Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Just Yesterday

Yesterday was a busy day for me. Well, not that busy actually, but I found that yesterday I finally did what I needed to do.

I finally went to the company's HR Department to apply for my FOC travel ticket for myself, my mom and my dad. I should have done this a couple of months ago but as usual, my lazy ass wouldn't allow me. So that's one thing down, and next will be visa application for me and mom. This, I will do next month, promise. Insufficient fund for this month already.

After lunch yesterday, I visited my former lecturer/project advisor in Univ. Malaya. I was lucky that she was in her office. It has been years since I last met and talked to Dr Yati. Afraid she didn't remember me, but she did. So we chat for a couple of hours and of course I didn't forget to put up my request to her, the main reason I was there in the first place. One, to ask her if she would write me a recommendation letter for my MBA application next year. Two, if I could borrow from her my final year thesis that I wrote some 5 years back. You see, I had a copy of the thesis but after many years and many eventful turns in my life I lost it.

Anyway, it was indeed good to be talking to her. Very refreshing. Asked her many things, grabbed some advice, then off I went to see Mareena for dinner. Had another couple of hours of chat with her, exchanging some hot juicy stories bout each other. I got home at around 10 pm, satisfied with myself.

P/s : Pearl, forgot to tell ya that Mareena asked us for a night out right after you went back to Golden. She thought you were still around.


Tyiara said...

itu lah..itu lah dia..aku sudah bilang...padan lah hidup aku di sini adalah seperti kera kena cili...

aku gile sux kalau buat presentation.

Ty said...

Aku memang tau kau memang suke sux.