Friday, April 27, 2007

Bimbo? Or Merely Woman?

Today was online shopping day for Saty and I. Well, not really for Saty, but more like for me. Saty, being the queen of shopaholics has done all her online shopping much, much earlier.

No, we are no wallflowers. We are buying things so that the stuffs we order now will reach Pearl's place in time for our arrival next couple of weeks. I am not a believer in online shopping. But Saty has reasoned out to me that I should, so as to save time spent on browsing and walking around malls during our trip later. So that amount of saved up time can be put to better use, such as sightseeing and err..more shopping..?

After clicking away for the last 48 hours, I finally made my decision and placed my order. I have chosen a Sydney Love small tote, one casual clutch bag, both costs nothing more than USD 30 each. Ya, saye agak kedekut. Also a pair of BCBG pumps and a pair of flats from Aigner.

Hope they'll manage to get to Infinity Circle in a fortnight, and I shall see the effectiveness and practicality of online shopping. If everything looks wrong, I can always return them back to where they belong. No harn done there.

With that done, I only have a few things left to look for later during the trip. I shall then focus on searching for the ideal 7 Jeans and a wallet which I really need. And get some tops. Lots of tops. And maybe a skirt or two. And oh, there's COACH. And Victoria Secret. And perhaps also, I shall get a dress. Or anything worth buying.

After all that, I promise I will be thrifty. In fact, I think I always have been.


chics said...

online shopping save time and money!

Ty said...

Betul chics, I agree. but in Malaysia online shopping is bad and is not catching up.

Sarah said...

Looks like you got it all going for your shopping huh? That's quite a lot of things on your list eh? I envy you for figuring that list. I would not know where to start! Happy shopping nok.. I what to know everything about it!!

Ty said...

Nok, I'm already here and has not recover from the 'lebam' feeling..i'll get to shopping today, but first i'm gonna have to masak. lapar gile!