Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Damsel Back In Distress

And the damsel in distress is back, y'all... With more stress than ever!

Arrived home last night from Langkawi, feeling somewhat crestfallen for having to leave the island. The island was something I thought I would never fall for. And yet, I fell deeply for it, I was swept off my feet.

Allow me to bore you people with details of the trip...

Day 1
Three Damsels arrived in LGK at 1900hrs. We rented a car right away - it was a Wira Aeroback going at RM60 per day. Three Damsels then checked in. Damsel #1 (Mareena) was anxious to get to Reggae Bar so Damsel #2 (Farrah) and Damsel #3 (that's me!) geared up for the party. But first, we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant (can't recall the name) next to Alun-Alun spa on the Chenang stretch.

The Reggae Bar turned out to be kinda cool - poles apart from any clubs you can find in KL. They played reggae music, (thus the name Reggae Bar) and though Damsel #3 was not quite a fan of reggae, she found the club delightful nevertheless. It carries a laid-back atmosphere to suit the island-holiday mood. Plus, one of the waiter was like totally, cute! It wasn't long before three Damsels realized that they don't need their party shoes after all. Flip-flops and bare feet works great for this joint.

And oh, not to forget, Damsels made some friends that night - the Three Blind Mice and the Chipmunks. I guess good things do come in threes. ;)

Day 2
Damsels kicked off their day with simple luncheon, followed by a lengthy lazing around under the sun session. From the beach, Damsels moved to the hotel swimming pool and more lounging took place on the pool deck. Damsel #2 did not get into the water for certain reasons, Damsel #1 took a number of attempts to beat the fear of water, while Damsel #3 took a couple of laps.

After noon, Damsels went up to Burau Bay to check out the Loaf (the bakery owned by Tun Mahathir) and some beautiful yachts moored at the dock.

The evening saw the Damsels chilling on Langkasuka beach, supposedly to watch the sun set. Too bad, it was a little bit hazy, so the sun set unnoticeably under the Damsels eyes. Next, came dinner, again, at a Chinese restaurant, but a different one from the night before.

Day 2 was wrapped up with another trip to the ever splendiferous Reggae Bar.

Day 3
The sun did not rise for the Damsels. The day was somber and the Damsels were depressed, for no tanning session took place despite their effort of lying on the sandy beach for hours. So Damsels ended up drinking for the whole day (courtesy of the Chipmunks) and napping on deck chairs and kicking sands.

Dinner occurred at Fat Mum, another Chinese seafood restaurant. The food served here were exceptionally delectable, much to the Damsels' delight. The homemade tofu, especially, was oh-so orgasmic!

Damsels went to Sunba for a change that night but their spirit were bummed out, for the bar turned out to be too KL-like, and filled by numerous bunch of wannabes.

Note: The Three Blind Mice depart from Langkawi today.

Day 4
Damsels had breakfast, umm..., more like brunch, at the Breakfast Bar - which was kinda expensive for a street stall, and they serve lousy food. The sun was up and Damsels continued their sunbathing activity on Frangipani beach.

Early dinner at Fat Mum. Again. Damsels can't seem to get enough homemade tofu...

Day 4 ends with a session at Alun-Alun spa then strolling and bitching on the beach.

Note: The Chipmunks left.

Day 5
The final day for the Damsels. It began with breakfast at the hotel cafe overlooking the sea, then an early morning stroll along the beach.

Damsels then head for Kuah town after checking out for very little shopping.

Lunch was at Putumayo - lovely restaurant with food that is equally tasty. Chilled at Alun-Alun spa again and then reluctantly, off to the airport.

The bitches' holiday was then over. So much for knocking myself out with the three S'es...Sun, saltwater and s..., sunblock. Sigh...!

Now, Damsel #3 needs to go to sleep. My next niggle will be in real soon. So, see ya!


good stock picks said...

what happened to the other one?

qayyiem said...


Kau tak pegi naik cable car kat Gunung Mat Chincang ke?

Ty said...


Tak ah tak naik pun...ini trip bermalas2 maximum!

qayyiem said...

lohhhh...kok indak naikin. seronok gitu... aku plan nak gi buat rombongan gi langkawi bulan nov nanti. aku dah pegi last 2 years tapi cik adik aku blom pegi lagi. nak ikot?