Friday, December 21, 2007

Faking It

Today I got my eyelashes extended. Okay, I am one of those less fortunate people who was born with not much hair. Not up to the point of being hairless, but minimal hair. If I am a cat, I would be no Persian, but a Sphynx.

It hit me then how a lot of things in this world are fake. And if we think we are all original, and pure, and genuine, let's think again. We all fake it. Almost all the time or at least every other time. People purchase fake stuffs; fake DVDs, fake clothings, fake jewellery. People buy national car and try hard to make it look like an Evo. Ladies put fake fillings onto their bodyparts to look more buxom (bless me for I don't have to do this one). Cosmetic surgery evolves to help people go against the naturals. Everywhere we go, there's always something fake about things/people around us. If not their physiques, fake will be in their belongings and sometimes people also fake their nature, trying to be somebody they are not. There are some who even fake their blogs by copying other people's writings and claiming it's theirs (really they do, ask Chics, it happened to her). And of course, not to forget, the fake orgasm!

Admit it. We are all fakes. More often than not, we fake our feelings and emotions and our honest opinion in order not to hurt someone else. Right?

So are we a hundred percent real? Am I a hundred percent real? Possibly not. One thing for sure, I have my fake, extended eyelashes. But I figure, it's alright to be fakers. It's alright to be anything as long as you're not ashame to be it. So fake it for as much as you wish, but at the same time, be proud to admit that you are that - one big fake.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

This and That

While the girls (Mareena and Farida) are out there on the other side of the world, having a fabulous super crazy time in Rome and the ladies of the house (Mak, Saty, Pearl, Qaseh) are also out with Papa to Hana's wedding, I am here sitting at home, gobbling up a bowl of instant noodles.

Four nights ago, a sorrowful incident occured (May Allah bless his good soul). The family, except Pearl and I had to leave for Kota Bharu for a few days. I was left home just like today because I have been busy, doing my mysterious,shady business. My business, my secret, ok..? Heheh..

I took care of Poppa Guppy while mom was away. There were, not so many weeks ago Poppa Guppy, Momma Guppy and Guppy Guppy. But both Guppy Guppy and Momma Guppy had become the victims of cannibalism by Poppa Guppy who were the fattest of all. I transported Poppa Guppy from Puchong to Kajang in his bowl, but being the genius, I did not pour some of the water out to make transporting him easier. I carried Poppa Guppy in that bowl full of water and ended up shrieking everytime the car went over road humps or potholes causing the water to slosh around. Habis kereta berbau air ikan, tahu..?

Yesterday I had linner (the meal between lunch and dinner) at Ampang Yong Tau Foo with Sarah. It was a rescue mission for her and later after that we had our regular coffee chats. Any time spent with her is time worth spending. Next week will be another busy week, but I sure hope we have the time to lepak. Maybe this time I'll cook linner and bring it over to your place eh, nok?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Out of Gas

I was trying to make myself some breakfast when suddenly, poof! The gas went out. And there sat my mini pancakes on the stove, uncooked. I went out almost immediately to get the gas, without showering and without even brushing my teeth. Okay relax, don't freak out, cause I did grab a Hacks to suck on. Not so bad la kan?

I have been using that one gas cylinder since two years ago. I never did expect for it to last this long. The longest I thought was maybe for a year. This only indicates one thing. I am a lazy cook. But I actually think I am already super 'rajin'. Heheh..Maybe not.

Now it has been like 20 minutes and that chubby little Indian gas boy is nowhere to be seen. Mane ni...? I'm starving and I'm determined to have that pancakes with corned beef and some sliced cheddar.

Oh, okay, here he is now. Gotta go make pancakes now. Ta!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Network Full Of Jerks

Can a man be any more pathetic these days? I have seen many idiots and jerks using social utilities like Friendster and MySpace to advertise their need for sex/sex for hire. It only struck me as one word. Desperate.

This pathetic fever is quite an outbreak among Asian men lately. Or maybe I've noticed more Asian men reacting like a sex maniac because I am one Asian woman living in Asia. Irregardless, I find it very discomforting.

What the hell has gone wrong? And all these while I thought I've grown up in a community who consider sex as a taboo topic to be discussed out loud, let alone screaming out 'sex for hire'. Especially those that come from men.

I have had shares of messages/friend requests from numerous perverts (on MySpace and Friendster, that is). More on MySpace than on Friendster. But not yet on Facebook (I'm hoping for never). There was this one dude who has an outrageous profile, using captions yang sangat menggelikan like..'menjadikan hari-hari anda indah', 'sesiape yang berminat boleh tinggalkan mesej' and 'anu besar'. Urrgh...!!! I'd rather eat the testicles of a bull raw than getting acquainted with such a retard.

Is it freaking difficult to find girls out in the open these days? Or is it just you who scored zero for communication levels with women and whose middle name spelt 'LOSER'? Guys, guys, guys..., never ever do this please. I know my fellow male friends would never indulge in such a moronic act. I'm refering this to those males I do not know and who are suffering from this illness. Have some dignity. As much as men don't like cheap women, women don't like men who are always on mega sale either.

So fellas, get out and lose that programmer's tan you have on you. Quit sitting at home in front of the PC in your attempt to get into some girls panties. You wanna meet girls, go out and get to know them. Stop using Friendster/MySpace as an outlet of cheap advertising for your filthy operations. Yang heran tu, ade jugak women who actually accept him as friend. Ah, they are just truly rempit. And this is what they refer to as being 'open minded' la konon-kononnye. Cool and westernized....NOT. This is just plain thick, and lowly and uncivilized.

I would never want you as anything. Not even as my toilet bowl. Thanks, but no thanks.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dirty Laundry

I don't think the sun has any plans to do his job today. Maybe He's just lazy. The pool is a temptation in this kind of weather but I am still not done with my laundry. The washing machine is a semi automatic. Heheh..., I don't think this dinosaur is being used by anyone anymore. Sangat susah ye, sentiase nak kene 'be there' for the washing machine to start cycle, to drain water and to transfer the clothes to the other compartment for spinning. So I gotta wait.

You must think that I am not a rational person for doing laundry on a day where the sun has decided to take leave. Well, I am an optimist. The sky may be cloudy, but it doesn't mean a rainy day is guaranteed. Right?

Well, unlike the sun, today I have plans. I plan to vacuum the shack and scrub the bathroom. I truly hate wet bathroom. It requires hard work to keep clean.

I am also having a thought. That a person will hang on to 'a love' for various reason. Even if they realize that 'the love' is wrongly matched to them. Some hang on to love because of money. Some does it because of comfort and they're just too tired or can't be bothered to look for new love but at the same time can't live without it. Only a few actually hang on to love because they truly 'love', which is very, very questionable and creates so much reasonable doubts to me. Can you really love someone without reason/s? Is that for real?

People do things for many reasons. The above two, were merely done for survival. Hanging on. Be it for men or for women. But there are some who cling to love because of their partner's physique. I've heard phrases like, 'Oh I can't leave him/her, he/she's so handsome/pretty...'. Now that, is purely laughable. It's time to grow up, kid. Wake up and smell life, please.

Well, that's the thought part done. Outside, it's already showering. So much for being an optimist. There goes my fat busting exercise. And dirty laundry remains. I'm hanging on..