Friday, September 12, 2008

Compadre Vol. 1

I am returning this deed to Marcus, who did this 'Malay of the Week' interview on me last month for his blog ( So this one's for you, dawg!

What’s your full name?
Marcus Johan Harald Gamme
Where are you from and what’s your race? – a racist question…hahahah!
I´m from Sweden, and I guess my race is Caucasian then..
The thing/s you like most about Malaysia?
Eveything is cheap compared to home (but I still manage to spend more than I should haha) and of course the beautiful sites. And my lovely friends…
The thing/s that irritate you most about Malaysia?
Restrictions, I guess most from religion... Like not being allowed to wear whatever I want, whenever I want and so... and it´s not that great listening to prayers five times a day, but I try to get used to it☺! (Ty says: This is because you spent too much time in UKM..)
What’s your favorite Malaysian food?
I´m not really sure what is Malaysian or not, but the things I enjoy eating at the Kolej café is Noodle Pataya, Nasi Goreng Seafood, Nasi Goreng Ayam and Nasi Ayam.. Nasi Lemak is too spicy for a Swede, I´m sorry guys…
What musical instrument/s do you play?
Guitar, Clarinette, Drums (n´ other instruments needed to record a pop song)
What’s your opinion on long-distance relationship?
They suck! But I´m used to them..
If you were given a chance to be someone else for a day, who would you be?
Cool question! I would be Angus Young (lead guitarist) of AC/DC, I´ve always dreamt about playing guitar in front of a huge arena-crowd.
What’s your biggest fear?
To hurt people I love. (Ty says: And not bugs?)
Three words that best describe you.
Hardworking, curious, outgoing
Describe yourself when you are tipsy or drunk.
Hmm.. I don´t think I´m that different, except maybe my eyes tend to close up just a little bit.. (Ty says: I think I can add a few more on this..)
If you have to choose between money and brain, which one would it be?
BRAIN! Brain will get you money.

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