Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Pour Femme!

I have been tagged by Chics many, many days ago. And I have been wanting to respond to the tag akan tetapi time-time tu la aku terlebih-lebih rajin untuk menulis bermacam-macam crap yang lain. Nevermind, I'm doing this now. This won't be much of a read but what the hell, I'm going to amuse myself with it.

My Foundation:

SK-II Sign Transform Foundation - The first time I bought it, aku terase macam tak best. I was thinking, apsal la aku beli brand ni when everyone else is crazy about Bobbi Brown or M.A.C. But after using it for the first time, I saw a different glow on my skin (terase diri macam extra lawa macam tu...hahaha!) and I know then that I don't want to use anything else other than this. 

My Mascara:

Make Up For Ever Lengthening Mascara - Lengthening mascara la sebab bulu mata super pendek. The applicator isn't too big for my sepet eyes so it's good. Make Up Forever sebab murah.

My Day Cream:

SK-II Facial Lift Emulsion - No specific reason for this. I just know I need a day cream and I pick this sebab ade perkataan 'facial lift'. A 30 year-old would at least need that. And this one does the trick well enough.

My Essential Beauty Product:

For hair 

+Redken Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner

+Redken CAT Protein Reconstruction Treatment

Tapi rambut tak lawa-lawa jugak. Ahh....!!!

For Face

+SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser

+SK-II Facial Treatment Essence - the miracle water

+SK-II Advance Sign Treatment - for nights

For body

+Mandi lah pakai sabun. Hehe..! But for me body soap equals to shower cream/gel and bar soap adelah untuk cuci bontot after your number 2.

My Favorite Makeup Product:

Eyebrow pencil, eye-highlighter, mascara and lip gloss are the necessaries. I like gloss from Make Up For Ever because it smells nice dan tak bacin like some. Stuffs from Benefit are awesome too. And I am not compatible with anything Christian Dior. I'll get break-outs the next day.

My Perfume:

+Chanel Mademoiselle

+Bvlgari Blv

I wish I can find something else other than these two. But many years have gone while I search for interesting new perfumes. Occasionally, I would try something different but most of them turn into one-month-stand perfume. None match the above and I kept reeling back to them.

My Nails:

I love French manicure tapi takkan la 24-7 nak ber-French manicure kan. So once in a blue moon I would go for salon manicure. But normally I'll trim and buff my nails at home, by myself. My nails can never be truly short because they look real ugly that way.

My Feet:

Similar to fingernails. I use Dr Scholl's Pumice Foot Scrub when necessary.

My Hands:

Any lotion I can find. Ape-apelah janji lotion boleh sapu, jalan!

Three Beauty Products to bring on a deserted island:

Being deserted on an island means the situation is definitely uncalled for. So there's no way I'll have any beauty products with me. If I'm lucky, there'll be somewhere in my bag a lip gloss and/or compact powder (these would happen if I was going out for a hot date, heheh..!). But I can guarantee that I'll have a few sticks of cigarettes and some old receipts to assist combustion for cold island nights if need be.

Women I admire for their beauty:

I don't like the typical cute look in women. I think 'cute' is for girls and not women. Voting against cute, my list of admirable women sees...

+Claire Forlani (sexy full lips)

+Ali Larter (naturally sexy pout)

+Kate Beckinsale (mysterious beauty)

+Giselle Bundchen (just wow!)

Women with the Best Sense of Style:

+Angelina Jolie (always got it right in a sensible, no ridicule manner)

My Ultimate Beauty Dream:

+To have slender thighs. My thighs are chunky, yo! And also I would love to be 5 inch taller.

How Do I Define Womanhood:

+Womanhood is when a girl grow out of being tergedik-gedik tak tentu pasal.

My Favorite Fashion Publication:

+Nothing in particular. I easily fall for publications with good cover shots. 

I am tagging:-

# Tyiara

# Satyiana

# Ruzanna (Roza)

# Mareena

# Sarah

# Farisha

# Liz


qayyiem said...

Kau memang mokcik kayo. SK-II belako...

Ty said...

mokcik tak kayo. mokcik poyo jo...tunpang kayo orang lain. hahahah!

ira mastika syamsir said...

love to read ur blog or wat ever u have least i can improve my english coz ur a good teacher.....tima kasih CIKGUUU

tyiara said...

kau apasal blog about this? WTF. haha.

Ty said...


Hahaha! Aku dah tag kau. So u hafta do it too!