Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Car Bra

Well, in case you were wondering what a car bra is, here's what it means...

car bra or auto bra (noun) - a carbon-based cover that fits over the front bumper of a car, absorbing the microwaves used in police radar equipment to minimize the risk of detection for the speeding motorist.

But my story of car bra totally brings a different meaning...

Today saw me sending small-Ty's car to the service center. I was totally prepared for the trip. I braced myself with a book I just bought, assignment for tomorrow's presentation and a laptop. I was determined to wait at the center for the car to be ready and at the same time be as productive as possible.

The car was registered in for servicing at 2 p.m. and was scheduled to be completed at 4. I had a couple of hours to kill so I alternated my activities with reading the book and doing my assignment every half an hourly. At quarter to 4, the service personnel came to me in person with the car key and the receipt, an eager look on his face, telling me that the car is ready. It was a pretty strange episode if you ask me, because they would normally announce the car number over the PA system and I would have to collect the key from the counter. This was totally out-of-norm, but I was super pleased with the service, and I am no bitch to complain about good service. So, I just took the key, said the sweetest thank you and collected small-Ty's car.

Less than 20 minutes later, I pulled up in front of the house and began to collect my personal effects from the front passenger's seat. Just to make sure I did not miss anything, I decided to check the back seat as well. But the instance I turned my head back to look at the rear seat, I can't help laughing my head off. And suddenly, it all seems clear to me why the service personnel were being unusually nice. There on the rear seat of the car were a crumpled T-shirt, a pair of rolled-up, super skimpy cycling short and a pair of brassiere! Ooh-la-la! This, was the main reason, and it was green! And that green thing just made me a victim of circumstances. Tsk, tsk!

In case you were wondering to whom those things belongs to, they were definitely not mine. And if this is so, and the car I sent for servicing belongs to small-Ty, I shall leave y'all to do the math. The only thing I know is that I am never going back to that service center. Period.

Even if it was partly my fault for not checking the backseats before registering the car for the service job.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


I am typing away in the dark, on the bed, next to the already sleeping small-Ty. I am trying my best to not make any noise by hitting the keyboard really slowly and lightly.

I need a hug. Like really, desperately need one good bear-like hug.

Hmm... Let me think about that again. Well, no. Allow me to rephrase that. I don't need a hug. Instead, I think I need hundreds of hugs.

I have to say that I haven't been getting enough TLC lately. And this makes me cranky. I am super-sensitive, ready to burst into tears each time I feel like I'm being neglected. Oh, I am such a cry-baby!

This weekend will generally be the family weekend. Mainly because Monday is a public holiday. And although little Tacetta, Saty and Zamri will be going back east, I will still have small Ty, Mak and Papa. It'll be a busy weekend, with no time for TLC soliciting.

I should have an issue to talk about right now, but my fragility is preventing me from doing so. Thus, I shall stop here.

I won't be getting any hugs, therefore I shall sleep.

So good night.

And byesh!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dragonfly In My Dream

I woke up from my not-too-often afternoon nap feeling groggy. The room felt warm and I realized that it was showering outside. I took the opprtunity to watched the rain fall from the teeny weeny balcony of the apartment. I felt good almost instantenously.

Honestly, I am not a difficult person. I can be happy with little stuffs which are neither expensive nor hard to find.

I don't need too much money to make me happy. Just enough would be just fine.

I love watching the rain and especially when the raindrops hit the hard ground. I think they look like white butterflies. Doesn't make any sense to you? I'll show you what I mean the next time you and I happen to be together when it rains.

I dig staying alone at home. I enjoy the absolute peace I have with myself.

I could stare at plants and trees swaying in the wind for hours and feel very much contented with the scene.

I find that watching the cows in the field at anytime of the day is very calming.

I can sit only with a cup of tea or coffee alone in a cafe watching people passing by. Or I can enjoy the company of one or a few good friends and talk about nothingness that means everything to us.

I'll be happy to receive one sincere good morning from the people I care about. And I'll be crazy happy if they care to show appreciation through little gestures like stroking my hair, walking side by side and telling me how great I look even if I look like shit.

I love bookstores. I love the heavenly smell of new books.

I love water fountains for the splashing sound they made.

I love the family, the 'girls', Scrabble, Lisa, the beach, the sand, the sun, the mountains, Turkish coffee, Lego, the smell of home, the 'khobideh'.

And dragonflies. They make me happy.