Friday, September 07, 2007

My Superpower

I have finally discover what my superpower is. Nonsense? Read on..

I came home to my apartment after my marketing class earlier today. And because today being Friday, as usual I would be preparing myself to 'balik kampung'. Truly, my 'balik kampung' isn't a big deal, because 'kampung', where my parents are, is just in Puchong.

I was packing the essentials and in no time, I was done.

I grabbed the packed bag and suddenly remembered to call Pearl to ask if she needs me to bring home any of her stuffs for her. My sister is one forgetful nut. She forgets like, all the time. That's your superpower too, right, shya? Apart from making 'sarang'...?

After calling the nutcase, I entered my room again to get my watch which I forgot to put on.

I walked to my apartment door, slipped on a pair of slippers and realized that since I'll be in Puchong for the weekend, I should be taking some materials to study. (That is the skema me..) Hence, I went back in to get some of my buku sekolah.

Out again for the second time, I was in front of the lift when I had this feeling that I forgot to switch off the lights in my room. Tutup ke tak? Tutup? Ke tak tutup? So I walked back to my unit just to be sure. It turned out that I did turn the lights off. Haih...!!.

I reached ground floor on my third attempt. I looked at the keys in my hand and saw that I was not holding my car key. What the... Cursing, I took the lift back up to the apartment only to find out that my car key was not in the key container. Rupe-rupenye the key was in my bag all along! Sigh..I'm such a mess..

I went down, feeling pissed and lawak at the same time. Mainly because my neighbour must think that I'm some kind of a retard yang suke mundar-mandir keluar masuk rumah berjuta-juta kali dengan membawak beg. Very-funny-retardation I have here, according to Borat. I finally got into the car and was finally out on the streets. I reached Puchong safely without having any memory glitch in between. Heheh..! Sangat satisfied, alright..?

But now, I am about to go to sleep and I need to brush my teeth. And guess what? Terlupe bawak berus gigi la pulak...Bodoh..

Well, that, is my newly discovered superpower. It has been there all along, I just didn't realize it. On certain days, this is generally what would happen if my superpower is at work. Cool, eheh?

Now tell me what's yours.


chics said...

I think I have the same superpower as yours too.

Plus, I can easily lost a parking ticket, every time I hold them

Razlah said...

Hehe...How I wish I was your neighbour. I would be laughing to I do not what at that time, but, can imagine what you were going through, sampai tergolek kut? kah kah kah. Anyway, in aviation, what you've just gone through was just a situation called 'Low Bio-rythim'. In Aviation, if a pilot do not realize it, an unsafe situation will arise.

Wanie said...

babe.. i have that superpower also, but mine more destructives!!! One time aku lupa aku panaskan lauk atas dapur, and went out to pick my mom at the workshop. Another ocassion, forgot to switch off the iron the whole day dari pagi sampai ler malam. Yesterday, I went crazy looking for my office access pass, only to find it in my hand bag.. and menyebabkan aku lambat pergi kerja. muaahhhahahahha

Ty said...

i believe this superpower is kinda common.

i'm definitely in an unsafe situation.

kau memang 'super'.

Rhapsody said...

ohmygod.. and here i was thinking i was the only superbeing cursed being alone in this world full of normal people..