Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Good Sister, Precious Sister

I'm not a bully, but my sister, Pearl is sweeping the floor of my apartment. (Evil laughter!). I bet she's doing it half-heartedly cause she's nagging while doing it. (Laugh again!). And I just told her that I'm writing a post about her and she said, 'bongok!'.

My oh my.. she even sweeps my bedroom floor. What a darling... Love you Pearl! Hurrah to us cause finally we got to learn how to swim. Thanks to my Un, Alek's theory and the daily 2 hours vigorous practice with Pearl. We finally did it. Whew! Thought I was gonna be a handicap in swimming till the day I die. Guess I won't.

It's great to have you back here, my precious..


Amy said...

rajin nya pearl.... tyiana buli adik... he..hee... welcome home babe.

Ty said...

saye tak buli la cik amy..