Friday, October 13, 2006

Current State of Miss Couch Potato

I am fuckin', freakin' lazy. Wanted to blog, had so many ideas running in mind when I'm not in front of the computer. But now that I am, everything just goes away or everything comes in blotches and clusters and I'm having hell to sort things out.

Wanted to swim earlier but the water in the pool was bloody murky. Didn't know what happen to the maintenance guy.. saw him this morning cleaning the tiles, removing moulds, I suppose. Wonder if he forgot to throw some chlorine in. Watched CSI season 2 on DVD with Pearl. Hell knows how many times I've watched that, but it's cool, I can do that like a hundred more times and still feel excitement. It's true love, I believe.., CSI and I. Eventhough I don't believe in true love. Sorry Farrah, I still don't believe in its existence.

Pearl is snoring away on the couch, when I am suppose to be the original couch potato. I was on medical leave for the last 2 days. Just felt so god damn lazy to go to work when work is nothing else but adapting to new colleagues everytime. I"M TIRED OF IT!!! Hmm.. Felt good staying home. Much better here. I wasn't sick phsically, but I'm more sick emotionally. In fact I'm getting sicker by the day. That's what I told the doctor. Was very straightforward and blunt to her, saying that I need an MC even if I was in perfect health. Thank god she gave it to me.

And oh, met a friend earlier in KLCC who is now married and has a kid. He's put on some weight though, but tell me, who doesn't? Well, accept for Pearl who is anorexic, hehe.. (ok, don't get mad now, I'm just kidding..!). Right, so he looks good, the age shows but hey, aren't men suppose to be like wines? So in case you're reading this, buddy, I'm telling you that you're still fine. Trust me. And we remembered each other's birhtday too. That was totally irrevelant, but I was flattered, none the less.

Oh, the monster has awaken, gotta go I guess. Am goin' home to mommy now. Ta!

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