Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wanna Be Hypnotised?

Just read Farah's and Adly's blog. Not so long ago I've read Ima's, Pearl's and Ennie's. And I can't help noticing the amount of frustration belted out in almost each and every piece. Mine would be the ultimate one. Like Johar said, I've been complaining since day one! Not true actually. I did write one or two happy, merry blogs.

I wish I can be at my best all the time. Think positive, speak positive and do positive. For this, I will have to give some amount of salutation to Alek, the most positive individual I ever know exist in this world.

Was thinking... Maybe we should all try going through hypnosis. Met a friend's friend yesterday who is learning the art of hypnosis. He/She said it is suppose to be able to relief some good amount of stress, bad thoughts, bad vibes and yada, yada, yada. Unlike meditation, hypnosis will take a much lesser time. It's something like.., snap! You go into trance-like state, and snap again you're out! The result; a beautiful, clean, virgin mind ready to be shaped and sculptured into your desired way of thinking. So, supposedly, tada...!! The new, stress-free, good-will you shall be born.

Wonder if it really works. Wonder how much a session will cost. These people surely are making some real dough out of people's state of mind. Hmm..


Tyiara said...

aku takde baju raya...hari sabtu ni nak ambik gambar raya hantar dkt utusan...tp aku takde baju raya...*tears*

guess fate asked me to spend on new bcbg top. *grin*

Razi said...

Agree with you about snap! your mind is clear from anything that you don't like..

What if once he snap! you don't remember anything... tak takut ker...? hehehe...

Achique said...

SNAP!! and all your problems will be gone... sounds good huh? It will not dissappear just like that, it will just go hide somewhere in your mind. When it resurface, it has gain momentum and will getting bigger and bigger unless you face it head on babe. Reality bites.

Hum... you gave me an idea about more positive blog. Betul gak kan... blog sumer jenis luahan perasaan tak puas hati. Lepas nih blog aku nak cerita happy experience lah pulak. Tapi... kalau blog suma cerita positif je, tak sensasilah plak... what do you think TY?

Ty said...

Aku pun takde gak baju raye gak..tapi aku pun nak gak bcbg gak..

I don't fear nothing. Just maybe...cicak?

Tulis la lagi. Ape2 pun best.