Saturday, July 12, 2008

Brain Concussion

I just wanna say that I have had one hell of a hectic week. Both with school and business. I won't elaborate in detail here because I am still feeling tense about the whole flow of situation.

And last night. Last night was one rough night. That is all I can say. I am spent. Have not slept for more than 24 hours. It's a curse that I am such an amnesic bitch last night and ended up giving everyone a hard time. (Guilty sigh...but still laughing at own stupidity. IQ of 135 indeed!) Agave tequilana was responsible for last night's harebrained incident. ;) Also, I am blaming part of my insanely quest last night on someone with an IQ of 138. Fancy making me walk and leave my car a block away!

I'm no longer feeling the concussion in the brain. Either it had totally subsided or my head just got used to it. Am also feeling overly sleepy right now, I think I could sleep while I walk. Think I'll sleep on the sofa again tonight while watching House over and over again. Ah..., that will be bliss!

P/s: There's a dead baby lizard near my TV cabinet and I cant bring myself to throw it away.

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mak kintan said...

slalu kan..time aku bgn kol 2, 3 pagi utk buat susu ryan, ade je baby cicak dkt2 dgn tin susu tun..aku benciiiiiiiii!!!!! terkejut la.. sbb dia melompat!!! tak sukeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!