Monday, July 16, 2007


Not too long ago there was this one Malay song I heard over the radio that sounded something like this..'..Cantik menarik tertarik kau memang da bomb..'

Yes, that was a song by Ruffedge, if I am not mistaken. Upon listening to it, I squirmed. And I laughed. I thought it was hilarious. Kenape la nak buat lirik macam tu? To me, that song was a joke. The silliest I've ever heard.

Yet, not so many weeks ago, while I was driving to the airport, I came across a song aired on Fly FM that goes like this..'..Papa jangan papa jahat, jangan papa nakal sangat, bla, bla, bla (i don't know the f**king lyrics to this)..papa jangan papa jahat, mama tahu papa ligat...'

At that instance, I could feel goosebumps at the back of my neck. Like, yikes! Ape ni? Meremang bulu roma! Especially when that girl said the phrase 'mama tahu papa ligat'. Eww..what were they thinking mase tulis lirik lagu ni? Like, hoh!? Sangat geli-geliman la, ok? Eventhough I didn't hear the whole song, the tune got stucked in my head and I was swearing endlessly all the way to KLIA.

This song is worst than that Ruffedge song. To all the fans of these two song, that is kalau ade, I'm sorry if u don't like what I'm saying, but the lyrics of these songs (especially that of 'Papa Jahat') is the biggest stupidity of Malaysian music industry of all time. My sisters now use this song as a threat to one another. Something like, kau nak masak untuk aku tak hari ni? Kalau kau tak masak, aku nyanyi lagu 'Papa Jahat'.

That's how ridiculous I think this song is.


chics said...

That song came put from a short malaysian made porn in 3gp format called papa jahat. But I agree with you, lagu tu memang macam bangang

A friend of mine told me that Ve will be singing the malay version of All Cried Out, originally by Allure

Habisla rosak lagu tu.dahla aku suka!

intan siza said...

muekekekek...have to agree with u. but tell u what, it's not the group yg's cat farish who created both of the song lyrics. so blame him!!

Alek said...

So now you don't like Cat Farish( he wrote both songs by the way) lah pulak? He commented on “Papa Jahat” in Melodi. He’s example was Fergie’s “London Bridge”. He's just doing what the industry is doing because sex sells, they do it in the west and we still get it here even if he doesn’t capitalise on it so I guess he's just being proactive right? I would if I could write songs but I can’t. Cool la babe. We got to take the good and the bad but I understand if a “daughter” would feel geli geliman.

Hisham said...


Ty said...

yeay chics. aku sokong!

Cat Farish is one reason, and VE is another because sanggup menyanyikan lagu yg sedemikian rupe.

It's ok to write songs that is based on sex. Aku tak marah. I have nothing against that. But using mama and papa is just too menggelikan!

Yes i know u r Hisham.

Ty said...

Ruffedge and VE are both not in my favourite list.

SYCLONE said...

nak mencari publisiti je tu.

lagu2 zaman millennium la katakan.

lagu 80an jugak best...

Ty said...

i totally agree!