Thursday, July 31, 2008

5-Day Furlough

Sunblock - checked.
Bikini - checked.
Books - checked.
Air tickets - checked... (thank god the girls saved me from traveling on the boat... else I would be puking my intestines out like a drunkard!)

I'll be leaving home at 3. I am finally done with packing and re-packing. The only cabin-sized bag which I planned to take earlier need to be left at home. I switched to a bigger bag which will require me to check it in later. I was laughing at Mareena just a couple of days ago when she said she had so many stuffs to bring for the trip. And here I am, being teased by Un when he saw me unpacking my stuffs from the small bag to his check-in bag. Urrgh...!

I need this - to be away from everything. I, ummm... need to have some people to miss me...Hahahaha! As if anyone would. I need to have fun and relax with the girls. Just the girls, straight-shooting.

Home will see me again next Tuesday. While school will be seeing me next Wednesday. And oh, just in case you are wondering where I am heading to, it's just Langkawi. No big deal, yeah.. But shamefully, I've never been there. So I am now one excited damsel... (wriggle!).

Ok, time to have some itty-bitty lunch. Don't miss me too much, now peeps! ;)


masila ya'kub said...

oh... nak memonteng lah yea.... tak kisah ler tu.. hv fun!

tyiara rosli said...

okay damsel in distress. knock yourself out with the saltwater, sand, and s.....sunblock. hehe. i need to get away with MY favorite people.

mikhail harith said...


ira mastika syamsir said...

hahahaa last u manage to go there..least pasni org tanya tak la malu lagi hv fun dear

wolfie wolf said...

First time in Langkawi?

About time then - even Niklas got there before you! Took him around to unknown places!

Say hi to my wonderful grandma - hehe

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