Thursday, July 12, 2007

Of Ants and Lizards

Let's see..When was the last time I saw rain? Has it been really hot lately? Without the slightest rain?

The thing is, I can't remember. And at this moment, while I'm typing away, I'm actually observing my glass of water (plain water, I tell you) being raided by a troop of tiny ants. The weather must be terribly hot and these little buggers are damn thirsty.

Talking about ants, I was bitten by a crazy troop of red ants two days ago at a nearby mamak restaurant. I was about to put my ass down on a chair when my feet felt like they were being stabbed with thousands of needles. And when I looked down to my feet, I was like, bloody hell! Semut berduyun-duyun kat kaki aku and a lot more of them surrounding about a square foot area around my feet. The sight of them, eekkk..!!

So there I was, in pain, jumping around while slapping those ants away from my feet. Some of them even managed to get up to my knee and started pinching. Like ouch, ouch, ouch! I was worried that some might even get into my pants. By that time, the whole restaurant was staring at me, orang gile yang melompat-lompat but hell, I couldn't care less. I was being attacked here, okay?! I slipped off my slippers and continued my frantic attempt to get rid of those pesky pest. While fighting for my life, I caught a glimpse of a mamak carrying a glass of orange near me. I swear he meant to gave it to me, either to cool me down or to pour it onto my feet. But when I was finally ant-free, the orange juice was nowhere to be seen. Like ches, celake sungguh!

And also I am starting to see lizards in my apartment. I'm telling you that lizards are certainly not welcomed in my crib. I hate lizards. I'm bloody scared of them slimy, cold, stupid creatures. It is not peculiar to hear me scream in the middle of the night, in the morning or even during the day at home. The reason for such behaviour will be 'cicak'. The sight of them makes me squirmed. Their dash of movement makes me scream. And their habit of making an appearance where I least expect them to be, makes me go hysterical. That's how fearful I am with that vile species.

I have managed to make this place lizard-free for more than a year and now I'm seeing baby lizards in my room. Like two or three of them. Ini sudah tak boleh jadi. I've set up lizard-traps now and I'm waiting for some gutsy people to come by my place to check on those traps. I can't check on those traps. It will be too blood-curdling. Pearl can do that. She's more game with lizards than I do. I'm no game at all. Azrul would be more plucky. He would just grab those quaggy bastards like he did yesterday and flush it down the toilet bowl.

Ok. That's about enough of my scary stories. I got to go torch some ants. Ta!


Aziz said...

Guess what? It's raining today! Feels glorious too.. macam nak climb back into bed and Zzzz...

Sarah said...

Flushing them down the toilet?!! Didn't he watch that 80's movie where some folks flush down what seemed then a small little croc soon it grew to like this gigantic alligator that tore up NYC I think. Imagine that Ty a GIGANTIC CICAK!! hahaha

Tyiara said...

oh lord so tomorrow it's my turn to check on ur "pets"? good lord.