Monday, July 21, 2008

Reviewing Hancock

Here I am procrastinating again when I should be preparing for hectic Tuesday. But I am having this urge to blog again because I am home alone waiting for my prune-juice attack*. Un has left with a friend for Hellboy, which I do not want to watch because the hero is less appealing.

I am now here because of Hancock. I think it was a terrific movie because other than having the ever sexy Will Smith starring in it (he really is something), it wasn't like any other typical superhero-in-a-fancy-suit movie. And there was a deeper meaning to it.

The few things I learnt from Hancock...:

- That sometimes you can be so in love with someone but you can't be with each other for some weird reason... like for example you become this amnesic bitch when you are with the one you love but a whiz bitch when you're away from him.

- That in life, you can't have everything your way. When you get some, you will lose some. Like for an instance, if I want an A for a particular subject in school without studying for the exam, I'm gonna have to sacrifice my oral appendage to lick a lot of asses and kiss tens of butt cheeks (which I definitely won't do, so to hell with the grades!).

- That love is substitutable. If you can't be with John in order to love him, you can always love and live your life through Ray. Damn. Is it really that easy? Will Smith is not an easy task to forget.

- That kissing someone's wife in the kitchen while the husband was all tucked in bed upstairs(though the whole idea is somewhat exhilarating), could lead to a series of seriously unwanted circumstances.

- That there is no way you can really know anyone even if you have stayed with one for many years under the same roof. For all you know, your mom could be a superhero too!

- That not telling does not mean that you are lying (I might need to crap about this issue very soon).

- That having a taboo relationship is such a turn-on! Why oh why?

- That Will Smith really has good physique (I would love to be the injured lady cop, clinging onto his sturdy, thick shoulders helplessly).

- That Charlize Theron is hot.

So all in all the movie was cool, just the kind of movie I like. Very humanly with a twist of fantasy and sci-fi just enough to not turn it into another ordinary superhero flick. My blue-ribbon for Hancock!

* prune-juice attack : try drinking half a bottle of prune juice within one hour an you'll know what I mean..


ilyani idris said...

Charlize Theron is the hottest african, period.

tyiara rosli said...

and that impressions are important but seriously bitchy. do what they want, do as they please. lucky his superhero outfit isn't that gay.