Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Out of Gas

I was trying to make myself some breakfast when suddenly, poof! The gas went out. And there sat my mini pancakes on the stove, uncooked. I went out almost immediately to get the gas, without showering and without even brushing my teeth. Okay relax, don't freak out, cause I did grab a Hacks to suck on. Not so bad la kan?

I have been using that one gas cylinder since two years ago. I never did expect for it to last this long. The longest I thought was maybe for a year. This only indicates one thing. I am a lazy cook. But I actually think I am already super 'rajin'. Heheh..Maybe not.

Now it has been like 20 minutes and that chubby little Indian gas boy is nowhere to be seen. Mane ni...? I'm starving and I'm determined to have that pancakes with corned beef and some sliced cheddar.

Oh, okay, here he is now. Gotta go make pancakes now. Ta!


Tyiara said...

which chubby little Indian is this?

Ty said...

Yang gemuk buncit jual surat khabar pagi2 tu..

Asri said...

Err gas lighter tokleh pakai ?

Syukri Beck said...

maybe someday i will come to your house to have a breakfast with u

Tyiara said...

oh...LOL. underage labor.

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