Friday, July 18, 2008


Can anyone tell me... 

What is the point of being educated when you don't even know how to use the toilet like a person who has seen civilization?

What is the point of scoring a perfect 4.0 on your CGPA when you communicate with another human being worse than a retard?

What is the point of getting straight As for every single subject known to man when you can't even treat another human with respect?

What is the point of getting your post-graduate degree when you can't even get your thought across correctly in neither your own language nor English?

What is the point of getting a degree at all when you can't bring yourself to talk to people of all level, of all races, of all nations and of all religions without judging them or without hating them?

What is the point of wanting to become a lecturer after you've completed all your degrees and super-degrees when you don't even know how to write or speak properly?

What is the point of writing tons and tons of research papers when all you actually did was copy and paste from someone else's writings?

What is the point of becoming a lecturer when you've never had any real life experiences on how the real world works?

What is the point of studying abroad or in an international environment when you can't even see the beauty of mixing around with people of all kinds?

What is the point of even studying and gaining knowledge when your knowledge of handling humans are plain sleazy?

What is the point of being so called 'intelligent' when you are actually a moron in disguise?

It is formidable to be in the know that such characters do exist. Even more appalling for me to think that we are actually sending our children away to schools and colleges and universities to be taught by these kind of people. People who demand for others to greet and respect them first. Worst still they claim themselves to be the friendly ones, the ones who provide good hospitality, who receive saintly teachings from the best religion in the whole wide world. When all they actually are, are just a bunch of horrid, educated beasts, too engrossed with themselves, thinking that they are above everyone else. Just who the hell do they think they are?



chics said...

They are just idiots who think highly of themselves.

Dan sangat banyak untuk ditemui

siti nur razie said...

oh man. i spent 5 years , being disliked, blacklisted, and dubbed by those kind of people as the 'problematic' kid. they have this one line that they used against me, "kamu berani kecilkan hati saye. saye doakan kamu tak dpt straight A's" and im pretty sure some even went as far as "saya doakan kamu gagal dlm hidup".to this day i wonder what breed of educator would say that to a 16 year old? i used to amik hati about them labelling 'bermasalah' but now i realized that if having an opinion,a different idea and a personality more interesting than a doormat earns you such titles, then clearly it's them. not you.

tyiara rosli said...

yeah, and asking us to think outside the box, and when we do and ask out-of-the-norm questions that they can't answer, we got the scolding.

sarah mahmood said...

i agree 100 % and yet these are the usual people that has status. Is it in our system or those on top are always shallow and stupid. Should we consider to ditch liberality to be succesful.And I'm also sick and tired of all these 'harga minyak naik shit'! It's not the freaking goverment's or Petronas's fault. Pls dear fellow Malaysians ... do not embarras ourselves. *sigh

Ty said...

It's definitely them. And they think they're the ones closest to god just because they pray. But with a heart and soul like that, who did they think they're trying to kid?

They want us to think outside the smallest box which is placed inside a bigger box. Hahaha... Does that make sense?

You are right. Enough complaining and blaming already...

Ty said...



mona seelan said...

tyiana, hmmm...what can I say, I spend day in and day out sometimes wondering the same thing...especially when interviewing fresh graduates...and guess what, i have been accused of being rude and impolite because all these kind of people exist...Sigh!

qayyiem said...

Hummm... aku keje dalam service industry ni dah dekat 6½ tahun. Sume orang2 yang kau describe tu Ty, aku dah jumpa. Memula dulu bengang jugak tapi bila dah lelama, aku jadi kesian kat dorang. Life is to short for them to behave that way. They are missing a lot of fun things and opportunity to know new interesting and wonderful people. I know you are upset Ty... they can be so annoying but don't waste your time and energy. Just tell them off!!! hehehehhhh. They deserve it anyway.

Sarah... aku terharu dengan pembelaan kau terhadap warga minyak. Dorang suma tu asik cakap the govt. and the tokey minyak malaysia yang salah. tapi kami yang kerja ngan tokey minyak ni pun tak terkecuali dari kenaikan harga minyak. Idup Sarah!!!