Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pointless Me

I viewed Pearl's new blogspot page not a few minutes ago. She just moved her whole Friendster blogging page to blogspot.

The one good thing about blogspot is that readers could leave comments by being anonymous. That way, whoever yang tak puas hati with any written entry boleh lepas geram on the comment section and remain as an anonymous chicken.

Anyway, this is not the point of my entry today. And today, I am totally pointless. I have so many things to think of. It's the last week of school for me and every assignment, every presentation, every report and every exam seem to be occuring this week.

I am suppose to be writing that report about my previous CEO today, but I am oh-so-lazy. I just can't wait for this week to be totally over.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mohinder Everywhere

Yesterday when I went out to my yard to get some cooking utensils untuk masak for berbuka puase, a Mohinder (cicak) scare the hell out of me. It seems like Mohinders are everywhere today. Even if I don't always see them, I can feel their presence. I could sense that there's a Mohinder living under my couch sebab hari tu aku jumpe seketul tahi yang fresh and glistening on the floor near the couch. There's always that Mohinder who lives in my yard and there are like hundred more Mohinders outside who are waiting to invade my unit once I let my guard down. Esok nak beli more of those sticky lizard traps.

Today I started reading the online graphic novel version of Heroes. That will further quench my addiction towards this series. I am not sure when this addiction would end like the rest, e.g. Grey's Anatomy, Prison Break. But not CSI, mind you. I will never get over that!

Anyways, the graphic novel is cool and it gives different view of the story. Some scenes are not even on TV. I learned about the graphic novel when I was crazy hitting the Heroes trivia questions on Facebook.

I need to call my former company's CEO (not MAS) and schedule an interview. Tapi aku sangat malas hari ni. Sebenarnye macam hari-hari pun malas..

This morning I woke up at 5 am to have sahur. Sounds very unlikely but I had to because I need to send Pearl to the commuter station. It's her first day of work and dah alang-alang, bangun makan la sekali.

For now, I've got to continue my mission. The graphic novel.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hungry Day

It's the first day of Ramadan and I am fasting.

At 5 a.m. earlier today, ade orang gile yang mengejut aku and telling me that she's gonna come and sleep with me sebab dalam bilik die ade cicak. And there I was, stress pagi-pagi bute sebab kene dengar issue cicak which is definitely not my favourite.

I did not take any 'sahur' because the idea of waking up in the midst of my deep sleep adelah sangat unappealing. So I went back to bed and woke up later at 10 a.m. to see my living area had turned into a Hippie yard sale.

I also figured that I have some new pets. Dust bunnies. Heheh..! I know I should get rid of them tapi nantilah dah dekat-dekat raye nanti. Dust bunnies cute ape...

Last night we went for some kinda waxing party organized by a friend at her place in Tiara Kemensah. Makan free at her place, the first time I ate her cooking la kot, if I'm not mistaken. Kan, nok?

I recently bought a new convection oven and am planning to do wonders la konon-konon. So yesterday I baked some cupcakes using that new oven. Unfortunately, cupcakes aku accident and hasilnye adelah sangat huduh. Being me, aku menyalahkan oven baru for being new.

Now I am in Puchong, blogging away. Partly running away from having to entertain little Qaseh jadi buat-buatlah busy. I am still thinking nak makan ape later for breaking fast. I read Chics' blog and mouth began to water. Pearl pun sudah memekak-mekak kat tepi lobang telinga aku, asking me to go to some pasar Ramadan nearby.

Oklah. I'll go.

Friday, September 07, 2007

My Superpower

I have finally discover what my superpower is. Nonsense? Read on..

I came home to my apartment after my marketing class earlier today. And because today being Friday, as usual I would be preparing myself to 'balik kampung'. Truly, my 'balik kampung' isn't a big deal, because 'kampung', where my parents are, is just in Puchong.

I was packing the essentials and in no time, I was done.

I grabbed the packed bag and suddenly remembered to call Pearl to ask if she needs me to bring home any of her stuffs for her. My sister is one forgetful nut. She forgets like, all the time. That's your superpower too, right, shya? Apart from making 'sarang'...?

After calling the nutcase, I entered my room again to get my watch which I forgot to put on.

I walked to my apartment door, slipped on a pair of slippers and realized that since I'll be in Puchong for the weekend, I should be taking some materials to study. (That is the skema me..) Hence, I went back in to get some of my buku sekolah.

Out again for the second time, I was in front of the lift when I had this feeling that I forgot to switch off the lights in my room. Tutup ke tak? Tutup? Ke tak tutup? So I walked back to my unit just to be sure. It turned out that I did turn the lights off. Haih...!!.

I reached ground floor on my third attempt. I looked at the keys in my hand and saw that I was not holding my car key. What the... Cursing, I took the lift back up to the apartment only to find out that my car key was not in the key container. Rupe-rupenye the key was in my bag all along! Sigh..I'm such a mess..

I went down, feeling pissed and lawak at the same time. Mainly because my neighbour must think that I'm some kind of a retard yang suke mundar-mandir keluar masuk rumah berjuta-juta kali dengan membawak beg. Very-funny-retardation I have here, according to Borat. I finally got into the car and was finally out on the streets. I reached Puchong safely without having any memory glitch in between. Heheh..! Sangat satisfied, alright..?

But now, I am about to go to sleep and I need to brush my teeth. And guess what? Terlupe bawak berus gigi la pulak...Bodoh..

Well, that, is my newly discovered superpower. It has been there all along, I just didn't realize it. On certain days, this is generally what would happen if my superpower is at work. Cool, eheh?

Now tell me what's yours.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Oh Well...

Over the past few days I have been a 'Heroes' addict. Azrul bought the whole of Season 1 DVD and I have spent umpteen hours watching it. I would watch one episode after another until I feel like my head was going to explode. At one time, I was almost sure that I have developed my own superpower too.

I had all the characters running in my head for this whole week, even up till now. I slept with Mohinder, dined with Claire, showered with D.L., laughed with Hiro, hugged Parkman, dreamt of Peter, partied with Niki, had sex with Sylar (ooh..that bad guy with geeky look in bed!) and flirted with Ando (even if he has no superpower, I find Ando, like Mohinder, very handsome). And of course my forever love, Isaac Mendez. Too bad he died too soon.

I have to thank Tim Kring for creating a twistedly exciting series. Now I can't wait for the coming of the next season which will be premiering by the end of September (which will be in the US). That will be another god-knows-how-long the new season will be aired on our Astro. And thank you too, to Mr Kring for making me forget about all my assignments, presentations and exams. Now I am stashed under piles of works, and I foresee that I will be doomed for this whole month of September. Now that's a superpower!

P/s : It has been almost a month without Borat Sagdiyev. I miss my Borat with his fluorescent water panties. Very nice..Great success.