Thursday, October 23, 2008

Raiding the Emergency Room

It's amazing how the yearning for writing notes during exam week could raid my supposedly panic-stricken state of mind. I am sitting for the last paper for this semester tomorrow at noon, but already I am seeing paradise.

By the way, I screwed today's paper. And screwed the one before that too. I hope I won't be screwing tomorrow's, but I have a feeling that once I screwed, I will always screw. Tsk, tsk..!

Ok. So let's say you cheat.

In an exam. 

Would you admit the fact that you cheated, to your friends? Or would you just keep quiet and pretended to everyone that you are a person of high morale, and with undoubtedly good brains too?

Which one is more detestable? To cheat and owning up to it? To cheat and putting up a front? Or just the plain fact that you cheated in the first place?

Here's my conclusion...

Cheating is inexorable. Sometimes, it is even predestined. Sarah is so going to disagree on this. But people cheat because they have to. They cheat because they are desperate.

To cheat and proudly admitting is audacity. It may be idiotic at times, or even, for most of the time. Nevertheless, it is still something very courageous and gutsy to be able to concede to your deceitful behaviour.

But to cheat and pretend that you are a saint is downright hypocrisy. Especially when you overdo the saintly part. Unquestionably 'keji', I call it.

Well, then...

Another seating for tomorrow.
Will party for profit during the weekend.
And NO more raiding of the emergency room (at least for another month).

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