Thursday, October 12, 2006

On Relationship, Marriage and Divorce

Relationship. Singles want to be in it. But when you're in, you wish you're out of it and even though you can, it's not that easy. Cause you will consider all facts and keep reconsidering everything. So unless the relationship really sucks, like maybe your partner is a psycho-killer or a wife/husbandbeater, chances are, you'll hang on to him/her. Why? Because being in a relationship is like a necessary pasttime. It is something for us to turn to during days when mommy and daddy decide to rekindle their lost love, and when friends and siblings are having the day out with their partners/husbands/wives.

Marriage. Community makes it sounds like it's life's destiny. If one doesn't get to this stage, that one person is not reaching their lifetime goal. Now, what is this? Many gets married out of stress and pressure exerted by community and family onto them. The pious ones would get married because celibacy doesn't work for them anymore. Some gets married for financial security, a few gets married because they think they love their partners and others just get married for the sake of getting married. To settle down, that's what people said. To me, just get married, people! For whatever purpose that suits you. Any reason is a good enough reason. If it doesn't work, there's always divorce, which is almost always messy. The thing is, do you wanna waste your time and money? Do you get married just to get divorced? Or do you just enjoy wasting a lifetime getting in and out of marriage? So think, rethink and then think again.

Divorce. Not a bad word at all. Not a curse. In fact it's a blessing that this word exists. It's for people who are stuck in a rut to get away from the so called lifetime destiny named marriage. But still, lots of people think of it as a jinx. Some people would cling on to their marriage like there's no tomorrow even if theirs are dysfunctional. But like I said, there's always a good reason for eveything. Your partner can be a man/womanizer, a sleazy bummer who doesn't generate a penny, or needs viagra to get it on and I bet we will all think of a hundred reasons not to let things go. They aren't ugly, they're our spouses. So, many has decided to keep their marriage even if it sucks them dry throughout their lives, thinking I'm not going to throw our lifetime of marriage away. What they don't see is that they are saying goodbye to their own life. Bad marriage is like a tumour. Get rid of it while you can. And cure it by proper means. DO NOT go to 'bomoh' in your attempt to cure. Terrified of the surgery? Then prepare to be living with the tumour which is almost certain to turn into cancer for the rest of your life. Hence, treat it and treat it fast, cause when it turns to cancer, there goes your life.


Alek said...

O wise, no bullshit and “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” telling the one and only, most experienced Ty, allow me, a common, humble, lowly and simple minded man to express my gratitude as it has been an honour and the highest privilege read to have read your work – On Relationship, Marriage and Divorce which is a work of art as much as it is of wonder. One million bows o great one.

Ty said...

You don't have to overdo it..