Sunday, April 22, 2007

Judging Me

I am the grumpy one. Hear me whine.

Today I'd like to complain on judgemental people. People who love judging others eventhough they are no judges. People who judge others without even knowing the person he/she is judging. People who judge without hearing cases and do not care if the defendants are guilty or innocent of their charges. Wannabe judges who show injustice most of the time because they're ignorant and because of their lack of listening skills.

Here are some judgemental statements..

1. You have no life if you are on Friendster on weekends.

- Clearly, this is not necessarily true. What if that person does nothing but have fun all week and only take his/her break over the weekends by being on the net? And what if they're working on weekends and being so much alive on weekdays? Tak boleh? Still takde life ke orang tu macam tu?

2. If you are or was a stewardess, you must be stupid.

- Though 80% of this statement is true, there's still those 20% who would suffer from the injustice of this statement. I have no further comment on this. But it is still judgemental thinking. Because as stupid as they might be, there are still some things they're good at, like umm...arranging 15 styrene cups on a tray in split second..?

3. If you are in some glamorous job, you will do anything, even diperbodoh-bodohkan, just to keep the job.

- Hello? Ingat orang lapar sangat ke glamour? Pegi matila...!! I need money, not some glamorous 'diva' title. And I need to use my brain, which is more important than watching over how I look like 24/7. Hell, I refuse to just sit there under your nose and do whatever you tell me I must do. Kalau kau pandai gile lain la kan..Go hire some androids, bitch!

4. If you're not working, it means you have nothing to do every day and you have no reason to say, "No, I have something up today and I can't do that work for you."

- Hey, not working doesn't mean that at all, okay? And what do you mean by having 'nothing to do'? There's no such thing as doing nothing because you're still bound to be doing something in the end. In fact, if 'doing nothing' is ever an activity, it will be the hardest thing to do. I can never do nothing, the closest I get to doing nothing is reading a book, or watching CSIs, or simply having coffee with friend/s, gossiping away. Point is, I still do something. And if I decide to spend my time with my family, my friends or even my own self, that quality time I spent is more worthwhile than doing some semi-cooked job for a moron with half a brain, who thinks she's above everything!

Have a safe journey to hell, you nasty people!

The end.


Mareena said...

Hey Babe! Whatever you wrote is damn fucking true..This is what happen in reality and I really appreciate your guts to write it openly (well, you've got that talent to write eversince our schooldays, therefore,keep it going on!!!)If you don't, then, who will?!Excellent point of view with openness towards the reality! See ya!

Ty said...

Hey babe..Haven't heard from u for quite some time. Hope ur well. I kinda miss u..How's life?

sarah said...

Girl I think being jobless or shall I put it leisurely living life has brought out the hostility in you. Or it's just you but I haven't noticed all along but anyway whatever said is sincerely true and I hate those
F@*%kers too! We do have things to do!

Tyiara said...

let them judge you away. why do you care so much about what they say anyways?

we do judge people too, right? hehs.

they don't know better. and have nothing better to do.

Ty said...

Am I? Hostile?

I think judging is not mengumpat. I don't care bout what people say about me. I just hate the way their mind works. Aku racist kepade bangsa 'judgemental'.

luckyclover said...

i don't think judging is mengumpat. or did i say that?

we judge people too but we don't realize it. u did judge my friends when u were here. :)

Ty said...

yelah, yelah memang la. sume pun ade judge. tapi bile aku judge kawan kau or whoever aku tak ckp kat die kan? aku ckp kat kau je. judging belakang2 tu kire mengumpat la..Dah name pun judge/hakim mesti la orang semua and the defendant tau bile die dijudge, macam dlm court..

Just like kau racist terhadap bangsa 'gemuk', aku tak suke org yg menge'judge' mcm hakim dimahkamah.

Lianna said...

Well, we can never run away from these type of people, like it or not..we have to face for now I take it as THEY WOULD LOVE TO BE ME that's why they make such judgement...People said that I gila glamor and gila kuasa...YESSSSS... I am!!!! I Believe that the envy me coz they don't have guts to be like me!!!hehehehhe

Whoever tat think stewardess is stupid??!!! Think again... coz stewardess had more chances of learning more than what you learn in UNI..that's the fact... they got to be more open minded and mixed around...and those people ...they get to be "Katak bawah tempurung" and join the "Jaki Club"!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHHA

Ty said...

I so totally agree!

Alek said...

I don’t know if you’re just making a statement (most of it I agree with) or already being border line judgmental here... Why don’t you be the judge of that? I’ll go try and do nothing.

Ty said...

I'm not sure if you're more complicated than i am or lesser. Pening kepale aku..