Monday, June 30, 2008


There are some issues that the girls and I are biased about. I giggled whenever I think of it.

Around last week, I went out with Sarah for a hawker dinner somewhere in Setapak and as we were leaving, we saw that my car was blocked by another car. So being the temperamental me, I started cursing in no time and blared the horn. Sarah and I checked on the other car's handbrake, just in case the driver left it down, then we girls might be able to push the car away. But the handbrake was up, so we figured there was no point trying sampai terkencet dalam seluar pun belum tentu the car could move.

So, curse...curse...until Sarah saw a piece of paper written in Chinese with a mobile number on it. We guessed the owner of the car left the number for a purpose (We couldn't be more blonde at that time ;) Haha...!). Sarah called the number and told the owner that we need his car out of the way. We swore we were so pissed and I promised myself to give him one of my gruesome, bitchy look. But not a minute later we saw a guy in his office attire, rushing towards us, smiling. And the two of us went...

'God, he's cute...tak jadik la nak marah'.

And then it was that simple. We simply stared at him, smiled to him and to ourselves like a school girl, he said he was sorry and we simply waved to him and murmured...

'It's ok. No biggie..'

The verdict? Yup. We were being biased. Definitely.

There's another issue, where I also think that us girls were being prejudicial about. Me and the girls (Farrah, Mareena and Alek - ok Alek is not a girl but he's one of us girls for sure ;) ) all agreed that we cant tolerate our own kind if they speaks terribly broken English and yet are so confident and being haughty and cocky all at the same time. Not that I speak the perfect English but the fact that some people who tried so hard to 'ayat' the opposite sex dengan bercakap broken English dan mengeluarkan kata-kata romantis in English adelah sangat menggelikan dan sengal. We found that we would rather listen to him/her in our mother tongue than having to put up with their brain-cracking English and holding our breath for a loooong time.

However, on the other hand, we girls raised the question...Would we have the same opinion towards a foreigner, for example, whose first language isn't English and speaks the language equally bad? And all of us ladies said.., we wouldn't mind a bit.

And the verdict for this? Prejudice, yes. But a justified one. Mainly because English is the only way to converse with them. If it's our people, there's always another choice, that is Bahasa Malaysia. Ok true, we speak to improve but bragging and acting augustly aren't necessary. The combination of bad English and arrogance is oh so sordid. Something like telling the world that they've been everywhere and wearing all the designer's brands life could offer in loopy English. It makes me want to tell them...

'...with that much money you have, can't you like take up a basic English course or something? You should at least know that it's mean and it means bring different meanings...'

I know. I am no angel and imperfect. You can bash me, blame me and chastise me, but I will always be me. Like Ne-yo said in one of his songs...

'...I got a problem and I don't know what to do about it,
even if I did, I don't know if I would quit, but I doubt it...'

And I won't quit.

All Mixed Up

Schools's starting next week. I'm doomed. I have been 90% off carb for 3 days and I don't know if it's really gonna work. Can't wait for the bitches holiday in August. And I don't wanna go to school. Am missing working life, and by that, I meant office job and not waitress-ing.  

Warrick Brown is dead and now I have one reason not to watch CSI. Why Warrick? Why do they always take the good-looking one away? Just like Spiderman 3 when Harry died (the guy was super hot even with his face scarred), damn! Luckily Grissom is still around to cheer me up in CSI. And I bloody hate Toby Mc Guire.  

It's midnight and there's nothing to watch on TV. It is also a waste to sleep early so I watch Chuck. The next 3 days will be crazy busy. And next week will be devastating.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm A Broken Machine

I want to be right but I don't want to be righteous. As much as possible, I will only give my opinion and hardly any advice. I am not a goody-two-shoes and I am far from being pious.

I believe in understanding what we are doing rather than just being ritualistic and not understanding anything. I hate doing something just because everyone else is doing it and I need to do the same in order to look 'normal' or 'good' in their eyes. 

Like for example, let's say I got myself married to a jerk and later realize that I need to get a divorce. But divorce is considered a bad thing to many people and the title 'janda' is also not a pleasing status to my community. So now, how do I decide? Should I continue being married to a jerk and please the people? Or should I just trash him from my life? Believe it or not, many people out there would rather please the community than themselves. They'd rather be 'normal' and 'good' to the others than to themselves. Poor thing, huh?

