Wednesday, October 17, 2007

After Eid

So Eid came and went about 4, 5 days ago, with yesterday being my birthday. It was no fun having birthday when Eid is still in the limelight.

Lately I've been so lazy to blog. There's so many reasons to that. Classes are over for this semester and I won't be having any until late December. Here's what I've been up to lately...

1. Eid for one reason, turned me into one busy kitchen helper which further morphed into a couch potato.

2. I have been stuffing myself like a pig from day one (of Eid) until this day. Today I had dinner with the sisters at Shin-Ichi Japanese buffet restaurant. Those baby crabs and grilled eel were simply delish.

3. Tomorrow there is Kak Mas' (Sarah's sister) open house for me to attend. Another 'makan' event that would prove gluttony as one of my super power.

4. I am now a Facebook addict. It is so much fun. The only thing is that many are still in the dark about Facebook. I wish more of my friends on Friendster are on Facebook. Still, I won't be leaving Friendster like totally...In a way, I can still see a lot of goodness in Friendster. So I'll keep it.

5. I am now watching Heroes Season 2 online. It is already the fourth episode into the second season. Wednesday nights serve as my weekly dosage of Heroes as NBC aired the show every Monday nights in the United States. "I'm very excite!" ~ Borat.

Ok, gotta go. My Heroes is waiting...

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