Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Vegas

If there is one place on earth that could make me happy, it would be Vegas. I could go through hundreds of painful breakups and thousands of bad, bad days and still be happy upon setting foot here, in this desert city.
We arrived around noon and checked-in at Stratosphere. And once there, we didn't wait. The hotel wasn't less magnificent, though it is located on the far north end of the Strip. We headed for Fremont Street for the evening light show. The street was flashing with neon lights and was indeed very pretty. The overhead light show was amazing and left us with neck pain. I know I should have followed Pearl's advice and lied down on the street.
Flyers of many strip clubs were scattered along the pavements. That second night, we took the opportunity to check out Little Darlings and lucky enough, each one of us had a lap dance performed onto us for a mere dollar! Cameras aren't allowed in the strip clubs, of course, and too bad for that.
Our daytime period was filled with 'jalan-jalan', browsing all the hotels with abundantly different themes. My favourite? Sigh..., I can't decide. I like Luxor's building structure, the landscaping and the fountain of Bellagio and the interiors of Planet Hollywood Aladdin.
Vegas has plentiful of shows and parades. Both paid and free. We went to Rio to try out the slot machines, and hey, beginners' luck! We won some. Not much, but worth the 2 dollars spent on our bets. We didn't come here to gamble in the first place. Maybe next time alright, Pearl? Then we may go pick up some bitches too. Hehehs..And we love the masquerade show here, in Rio.
We also watched that sketch, Sirens of T.I..And tons of people flocked Treasure Island for this. It was a 30 minutes sketch of songs, dances, stunts and pyro actions. And that was, cooool! These showbiz people, they make things all so realistic and so alive that you don't feel like they're acting things out.
Madame Tussaud's was a compulsory thing to do. And above, we were with Julia Roberts. The museum wasn't as big as I expected. And some of the wax figures were good replicas and some were not. But we enjoyed it anyways.
When you are in Vegas, you cannot not see the shows. There are a handful of shows which you can choose from, some are good for family and some requires you to be 18. We, of course, chose the topless show. The show 'Bite' had cost us 45 dollars (approximately RM 180) but believe me, it was worth it.

I so want to be there again.


Tyiara said...

"I so want to be there again" hehe.. that sentence is so Paris Hilton-like. i'm glad you didn't say the dracula was HOT. hehehehehe....

we are picking up some mitches the next time we gon be in vegas. that's right bitches!! yeah boy!!

Tyiana said...

Yeah..we are definitely gonna be there again. like hell, yeah..!

chics said...

Oh no, the man with lidah terjelir is so scary ok

Ty said...

He is ain't he? Aku pun tak tau nape die boleh jd lead..hohoh..

Aziz said...

Me jealous, you lucky bitch :op I want a lap dance too.. hehe