Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Error In Connection

Absolute ennui. I just got home from my parents'. Can't believe nobody was in. Anyways, what did I expect? Mom went to JB with my aunt, I guess. Remembered her texting me the other day. God knows when she's coming back. She didn't tell. Thought she'd be home by today already. I'm starving and not in the mood to cook.
But nevermind, since I'm almost always positive and in a constant state of relaxed alertness, (I'm not making up these descriptions, they came from my kokology test result) I'll take it as a natural way to go on diet. I've put on a couple of kilos lately and it seems like it is almost preposterous for me to shed them off easily. My five-days no carbo diet had my weight reduced by a kilo the other day, so I decided to take a day off and treat myself to a good serving of 'nasi campur'. The next thing I know, the extra masses came back! Damn! There goes all my hard work.
So Papa is not at home either just now. Saw Pearl's stuffs lying around the house. She came back last 4 days but didn't manage to see her just yet. She's in Jakarta now with Saty. Should be back by today or tomorrow. Come back you two! And hurry! I need to connect..

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