Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Final Stop-Los Angeles..

That evening when we arrived in Tom Bradley's, we took the Enterprise shuttle to the car rental's place. We rented our car and then headed for Marriot which was very close to the airport. After freshening up a little, we grab a map of L.A. from the concierge and drove up north to Hollywood Boulevard. Streets are easy in this country, it is difficult to be like, really, really lost.

The Boulevard was a tad bit yucky to me. Quite dirty and gruesome, with all the homeless people and vehicle fumes. That had me felt rather at home.

We had dinner at Mc Donald's. God knows how many burgers I have ate and how many tacos I have swallowed. Sigh..

Universal Studios was something no one should miss. The place was huge and we took 2 days to really see everything. The studio tour was super. They showed us the mansion and the motel in the movie 'Psycho', the special effects tunnel they used for subway crash scenes, how they make flood in a Mexican village scene and of course, the calm, sweet Wisteria Lane. See the picture up there? That is the house of Gabrielle Solis.
There were a few rides, which we took. I did the Jurassic Park, but was too chicken-hearted to go onto the Mummy. So I was left to mind the bags and stuffs. I regretted it now, for not taking that ride. I mean, how bad can it be? This was not like a Six Flag theme park, right..? So we ate and ride and ate some more and ride some more, all throughout the day.
Later that evening we went to Chinatown near downtown L.A. for dinner at the Foo Chow restaurant, where they shot the movie Rush Hour. The food was expensive, not that tasty, but was definitely better than those burgers and tacos.
We woke up early again the next day for Universal Studios. We watched all the shows and demos today. I especially liked the show at Waterworld (as in the movie, Waterworld). Spectacular show, that was.Since we decided not to do any shopping in L.A., we went to Santa Monica beach which was like, 20 minutes away from Hollywood. I expected the beach to be dirty, like Morib in Selangor. But to my surprise, it was tremendously clean! And because we didn't expect it to be that clean, we didn't bring any swimming gear. Even if we do have, the water was like freezing cold. The houses near the beachfront was something I really admire, words can't describe how I fancy them. They are indeed something for me to daydream about for many, many days ahead.
We can't get enough of the beach, so we drove down to Long Beach on one of the days we were there. But Long Beach upsets me. Unlike Santa Monica, Long Beach was dirty. So there's nothing much to say apart from the gay parade happening on the streets of Long Beach on that day.
Beverly Hills. The place of the rich and famous. No doubt about that. The street malls were such a beaut and you know it once you set foot there, that this is not like any other part of the town. Very pretty. Very, breathtaking.
Overall, L.A. was fine. Maybe not so much of a happy place like Vegas but it was still, wicked. I may not think of revisiting this place very soon, but the next time I happen to be here, I'd like to check out those clubs on Sunset Strip. They seems to be very dandy.


Sarah said...

LOve the pix.. I wish to see a pix of you on one of the rides though.. hehe..

Ty said...

Ohoh nok...,
You wish...

Alek said...

hi ty,

biarpun janggal menggunakan nama glamor u ni, aku guna jugak demi feel message ni. i think i'm hooked on you(nothing new there?) writing your blog la... zac ada bagitau yang dia layan blog you tapi aku degil taknak dengar. satu hari tu gatal pulak aku baca dengan niat nak tengok gambar you balik dari states dan aku baca la sikit. untuk memendek kan cerita, aku baca lagi yang lain dan sekarang aku mengharap sangat bila aku bukak mail (aku bukak email baru bukak friendster) akan ada message yang menyatakan yang you dah update your blog. cepat la update. terima kaseh.

Ty said...

kene la tunggu idea bernas baru update lek..or at least if my day is considered a wee bit more interesting and whether it is worth telling. if my day was like blah!, i'll avoid writing cause then i'll end up with a blah! piece. tidak. tidak boleh tulis just for the sake of tulis.