And then there is this issue about self-righteous people. Like, dia je lah yang betul, orang lain buat semuanye salah or something like that. They looooovvvveeeee giving advice. Even if you don't ask for it. They adore playing 'kakak'/'abang' and are constantly trying to correct you in every way possible. It won't be long when you would feel like you are a broken machine, in constant need of fixing. What they don't realize is that they are trying to turn you into them, which they assume as how an 'ideal' person should be. Just like them. 

Example again, I know someone who is constantly criticizing and correcting other people's children. You'll hear them say...'haaa..anak si anu tu memang dah tak boleh nak diselamatkan dah...dah lior (liar) sangat....' - tapi anak dia macam setan die tak perasan la pulak kan..?

There was this another instance when I was working on my first job after I graduated from college. It was one lunch time when I asked one of the auxiliary police in my office for a favour - belikan aku roti untuk lunch. This police guy has a habit of claiming excess overtime pay even if all he does during those overtimes was merely sleeping or talking on the office phone. Other than that he is also the type whom I would call, 'pretending to be religious'. 

So, I asked for his help to get me some bread. When he finally came back, he gave me the bread and the balance of my money, RM2. So I told him, 

'Cik Mat (bukan name sebenar), takpelah RM2 ni cik Mat simpan jelah. Terima kasih sebab tolong belikan.' 

Honestly I would have been okay if he didn't want the money and just say so, but instead, he said...

'Eh janganlah macam tu, duit ni kalau kamu haramkan nanti haramlah kalau jadik darah daging saya...'

I was stunned upon hearing that! I mean why the hell would I haramkan? Didn't I already tell him that it's okay to take the money? Ape duit aku tu die consider haram ke? Adekah die ingat aku ini bekerja di office ni sebagai stripper?

So I said this in retaliation,

'Cik Mat, kalau RM2 ni nak kire haram, macamane pulak dengan duit claim overtime yang beratus-ratus kasik makan kat anak bini? Padahal bile overtime bukan buat keje pun. Tak haram ke duit tu?'

With that, I could see his face flushed and he kept his mouth shut. I then left the scene. 

I'm not asking for much here, only for people to think before they vomit any advice or words of 'not-so-wisdom' to other people. Try not to speak as though you are an infallible person because chances are, you are not infallible. Not you, not me. In fact, none of us are. So fix yourself before you try to fix others. Can?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Keep It 100

It's pretty funny and disturbing when once in a while you learnt that some of the friends you used to know are actually shallow thinker, judging and moronic.

They were not born as saints. But once they reach that point in life when they are married, have kids, wearing 'tudung' and dressing up like 'makcik', they get pretty smug with themselves and everyone else who aren't like them are bad influences and losers!

These kind of morons could be real nice to you, claim that you are their friend and grab every chance they can to talk and chat with you even if you aren't interested with their silly married life and hearing them talk 24-7 about their kids (macam dia sorang je dalam dunia ade anak).

And then, there will come one day when they finally found out that you happen to be a smoker, an occasional drinker, knows how to have fun (other than visiting parents-in-law every weekend) and have a totally different opinion towards life and marriage - they turned cold, fled and stopped being your friend altogether. 

Funny, innit? Knowing that these kind of people exist? 

Like how could you even figure that out in your peanut-sized brain that oh, I smoke and drink, therefore I must be a whore. I mean, what about you? You were the office slut before you were married, I didn't judge you for that. Owh, I forgot, you WERE the office slut, but now you are a saint and that gives you all the rights to judge me. Well, excuse me, miss, you can keep your judgement to yourself. I won't die just because you think I am a bad person. If you think I'm bad influence in your little perfect life and I am an illness to you as a friend, bear in mind that I never once asked you to join me in my little hell (if that's what you called it). Urrgghh! You disgust me, you know that? More than the carcass of a road-killed dog.

So, woman, kindly take your big, chunky, 'makcik' ass and 'makcik' brain out of my life and get lost! Don't even think of even saying hello to me in the future. You can flock together happily with all your 'makcik' pals (whom you think are so 'bagus'....oh wait, even though they are 'bagus', it doesn't mean you won't talk about them behind their back, right?). Then, you 'makciks' can talk about your husband and children and compare who has more 'gelang emas' all day long, okay? I'm still keeping it 100 - no matter what you think!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hotel California

I am trying to delete my Friendster account. It's my second attempt today but it seems like every time I click on the 'proceed' button, it will give me a bad server connection page.

I am starting to think that what Zamrud quoted to me not too long ago about an article he read on this issue, has an intense amount of truth. Friendster is indeed Hotel California. Remember...?

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
relax, said the night man,
We are programmed to receive.
You can checkout any time you like,
But you can never leave!

So folks, I guess my account will just sit there and remain idle...!