Saturday, May 12, 2007

Shopaholic Sister

The graduation day. It was sunny,but ain't that hot.
When you have a shopaholic by your side, your days will never be less than busy.

The graduate.
Pearl graduated yesterday.

We rented a Chrysler.
The night before, I coloured my hair back to black. There was this one incident not many months ago that my hair was raped by a certain party and since then I have been wearing a 'karat-hair' look. It explains why I didn't upload any images prior to a couple of nights ago. I would like to elaborate more on the 'hair-raping' incident but maybe later when I'm back in KL.

Simply doughnuts.
When I'm away from home, my aim is to consume food that I can't probably get in Malaysia. Yes, doughnuts memang ade kat Malaysia, but not Krispy Kreme doughnuts. These doughnuts, they're really simple. Nothing fancy about the decorations, but they tasted like heaven. Well, at least that's what I think.

The American, Fresh Strawberry Shortcake.
I remembered Sarah telling me about eating Strawberry Shortcake in London. Here, I tasted the American version at the Cheesecake Factory. Nice presentation, tapi rase macam biase je..Rase macam kek.

Jumping in mid-air shot.Saty lambat lompat.Jambang did a David Blaine.
Zamri (brother in law) insisted that we go sightseeing, so we detached ourselves from those boring malls and headed for Red Rocks. Formerly known as 'Garden of the Angels' and then 'Garden of the Titans', this place is a mountain park which is well-known for its very large, red sandstone boulders. Pearl's friend, Jambang tagged along with us.

At the Cheesecake Factory...again.
Last night, after Pearl's graduation ceremony, we had barbecued dinner held by the students. It was a night for Pearl, and we decided not to steal the limelight away from her. Hehe..

Night of the barbecue and the barbecued.
Today we'll be going to Castlerock. It's 8 am now and I was up since sunrise which occured somewhere around 5:30 am. The days are longer here during spring and sunset happens at 8:30 pm. But my fellow kins are still in bed. I should go and wake them up now. Ta!


Achique said...

Alaaaaaa!!!! Sayye sungguh jeles sekali melihat anda dan seisi keluarge bercuti dan melakukan aksi lompatan tahap setinggi gaban itu. nak jugak!!! nak jugak!!!

Ty said...

Ye Matun, memang sgt best..