Sunday, December 16, 2007

This and That

While the girls (Mareena and Farida) are out there on the other side of the world, having a fabulous super crazy time in Rome and the ladies of the house (Mak, Saty, Pearl, Qaseh) are also out with Papa to Hana's wedding, I am here sitting at home, gobbling up a bowl of instant noodles.

Four nights ago, a sorrowful incident occured (May Allah bless his good soul). The family, except Pearl and I had to leave for Kota Bharu for a few days. I was left home just like today because I have been busy, doing my mysterious,shady business. My business, my secret, ok..? Heheh..

I took care of Poppa Guppy while mom was away. There were, not so many weeks ago Poppa Guppy, Momma Guppy and Guppy Guppy. But both Guppy Guppy and Momma Guppy had become the victims of cannibalism by Poppa Guppy who were the fattest of all. I transported Poppa Guppy from Puchong to Kajang in his bowl, but being the genius, I did not pour some of the water out to make transporting him easier. I carried Poppa Guppy in that bowl full of water and ended up shrieking everytime the car went over road humps or potholes causing the water to slosh around. Habis kereta berbau air ikan, tahu..?

Yesterday I had linner (the meal between lunch and dinner) at Ampang Yong Tau Foo with Sarah. It was a rescue mission for her and later after that we had our regular coffee chats. Any time spent with her is time worth spending. Next week will be another busy week, but I sure hope we have the time to lepak. Maybe this time I'll cook linner and bring it over to your place eh, nok?


sarah said...

Linner hah!! Good one. You are my saviour!!! My true Hero! hehe.. Looking forward for another round of free therapy.. hhmmm I wonder if my other physician is recovered from her operation?! Gonna message her now! Can't wait for another linner! THX!

syukri beck said...

give me call first..

tyiara said...

OMG. linner sounds like a china man yang nak sebut dinner tapi tak boleh sebab dia pelat.

"mau linner ah? lai lai lai..."