Friday, April 27, 2007

Bimbo? Or Merely Woman?

Today was online shopping day for Saty and I. Well, not really for Saty, but more like for me. Saty, being the queen of shopaholics has done all her online shopping much, much earlier.

No, we are no wallflowers. We are buying things so that the stuffs we order now will reach Pearl's place in time for our arrival next couple of weeks. I am not a believer in online shopping. But Saty has reasoned out to me that I should, so as to save time spent on browsing and walking around malls during our trip later. So that amount of saved up time can be put to better use, such as sightseeing and err..more shopping..?

After clicking away for the last 48 hours, I finally made my decision and placed my order. I have chosen a Sydney Love small tote, one casual clutch bag, both costs nothing more than USD 30 each. Ya, saye agak kedekut. Also a pair of BCBG pumps and a pair of flats from Aigner.

Hope they'll manage to get to Infinity Circle in a fortnight, and I shall see the effectiveness and practicality of online shopping. If everything looks wrong, I can always return them back to where they belong. No harn done there.

With that done, I only have a few things left to look for later during the trip. I shall then focus on searching for the ideal 7 Jeans and a wallet which I really need. And get some tops. Lots of tops. And maybe a skirt or two. And oh, there's COACH. And Victoria Secret. And perhaps also, I shall get a dress. Or anything worth buying.

After all that, I promise I will be thrifty. In fact, I think I always have been.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Judging Me

I am the grumpy one. Hear me whine.

Today I'd like to complain on judgemental people. People who love judging others eventhough they are no judges. People who judge others without even knowing the person he/she is judging. People who judge without hearing cases and do not care if the defendants are guilty or innocent of their charges. Wannabe judges who show injustice most of the time because they're ignorant and because of their lack of listening skills.

Here are some judgemental statements..

1. You have no life if you are on Friendster on weekends.

- Clearly, this is not necessarily true. What if that person does nothing but have fun all week and only take his/her break over the weekends by being on the net? And what if they're working on weekends and being so much alive on weekdays? Tak boleh? Still takde life ke orang tu macam tu?

2. If you are or was a stewardess, you must be stupid.

- Though 80% of this statement is true, there's still those 20% who would suffer from the injustice of this statement. I have no further comment on this. But it is still judgemental thinking. Because as stupid as they might be, there are still some things they're good at, like umm...arranging 15 styrene cups on a tray in split second..?

3. If you are in some glamorous job, you will do anything, even diperbodoh-bodohkan, just to keep the job.

- Hello? Ingat orang lapar sangat ke glamour? Pegi matila...!! I need money, not some glamorous 'diva' title. And I need to use my brain, which is more important than watching over how I look like 24/7. Hell, I refuse to just sit there under your nose and do whatever you tell me I must do. Kalau kau pandai gile lain la kan..Go hire some androids, bitch!

4. If you're not working, it means you have nothing to do every day and you have no reason to say, "No, I have something up today and I can't do that work for you."

- Hey, not working doesn't mean that at all, okay? And what do you mean by having 'nothing to do'? There's no such thing as doing nothing because you're still bound to be doing something in the end. In fact, if 'doing nothing' is ever an activity, it will be the hardest thing to do. I can never do nothing, the closest I get to doing nothing is reading a book, or watching CSIs, or simply having coffee with friend/s, gossiping away. Point is, I still do something. And if I decide to spend my time with my family, my friends or even my own self, that quality time I spent is more worthwhile than doing some semi-cooked job for a moron with half a brain, who thinks she's above everything!

Have a safe journey to hell, you nasty people!

The end.

Friday, April 06, 2007

New Age Kids

Not so many hours ago, I was at a nearby clinic with my dad who was having a slight fever. While he was inside the doctor's consultation room, I took my seat outside at the waiting lounge watching people, those who are sick and those who are not.

And it was then that I saw, two children, one was about 6 years old and the other around 4, were playing tag and running around. They were screaming, shouting and laughing like the clinic and the people in it are no stranger to them.

They ran around the reception area, and the next thing I know, I saw their small heads popping up next to the receptionist, not from outside the counter, but from inside! And from there those imps took their new found excitement gleefully, jumping off the counter, running in and out of the reception area and even getting into the dispensary section freely.

The receptionist and the nurse could just look at one another and pray that someone would say something to stop those little devils.

I was thinking, 'Anak-anak doktor ke ni? Ape pasal macam syaiton..?' Tetapi rupe-rupenye bukan. The parents, were just sitting happily next to me, chatting to one another, like those children weren't theirs.

Things has really change nowadays. Parents don't do nothing even if their children behave like hooligans in front of their eyes. I guess this is how the new generations are taught. They do not learn through parents yelling or shouting at them. Neither do they learn through ass smacking nor ear pulling.

Is this right? Is this what their parents want? For their children to have no respect for others? And lack of proper decorum? Kalau aku macam tu dulu mase kecik-kecik dah lame kene penampar, jerit dan diheret balik rumah. Me and my sisters had always been forewarned before any outings, that we should behave well or we would suffer the consequences. And if at any point we forgot or even almost forgot to behave ourselves, one good stare from my mom (yang matanye sampai macam nak terkeluar, which to us was very, very, scary..) and that was enough to bring us back to earth.

Oh, those kids simply made me feel like turning myself into an ogre and scream at the...parents! And not the children. Tahu mengongkek dan mengeluarkan anak saje, tapi tak tahu marah anak. Those children, I only felt like shaking them until their teeth rattle, which in this case can never happen. So, I just gave them a hard evil, 'mak tiri' kind of stare.

Parents, please have mercy on those ailing people in the clinic, and also for innocent bystanders, like me. Just leave your healthy children at home if you're going to the clinic. And also, please try not to bring them to the supermarket when you're doing grocery shopping because they are nuisances to other people especially when they start fighting over who should push the cart and who gets to sit inside. In fact, don't even bring them to the mosque, if they don't know how to behave.

So make sure your children show proper behaviour before you actually decide to bring them out in the open. Or if they are not well-mannered but you had no choice but to bring them out still, just be prepared to scold them and be stern. Wokeh?!

P/s : Once I went to a mall with my mom, and there was this kid sitting under one of the clothes rack with a hanger. And he will whack people's leg who happened to walk pass him. I was one of the victim too, but after he hit me, I bent down, see eye to eye with him, gave him a smile, took the hanger off him and threw it onto another rack. And he then ran to his dad. Aku sangat geram pada mase itu. Was I cruel? I only think that that was appropriate at that time.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Back To Square One

And just when I thought that being unemployed is so lovely, and just when I thought I could have all the time in this world to do the little, little things I've always wanted to do, I'm back to my busy self.

I've spotted myself a part-time jobs which now seems like it's a full time job. I just hope that things will loosen up a little, when I'm done with trainings and stuffs. At the moment I'm just a little scared that I might not be able to cope with things. And I'm also a little pissed at myself for having no time to spend on myself, my family, my many, many hobbies and my loved ones.

God, there goes my life..And who am I to blame? Just me, myself and I.

P/s : Sue..., help me out here, will ya? I'm just confused with everything!