLONE said...

This one is fixed in my mind. But it's Air Asia's.

"Drinks Purchase..."

I cannot think of anything else. Alaahaii..

Lucia said...

Very interesting post.
Can't help but agree with u on this :)

*an outsider dating an insider*

Tyiara said...

eh, kalau those pilots kipas duit dkt aku, but still speak manglish plus muka line2 mawi and the only equation he knows is women = boobies + pussies, FORGET IT. i forbid him to even cross my path.

Ty said...


I was an insider who became outsider.

Right. I stand corrected.

Sarah said...

Aku mengkagumi cerita kau that I was too chicken to blog about. Well put but I think those people you
're referring to are too thick to even realise it's them that you are blogging about!!!

Tyiana said...

It's either that or they hate me in silence. Eheh..?

Jario said...

hehehe sweet words ty

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Anonymous said...

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