Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Happy List

Here's a hundred things for me to be happy about..

curling up under the sheets on a rainy day-chilling with friends over coffee-hot tea in front of the tube-tv meals-sisters:Saty and Pearl-mom's cooking-family holiday-cigarettes while doing no. 2-off days-cinnamon rolls-makeover-bookstores-board games-a good talk with anyone-Chinese food-buffets-posh dining-old friends-selected few new friends-csi-showhouses-catalogues-heavy rain-swimming pool-handicrafts-weddings-free sms-watching aircrafts takeoff and land-stationeries-perfumes-hot bath-blue films-dictionary and thesaurus-surfing the net-photo album-trees and plants-the colour white and the colour green-theatres and concerts-stuck in the traffic with good company-watching fish swim-pc games-waking up late-taking late noon shower-slow sex-mee bandung Muar-long drive-old buildings-my sweetheart's antics-a good sofa-people with beautiful minds-a busy street in the city-bedtime reading-magazines-boxes and ribbons-pirated dvds-diary-cameras-pen drive-mp3 player-go braless-learning something new-having a crush-full stomach-acne free skin-tea time-lunch date-early morning breakfast on an off day-diet plans-sunset-candlelit room-watching clouds-sleeping naked-window shopping-real shopping-convenient stores-supermarket-being loved-afternoon nap-the smell of petrol-children's drawing-being hugged-cuddling-sleeping alone-sleeping with someone-listening to the rain-pet shop-solitary rose-crossword puzzles-calendar-blank white paper-quotes-home alone-small business-hobbies-whip cream-cakes-lego set-dishware-miniatures-treasure box


Achique said...

Hey.... this is a very great way of telling your friends what to get for your next birthday. hehehhh...

Tyiara said...

i'll wrap myself and give it to you on your birthday..hehehe...so u can be happy!

Ty said...

Achique matun,
yup,yup. so jangan buat-buat lupe ek..?

whatever it is jangan pakai perfume kereta aku lagi utk gi clubbing..hehe..