Thursday, June 07, 2007

Of My Gastronomy

Those few short times when I was away from home for work and holiday, I've always miss one big thing about Malaysia. The food.

I'm not picky nor fussy when it comes to food. My favourite is normally simple and cheap. Yeah, I'm a cheapskate, but I like the food that I like because they're tasty. I don't care if it's cheap.

Expensive food doesn't always taste good but I feel like I am always forced to say that they're delectable because they come with a price that burn a hole in your pocketses. So better say the food is wow than stoop and cry over them pocketses, right?

The Food I Love..

Other than the usual mom's cooking and the daily Malaysian cuisine which is rice, sambal belacan and what not, I will occasionally crave for banana leaf rice served at Kanna Curry House.

Or I would also drool over a bowl of Szechuan beef noodle from a Chinese restaurant in SS2. I haven't had this for quite some time now. I think it's about time to grab some company and gobble down a bowl or two. Johar, if you're reading this, are you game?

There is also Ampang Yong Tau Foo yang sangat 'stim' bile dimakan. And the best thing is because Ampang Yong Tau Foo is now in Puchong, so it is more accessible to me. Yay...!

Mmm..okay I'll give some credit to the classic nachos from Chilli's since it is also my favourite.

Of course there's always the chilli crab from Fatty Crab and octopus ball from Tako Tao. Plus the cream puffs from Beard Papa's..and crispy fried chicken from Shihlin and grill escargot with cheese from anywhere. And at the moment, I feel like downing some chai latte from Dome's. Haven't had that for weeks now. I once tried the one from Coffee Bean tapi tak sedap. Too milky rather than spicy. Very wrong. Uh-uh!

The Food I Miss..

I still miss the crispy fried chicken from the streets in Shihlin, Taipei. Eventhough I can now get them from One Utama Old Wing, tapi tak same macam makan sambil berjalan-jalan kat pasar malam.

The night market food in Taipei was simply fantabulous. I can't help but miss the smelly tofu and the fried mushroom. Oooh...!

I fancy the original briyani from Student Briyani. Some people might think Karachi is dirty, but I love the briyani. And the masala tea with fresh cow's milk.

A green tea latte in the morning would also be nice.

What I would like to say now is that I didn't get enough churros. I had one at Santa Monica and I want more. I should have eaten more. And now I have to browse the net to look for its recipe and see if it is not too hard for me to make some. Damn you, you...,churros!

And oh! The sweet indulgence of baklava..I want that too!


chics said...

Ampnag yong taufu memangs stim! and you have to try meehun kari seafood or meehun tomyam at one kedai cina dekat ss21.

and ohhhhhhhh tako tao gile sedap!


Ty said...

oohh..akan kucari kedai itu. but ss21 as in dsara utama?

chics said...

bukan PJ!

pearl said...

i love food as much as you do.

even a double cheese burger from the McD's dollar menu makes my mouth drips.

hehs. i am such a low class human.

Ty said...

ok. i'll find that!

ooh dollar menu..