Saturday, May 31, 2008

Olla Podrida

There's only another month before school starts again for me. Yeay and yeay-not.

Not more than 36 hours ago, someone else's plan B was my plan A. Pathetic, yes. But later in the day, I took matters into hand and discard the lame plan A totally. The moonstruck one and I made a grand new plan.

Moonstruck came over. The erratic one came by a bit later and then both of them left together.

I woke up with a strange feeling yesterday morning. Couldn't figure out why but as the evening dawned deeper into the night, I was made happy with news from the ravishing one. And then everything fell into place. The ravishing one was the answer to my mysterious, weird mood.

I have been under sleep deprivation for two nights in a row now. Need to catch up on hibernation tonight.

And this post doesn't make any sense.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Human Factory

My issue today is about 'beranak banyak' or couple/family who have far too many children than they could afford.

In recent days, giving birth to a child means more than just about reproduction of your own kind. Everyone knows that delivering a child into this world come with a huge set of responsibility. It is by general, the parents' duty to ensure that they could afford to raise the child and provide him/her with quality living.

I have heard these words being uttered too many times before...'Anak tu rezeki. Setiap yang lahir tu adalah rezeki dia...'. Memang la rezeki tu ade tapi kalau the parents tak usaha untuk dapat rezeki, takkan rezeki tu nak datang free-free je kan? Ok, true enough that every child are born with blessings. But if parents fail to consider the fact that whether or not they can actually afford to feed their own babies and provide them with necessities, how can they even think that the child will be blessed irregardless? God can give human being with only so much blessings. The rest is still up to us human beings to maintain and nurture the blessings using our logical brains. 

Allow me to demonstrate via this example...

Let's say my partner and I is a couple with a monthly household income of say, RM5000. Thinking in an analytical mode, I should be able to come to a conclusion that I can only afford to have one child; providing him/her with the minimum quality of living. That, can easily cost me RM1000 a month and the rate will increase as the child grows up.

Or, I can put on a naive mode and believe solely on...'Oh, nevermind, I can just give birth to as many children as I can. The children will be some sort of my future investment. When they are all grown up and have their own careers, I'll feed on their fortune. The more children I have, the better my life will be when I'm older. There will be ways to feed them, I can think about finding the money later. After all, children are blessings. God will help.' 

What will happen next is I will give birth to a dozen of babies, and then have a hard time raising them because I don't have enough money (the rate of my annual increment of salary will be slower than that of my production rate of human beings). After which, I can't even send all those children to school and they have to work odd jobs in order to survive on their own. And when things have become too difficult, I will either go crazy and kill myself, sign myself in under a pimp (itupun kalau laku lagi la...hahah...!), or I can choose to be slightly smarter than anyone else by going to the media and tell them my sad story of life. That way, people will took pity of my whole situation and I can then start feeding on welfare. Brilliant idea, huh?

The point I'm trying to put forward is, please think before you decide to bring another human being into the world. Please mature up a bit and understand that love and affection alone isn't enough. As much as we want to believe that material is not everything, up to a certain degree, having sufficient materials still make the score. Bringing another human being into life is just like buying a car. You can't just buy it without weighing the monthly installment and the cost of maintaining it. 

Also, jangan la mengharapkan for the child to provide you macam datin-datin in the future when you in the beginning were so selfish, pakai beranak saje banyak-banyak without thinking of the children's welfare. Of course, it is also the children's duty to repay back your deeds of bringing them into life, but is it fair when you in the first place make babies without using your brain? You simply squeezed them out into the world (just for the sake of having offsprings), and then voila! The children owe you for life. That is so not right.

So think, ok? And be wise. The best is still to be prepared for whatever responsibility you plan to adopt. Work for the money before you decide to have babies and not have children first then think of the money part later. After all, these are just common sense, right? And yet, how can some people not think of it that way?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Dream Shawty

What do you hink about him? To me, he's abso-fucking-lutely sexy!!! Dreamy eyes, scruffy appearance - I can now forget about Bobby Chin.
I was watching Maroon 5's video clip - 'She Will Be Loved' when I realized...Hey, I can watch this clip over and over again just to look at him and hear him sing. Adam Levine is just super-everything!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Body Box

I am trying to get slimmer. Am trying to shed some 4 kilos from my current weight of 54 kilos. Yes people, I am that heavy and only 162 cm tall (not tall enough, some people said..).

The only exercise I do these days is swimming, very minimum, maybe 3, 5 laps max. That alone is not enough. I have stopped jogging totally since the place where I used to jog near my apartment has officially become a mini jungle. The last time I jogged there cause me to sprint like a lunatic around the bushy track from fear of being abducted by alien. Though it may sound like a good exercise, I chose not to be too friendly with the wild, just in case I may bump into some unwanted snakes or giant comodo lizards, which I really don't fancy. 

Reduce my 'makan', I already have, not very effectively though because whenever I'm around family or Un, I am bound to eat. Of course, who can tahan kalau emak dah masak sedap-sedap, kan? Whereas with Un, it's always about exploring new places to eat, which I totally dig.

I am also trying to quit smoking. Lately, nicotine intake has been reduced to about 5 sticks a day on average, which I think is great improvement. Talking about that, I remember that I'm suppose to be seeing Dr Zac to be the guinea pig for a new quit smoking medication program. I'll see if it works, if it does, maybe the girls should try it too.

I have been considering slimming centres in my pursuit to be a hotter 50-kilo senorita but many told me those stuffs are just expensive. Effectiveness, zilch. Some actually suggested 'teh orang kampung' which makes me smile and wanted to laugh everytime I heard the name (I just think it sounds funny). The tea, (teh orang kampung) is suppose to make you crap uncontrollably (excuse my language), and with that, you are expected to lose some weight.

Maybe I should try the tea, since it's the semester break and I have plenty of time to visit the lav. Plus it should be cheaper than anything else. Am thinking that slimming centre should be my 'lastest' resort, or worse come to worst, I'm gonna have to opt for a lipo! Now, that will be a real nightmare...

P/s: Girls, have y'all gone crazy with Taaz already? Thanks to Chics for making all of us an addict.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bells and Whistles

I have been relying on technology this past few weeks to socialize...,which is pathetic, I know. And today, I am finally going out...., well not exactly 'out', but just having lunch at a friend's place later and chill. That's better than nothing right? My personal economy has not been experiencing any growth since Bandung so I had to opt for other resources in order to remain as a normal human being and not an android.

An issue I want to touch on today - How can you not love the person who has done so much for you?

How can you not love your sweet boyfriend when he has sacrificed so much for you and in order to be with you. When he puts you first and himself second in everything he does. It's impossible not too love such a darling, right?

And how can you not love your mom when she also has done so much for you? She may not be the perfect mom, but hey, she's just another human being. Good or bad, she must have done something for you which you sometimes choose not to see. How can you not love her too?

Love is just so conditional. You've gotta earn love. If someone loves you unconditionally, good for you, but that wouldn't be right cause you didn't earn it in the first place. And because you didn't do nothing for that love, you just don't deserve it. It's not yours, so you have no right to keep it and use it to your advantage.

It may or may not make sense what I'm trying to say. Blame it on the mouse arrest I've been under for many days. I burn less calories than those calories I earned. Ass is getting fatter by the minute. I'm in a shit-uation which is indescribable to anyone because of the fear of drowning people with my not so new dilemma. Think I better get going before things get shittier. So ta! for now. Am getting ready for Sarah's.