Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mohinder Everywhere

Yesterday when I went out to my yard to get some cooking utensils untuk masak for berbuka puase, a Mohinder (cicak) scare the hell out of me. It seems like Mohinders are everywhere today. Even if I don't always see them, I can feel their presence. I could sense that there's a Mohinder living under my couch sebab hari tu aku jumpe seketul tahi yang fresh and glistening on the floor near the couch. There's always that Mohinder who lives in my yard and there are like hundred more Mohinders outside who are waiting to invade my unit once I let my guard down. Esok nak beli more of those sticky lizard traps.

Today I started reading the online graphic novel version of Heroes. That will further quench my addiction towards this series. I am not sure when this addiction would end like the rest, e.g. Grey's Anatomy, Prison Break. But not CSI, mind you. I will never get over that!

Anyways, the graphic novel is cool and it gives different view of the story. Some scenes are not even on TV. I learned about the graphic novel when I was crazy hitting the Heroes trivia questions on Facebook.

I need to call my former company's CEO (not MAS) and schedule an interview. Tapi aku sangat malas hari ni. Sebenarnye macam hari-hari pun malas..

This morning I woke up at 5 am to have sahur. Sounds very unlikely but I had to because I need to send Pearl to the commuter station. It's her first day of work and dah alang-alang, bangun makan la sekali.

For now, I've got to continue my mission. The graphic novel.


chics said...

adakah nama mohinder cicak diambik dari hero?

tapi after watching the series, i dreamt of peter petrelli, the kind of dream that can make you look silly because bangun bangun terus sengih

Ty said...

Haah, that Mohinder.