Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Stupefied Thirst-day

I should be writing something witty right now but Pearl is stuffing me with loads and loads of video clips from her Macbook. And Saty is busy feeding the little tyke while bitching here and there about this and that. All these are making it harder for me to concentrate.

Another procrastinating session is taking place at this moment, when I am suppose to be doing something academic and I am not.

I hate liking something or someone who are overly popular. Like if every common people is crazy about a person, I will almost certain make it a point that I wouldn't like that personage. I detest being typical. Yes, I know...I sound like a stuck-up bitch. And maybe I am that. But I am also pretty sure that there are some others, if not many, who are just like me.

I am craving for freedom from mayhem.
I thirst for simplicity to dispatch the fly in my ointment.
I hanker after quality times with my wonderful humans.
I am pining for someone to scratch this itchy sentiment.
And I so hate unnecessary conversation.

Oh, this is definitely going nowhere. I'd better leave. Plus, the house is expecting some company for lunch. Got to go get ready.


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