Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sleeping? Absolutely Not!

I know. I have not been here for a pretty long time. And no, this blog has not gone to sleep. At least not yet. I was just, you know, busy, with stuffs... Lots of stuffs.

I am typing away in my Organizational Behaviour class, ignoring the presentation that is going on in front. The class is small (only 20 students at the most) and it's kinda obvious when you're not listening to the presenter, but at this point I don't think anyone bothers. Looking around, I can see everyone else is doing their own business... e.g. bergossip, termenung, tido and surfing the net (that's me).

Mr Zamrud (my classmate) would probably classify this as unethical, heheh..but I can see him gossiping away behind me too. Just kidding ah, Zamrud, jangan amik hati. Well, not that I don't like this subject or the lecturer, it's just that this subject is so relaxing and so interesting in its own way. Plus, the lecturer gave so much freedom to us that orang-orang macam aku di sini telah meng'abuse'kan kesenangan ini.

Ok. Faizal the last presenter today is almost done with his presentation. Guess I should round this post up. See you again in a fortnight. I'll be free by then. Will go home to Chocolatier now. Ta!