Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Losing Head

I met her again after two years. She is as slim as she has always been, with more than enough assets. And I'm way, way fatter than she is, obviously. She's the same crazy, cool girl I've always known. Glad you didn't change, babe!

Met her in Mid Valley, talked and talked to catch up on two years lost. The absent-minded me, however, after all that heavy conversation, couldn't find where I parked my car. We spent about half an hour, milling around the parking bays before I finally found my my little Lisa (Kelisa). Sorry babe, I am not usually such an idiot. Hehe..But thanks for driving around for like, more than 7 times..?

She lent me a book titled 'I Am Muslim' which I am sure will be a good read. I read the synopsis and it is about the ironies, foibles and follies of ordinary Muslims in Malaysia. I shall now put my 'MBA For Dummies' aside for a day or two. Gotta focus on this one. And thank you Farisha for the evening. It was all aces!


Aziz said...

For the upteenth time, woman, you are NOT fat!! If I were a girl, I'd thank God if I could have a healthy figure like yours :o)

I heard that book could very well be one of the fastest selling local books because it seems bookstores kept having to restock it. Boleh pinjam once you're done? hehe Tengah takde gaji ni kena pinjam-meminjam... if not I would have gone to the store to get my own copy.. sigh..


Billy said...

Guess you both r good friend, is lucky for you still can meet up just after 2 yrs.People will change is a short period of time, the most is when they start to working.

Rodrigo said...

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Alek said...

Meeting an old friend is always fun unless you owe him/her money. How is that book “I Am Muslim”? By Dina Zaman kan? Tell me about it someday.

Ty said...

i'm not fat, i just need a liposuction. or a gastric bypass. how bout that?i'll let you have Dina Azman nanti. don't worry, we're in the same boat.


i will have more time if i have more money. yes, that's it. but for you i'll find the money, and time.hehe..