Friday, October 06, 2006

Air Travel-Be Mindful, Please...!!

I'm making this entry because I just need to let go. It's bloody bothersome to see how senseless and how self-centered people are when they air-travel. This is gonna be quite a lengthy entry...but I'll simplify.

Some people actually do these..

1. Carry more than one hand luggage into the cabin. They have their bagpack, their trolley bag, their handbag, their sling bag, their laptop bag plus a few more paper bags from those duty free shops. It's madness! Even if they do carry just one bag, most of the time it's gonna be fucking heavy that the overhead bin could just fall onto their heads!

2. If they travel in group, they're gonna argue over who's sitting where. It is somewhat an unyielding task to decide on who will get the aisle seat or the window seat.

3. Upon getting their meals, they'll eat like pigs,they mess the aisle, their seat and their neighbouring seat. And if the flight is a mere one and a half hour to two hours of flying, they'll nibble at their food slowly as though they're doing a six hour journey!

4. On a forty-five minutes journey, a first-timer travelling in business or first class will certainly make sure that they get to eat, even if it means to choke and gag over their food.

5. When offered fish or chicken, they'll instead ask for beef. Taking what is offered does not apply.

6. Except for passenger seats and meals, it is quite impossible to carry everything on board to cater for each and everyone. But some just do not understand. If only there are marts or 7 Elevens in mid air where aircraft can hover by for them to get their wantings.

7. Simple safety instructions like 'no smoking' and 'please switch off all your electronic devices' become the most difficult phrase to comprehend.

8. The lavatory is the most happening place on board especially during meal time. Some people just love to shove their asses into the faces of others in their attempt to squeeze pass the meal cart to get to the 'joint'. The loo is also a hot spot during take off and landing, when they are suppose to be tucked in at their seats.

9. Pressing the call button become a favorite pasttime on board. There are people who love requesting things one after another instead of asking for all they need at one go. This is what they fail to see. On average, all airline will have the ratio of one crew to forty passengers. Thus, for a flight time of 60 minutes, one can only expect to receive a mere 1.5 minutes of attention. On a journey of 2 hours (120 minutes), passengers are entitled to an average of 3 minutes each, where 2 out of the 3 minutes, shall be utilised for meal serving, leaving only another 1 minute for patrons to ask for other miscellaneous needs. One can only afford to be fussy in an acceptable manner on a flight that is more than 3 hours.

That is part of the long list I had in mind. I'm not being smug. Am just trying to get rid of things. One at a time.

P/s to Harriz : VSS, MSS or whatever it is, is not an option here dude, though I wish it is. Sigh.. Another 8 months to go. But thank you for 'feeling' me?


HarrizFrankee said...

Well, Trust u to come up in detail how fuckin frivolous some travellers can get. U even calculated the ratios and hous sum1 can be 'fussy in an acceptable manner'.
Ahhah! Kudos to you. You must have got it up to there to put so much effort in this blog.
I agree wit every single last word of it!! So damn true..
I hope some lowlifes will get educated after reading this blog.
I posed this question to a fren the other day ' Why do people have da sudden craving for salted peanuts every fuckin time they board a plane?' N i got the stupidest grin and reply.. I paid for da tix ma!!.. Aaargh!! da type of mentality you have to endure.. Another incident.. Another friend sed I must probably b one of those types which treats Matsalleh's better then Malaysians.. I said, 'I treat everyone equally. I treat all of them in the same unbiased crappy way!' They can go fuck themselves when airasia takes them to Terengganu next time. My 2 cents worth.
p/s. Fuck got conned again. 8 damn more months then.

Hannin said...

U Rock Ty~~ hope u don't mind me copying n posting this to all my pals in my list.. This is gonna be fun~! I 100% totally agree with what ever is stated here..... read my lips~~ T.o.T.a.L.L.y~~ btw, few more pointers to add on:
1. If the flight is delayed few minutes due to some technical fault, don't come throwing temper unnecessarily to the staffs working on board. Don’t like to wait? Take a bus next time.

2. Left something back in the plane after disembarking from the flight? Don’t come rushing back to the aircraft and storm at the newly take over crew for the missing item. Why do terminals have the ‘Lost & Found’ department in the first place?

Hmm.. so far that’s all from me….

People, TAKE NOTE~!

Jazeel said...

Damn it!It's all blahdy true innit?Just like to add one more thing to your wonderful analogy to flying..."if there aint any pillows or blankets,just live with it or have atleast half a brain to bring it yourself!"..
Oh yeah,one more thing,"you fucking moron!,put your own bag yourself!I hate it when guys who are able leaves the bag on the ground so that we have to put it for them.BE A MAN!We are not porters and it is not in our job description,fools!..soo there...cheerios

Ty said...

You are so Frankee..

Go post it in Buletin Utama or something..

Ya, ya, gotta take your brains before you fly.